Background Check Tax Hike

Hi, I’m Dudley Brown, Executive Director of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners, Colorado’s only no-compromise gun rights lobby. Lawmakers in Denver are back at the State Capitol, and gun control bills are being introduced one after another. Rest assured we’re monitoring all of these anti-gun bills – and we’re pushing for pro-gun bills like Constitutional Carry, and repealing the 2013 Gun Controls. But today I want to let you know about an outrageous tax hike being imposed on you by Governor John Hickenlooper and his cronies in the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. They’ve decided to stick it Colorado gun owners — again — by jacking up the cost of a Brady checks by 250%. That nearly triples the $6 tax, to $15, and it’s effective on February 1st. This tax will apply every time you go to purchase or transfer a firearm and puts Colorado alongside California and New Jersey for the most expensive gun taxes in the nation. Now, Federal law does requires a Brady Registration check when you buy a gun from a dealer. But it does not mandate a tax. Most states don’t charge anything at all. But Colorado has a so-called “Baby Brady Act” giving CBI the power to process Brady Registration Checks here. In 2013, the Democrats in the legislature mandated that ALL gun transfers – including private sales — be done through a dealer with a Brady check. They literally stripped away your right to privately sell a firearm in hopes of appeasing Michael Bloomberg and his brigade of gun-hating lobbyists. It also let CBI charge whatever they want – or at least whatever they think they can get away with for staff to process Brady checks, and pass it on to you in the form of a tax when you buy a gun. So, in order to fudge the numbers, they’ve staffed their background check unit with people on overtime or who are getting paid much more than they need to be to get this job done. The result is an increased tax on your Second Amendment rights. There is now virtually no legal way to buy a gun in Colorado without paying this tax. It’s kind of like having to pay a poll Tax before you vote. The goal here is to make your constitutional right to bear arms as unaffordable as possible, so only the wealthy can afford a gun. Now, making matters worse, there’s nothing stopping CBI from doing it again and raising the tax to $100 or more if they wanted to. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners strongly opposes any action by CBI, and we’re calling on Governor Hickenlooper and CBI Director Michael Rankin to immediately take action to reverse this decision. We’ll also be working with pro-gun lawmakers to seek legislative solutions to prevent it from happening again. As always, stay tuned to RMGO on Facebook and in your email for more updates from the state capitol. Thanks for tuning in.

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