Bajka – Prawdziwa wolność* A Tale – True Freedom

Book – The Real World A Tale – True Freedom Good afternoon.
I welcome you heartily. The Storyteller is bowing. One day I went to the Kingdom of the Fairytale World to seek true freedom and that’s the title of today’s tale – “True Freedom”. Everyone was sleeping in the Kingdom of the Fairytale World. I walked among the sleeping people. They fell asleep as they were standing; some on benches, others standing just like salt poles. Others fell asleep while sitting, still others while doing things. So I sat on the bench and waited, “I think they’ll wake up sometime.” But they slept, so somewhere along the way I found a tray. I started to tap with my fingernails, with my fingers, on it. “Wake up!” but they were still sleeping. “Oh, what am I to do here? And when I was tapping a sound like that, at some point I got bored and fell asleep too. I am sleeping. Waa! Something woke me up. I look, everyone has been walking for some time, maybe even an hour or two. But I just woke up. I approached the first of the residents and asked, “Listen, when I visited the kingdom, everyone was asleep. Can you tell me why?” “It’s simple,” said the resident. “Simple? But I want to understand why.” “Why did you just fall asleep?” “Well, like, you know, I really wanted you to wake up, I wanted so much that…” “That what?” “… that I do not even know when I fell asleep.” “Well, but why did you fall asleep?” “Ah, I will tell you. During sleep, I dreamed that you all woke up, that you did things and matters. You all were sleepless during the day and …” “Well, you see, you fell asleep to see what you wanted. You dreamed what you wanted. It could have even been your desire.” “Ah. Hmm. You had that will, you wanted to see it. This dream was your freedom.” “And you have it the same way? If you want to see something that is not coherent with everyone, you fall asleep?” “Yes, and then we dream. We dream about what we wanted without coherence with everyone.” “Well, now I understand. But you know, I even made sounds to wake you up.” “Come on, did these sounds help to wake us up?” “Without this.” “You see, there were sounds, and you yourself fell asleep.” “Yes, it’s true. So what is it that I’m talking to you now?” “It’s true freedom.” “How so?” “What is going on is good for you and for me. There’s coherence in joint action. There is no sleep here, there is a reality.” “Hmm. I understand. So true freedom happens when …” “When there is synergy of cooperation, joint action,” he finished the sentence. “A dream happens when only one side wants something. And it is freedom. You are free to want it and then you dream about what you would want to happen.” “To be honest, I like it, really,” I said to the resident. “And what do you like about it?” “There is a wonderful distinction between freedom and true freedom.” “That true freedom happens when there is essentially everything in the synergy of action, and freedom when one person wants something without synergy with everyone and even with all God’s creation.” “Because you understood it, what will you implement in life?” “Well, true life. I will always consider what to do for the common good in cooperative action for everyone, and in this action for me also.” “Since you already know it, good bye,” said the resident and strode to the right. I sat on a park bench and wondered, “Freedom, true freedom. Am I capable to do something for everyone and everything, for the common good?” “Sure, yes, or I would dream life.” I looked up, and a dove waved its wings. It looked at me, it made three circles and I already knew for good that I know the difference between freedom and true freedom. Thank you. Tale – Jolanta K. Żytkiewicz
Video editing – Jarosław T. Żytkiewicz
Translation by Marzena Marchewka-Bairagi Note: The tale is spoken in the Unity Language, whose syntax and grammar differ from the spelling rules of Polish language. Visit our website

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