Balancing Flow – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up everyone,
welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene. And today we have a balancing flow, today, in the space. That was redundant, sorry.
(laughs) Today’s a special day, we’re kinda breakin’ the
formalities of, whatever, like we’re that formal. But because this is our last yoga video in this space, and I know it seems silly, but I know that you’re
connected to this space too. Because we’ve talked about
it, because, you know, because we relate to imagery, because we’ve all practiced in this room for as long as
Yoga with Adriene channel’s been rockin’ and rollin.’ So, we’ll update you on the movement, and all the new things that
we’ve already been prioritizing, Yoga with Adriene and
yoga room for so long, and it’s still gonna be in my house and it’s still gonna be
awesome and down to earth. So, don’t worry about a thing, but we just thought we’d
share that with you. This is the last video in this room, we have a balancing flow to connect to the mind, body, and the heart. It’s gonna be swift, it’s gonna feel good, and hopefully it’s gonna connect you, so that you’re feeling
good, and feeling fine, and ready, to be, divine! Hm-hmm-hm-hm. Let’s get started. (mellow guitar music) Alright, so we’re gonna begin
in a nice comfortable seat. Let’s cross our legs,
let’s sit up nice and tall, and let’s draw the palms
together at the heart, right away here, take a big
breath in, smile, life is good. And then exhale out through the mouth. Again, big breath in through the nostrils, and big ol’ breath out through the mouth. And one more, just like that. Exhale, bring the palms
together, excuse me, bring the palms to your knees,
they’re already together. And, actually I just had a
brain fart because I thought, our very first yoga video that we shot, was this pose, sukhasan. And, wow, we’ve come a long way. Pretty cool. So let’s spend a little
moment here, in the easy pose, sukhasana, the pose of ease. And we started here,
not because that’s cute, that was our first yoga video, but because truly for me, this is, like, that place where we begin
to fight for balance, fight for this place, this
peace, this idea of ease. Why? Because things
are going on around us. Our backs are sore because
our posture is maybe suffering from other things, other
shapes that we take more often than this. A million things, sounds outside. So just take a moment to really connect with this, kind of idea
of meeting in the middle. So, you might ground through
the tops of the thighs, as you lift through the heart. You might relax the
elbows and shoulders down as you extend through
the crown of the head. So we are gonna do a couple balancing, physical postures today, but
really the balancing flow is about finding this balance within. This peace within the tumult of life. You know, when things change, how can we kind of stay
balanced and peaceful? As things are maybe beginning to stir, and change is beginning to occur, or can seem kind of scary. So whatever this means to you, just take take a couple quiet
moments here in sukhasan. Notice your breath. Find places to lift, and places to ground. Enjoy this moment of being yourself, and being with your breath. Being with your body. Then nice and easy, we’ll
begin to draw slow circles with the nose, checking in with the neck. Keeping the heart lifted. And then we’ll bring
the head back to center, to stillness, and we’ll
release the left hand down as we reach the right
fingertips up and over for a nice side body stretch. So stay grounded here, so nice and heavy in the lower body, and then, give yourself a little bit
of freedom to move here, so you can kind of hit the shape, like hit that kind of
Yoga Magazine moment, and then just free yourself of that. I’d find what feels good.
(clicks teeth) Cool, inhale, extend with
the crown of the head here, and then on an exhale, we’re
gonna move through center, reach the left fingertips up,
right fingertips come behind, and we come into a little twist. Inhale, lift your heart,
exhale, journey into your twist. Again, inhale in with the new, exhale out with the old. Finding a sense of ease
with the breath here. Cool, then keep your
left hand where it is, and reach your right fingertips
all the way up and over as you dial your heart back to center. This is what I’m talkin’ about here, guys, this balance of the push and pull. So we’re grounding down through
the right thighbone here, as we’re reaching up with the heart, and with the right fingertips. Shoulders, draw down away from the ears, and this is what our
hatha yoga is all about. Again, finding a little, marriage of strength and grace, of the push and the pull,
the press and the squeeze, right, the sun and the moon. The masculine and the feminine, all that. Anyhow, lift your heart,
and exhale, release, we’ll take it to the other side. Right hand comes down, left fingertips sweep up and over. Stretch it out, again, hit your shape, kind of go through your alignment, and then free it up a little bit. This is your home yoga practice. Or maybe, you know, wherever you are, but you’re, you know, you
have a sense of freedom here that I think you should take advantage of. On your next breath find
the length in the neck, and then we’ll come through center, left fingertips come behind
and right fingertips stretch up so we create this space in the side body as we move into our twist. Inhale, lift and lengthen, exhale, journey into your twist, enjoy. Hmmm. Awesome, keep the right hand where it is, we’ll slowly dial the
heart back to center, and then we’ll reach the
left fingertips up and over. So if you’re just kind
of hanging out here, it’s kinda miserable and like, blegh. But, if you engage, drawing
down though the left side of the body as you reach to the right, allowing the heart to
find a sense of balance, in the middle, as it lifts up. Inhale in, and exhale, we release. Awesome, everyone. Draw the palms together at the heart, interlaced, press the
palms forward up and back, reach reach reach, big breath in and exhale, break free, rain it down. (raining sounds) We’re gonna come onto all fours here, and jump right into a little cat cow. So just a reminder, you can do
a little cat cow in your bed, hey oh. And,
(laughs) and you don’t necessarily
have to roll out your mat to do a little spinal health, so everything we’ve done thus far we can do without a yoga mat. Pretty awesome, we begin
to move with the breath. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly underneath the hip points. Notice if your toes are
coming in or splaying out, see if you can pay
attention to the detail here of aligning the ankles with the knees. And so by paying attention to the details, we really do invite more
balance into our life, I think. After you get bored with cat cow, you can begin to do a
little variation here, drawing circles with the
hips, maybe shaking them, sort of swaying them left to right. The idea is to connect, and
to use your breath to do so. From here we’ll curl the toes under and send it up to downward
dog, with the same vibes, like this, kind of soft, easy breezy vibe. Like, permission to move in a way that feels awesome for you. Melding the heart back, peddling the feet. Careful not to crash into your wrists, but really find that yielding sensation as we press away from the yoga mat, and into all 10 knuckles. Cool, then we’ll drop the left heel, lift the right leg up high here, go ahead and open up
through that right hip, just go ahead and let
yourself roll around there for a little bit. Open up. And then we’ll slowly
come to stack the hips, excuse me, not stack the
hips, level the hips, where the right toes are pointing down and I’m dropping my right
shoulder in line with my left. Super hard work here, charge the legs, lift your right inner thigh,
you got it, one more breath. Then send it up and into
your runner’s lunge. Go ahead and lower that back knee, and same thing here, we’re
just gonna kinda roll around here a little bit,
finding what feels good, stretching through the hamstring, stretching through the leg. Maybe you’re a little sore in the hips. Apparently in my last day in this room, I can be really sexual. Not be really sexual, but, ok. Sex jokes. Tell you what, I did not have the cajones to do sex jokes on my first video. (laughs) What it has become. Ok, and then we’ll
slowly roll back through to a nice, strong low lunge, lifting the back knee, and
finding this lift in the heart. Big breath in here, and then exhale, plant the palms, step the right toes back to plank, and right away
we’ll slowly lower down. Cool, zip the legs up super strong here, press into the pelvic bone. Inhale, lift up baby, cool bro. Pull the elbows back
and find a moment here where you’re not muscling into your arms, but rather really integrating
through the spine. So again, arches of
the feet come together, press into the tops of your feet, press into the pubic bone. Careful not to tighten your booty here, but engage by pressing
down into the Earth. Then close your eyes, tuck
your chin just slightly, lengthen, and exhale, release. Awesome everyone, curl the toes under, lift the kneecaps, press up to your plank, super strong here, smile, and then exhale downward facing dog. Alright, awesome my
friends, pedal it out here, melt your heart back. Press into all 10 knuckles strongly, strongly,
(laughs) strongly. And then we’ll drop the
right heel this time, slide the left leg up high. Again, take a second to
go ahead and open it up, roll around here, maybe
big circles with the knee. Stay connected to your breath, open it up. And then we’ll slowly
dial the left toes down, level out by bringing your left butt cheek in line with your right butt cheek, and then full body
experience here, my friends. Inner thigh lifts up towards the sky. Big breath, and then exhale, step it up, into your nice low lunge, awesome. Roll around here for a little bit, find what feels good, pulling back, checking out any tight
places, or sore spots. Hmmm. And then coming to a nice low lunge, looping the shoulders, lifting your heart, charging your core up a little bit here. Take a deep breath in,
and then plant your palms, step the left toes back, and slowly lower all the
way down to your belly. Great this time we’re gonna
bring the inner arches together, bring the inner thighs together, and then swim the fingertips around to interlace behind the tail. Press into your foundation,
knuckles are gonna draw away, from the base of the
spine towards your heels, and then lifting them up here
as we draw the shoulderblades together just slightly. Tuck the chin into the chest, breathe here my friends. See if you can do this without
squeezing your butt cheeks. So we’re pressing, we’re
finding that yielding that we talk about in
the foundations of yoga. So we’re pressing away
from our foundation, but we’re not necessarily, excuse me, creating any tension, or
tightness, in the muscles. So still kind of soft and supple. One more breath here, you got it, maybe lift the heart a little bit more. And then exhale, release everything. Palms come underneath the shoulders, we curl the toes under, lift the kneecaps, and press up to a nice strong plank. Great big breath in, and breath out, downward facing dog. Awesome work. Meld your heart back,
press into the fleshy part of the index finger and thumb here. And we go for a nice slow walk
up towards the front edge. Take your time getting
there, enjoy every move, relish every moment,
especially in our last practice here in this space, oh my goodness. Toes pointing forward, uttanasana, extended forward fold. Grab the elbows if you
like, sway a little. Keep breathing. Hmmm. And we’ll release the arms, and inhale, lift to a flat back
position, your version. Careful not to lock out the knees here, I have to be careful
of that myself, inhale, exhale, bow. Inhale, sweep the arms up and overhead, full body stretch. And exhale, hands to the heart. Awesome, lift your sternum
up to meet your thumbs. Keep the feet where they
are, remember you walk them together here and we
come to mountain pose. A big, beautiful grateful mountain pose. Maybe the inner thighs spiral together, and then maybe the tailbone grows heavy. Maybe you lift your toes, spread awareness through all
four corners of the feet. And we find this kind of whooshing, upward current of energy
through the front body. And then this sweet, grounding
energy through the back body. Again, finding balance in the
middle of those two things, those two opposing forces. Draw energy up from
the arches of the feet, as you lengthen through
the crown of the head, tack a little weight into your elbows. This is the balance that
I’m talking about today. Then interlace the fingertips here, and let’s slowly lift the
right knee up to catch, just to kind of test that
kind of press and lift, that push and pull. So if you’re just kind
of hanging out here, it’s really obvious. But if you’re really kind
of working energetically, you can begin to loop the shoulders, find that lift and squeeze. And you find a sense of
balance between those kind of, press and squeeze, this
lift and this grounding of the tailbone. And if you’re like, girl I have no idea, I just am working on balancing on one leg, that’s great too, enjoy
that, enjoy the stretch, enjoy your breath. Inhale in, exhale release, and switch. So if I turn to the side
here, you can kind of see if I’m just collapsing into
the right hip here, like so, see if you can lift up out
of that and really work to find that pressing
through your foundation, as you lift up. Ground down. Then we’ll release the
left leg and inhale, reach the arms up and
overhead, let’s flow. Exhale, down you go. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale down. Inhale, step or hop it back to plank, no need to rush. Can fall a little bit behind in the tempo, just move with your breath, inhale, lowering all the way down to the belly, or you might begin to hover, chaturanga to upward facing dog. Together we’ll meet with an exhale, downward facing dog. Feel free to sneak in
a break in at any time. Drop the left heel, inhale,
lift the right leg high. Point and flex, point and
flex, then pin your right knee and squeeze it up in towards
your heart, core strength. Step the right foot up into your lunge, pivot on the back foot, reach the fingertips
up, strong warrior one. Big breath in, big breath out as you rain it down,
interlace behind the tail. Inhale, open your heart. Exhale, break free,
pivot on the back foot, take it all the way
back down to your lunge, and we go for a vinyasa. So again, all the way to the belly, or chaturanga to up dog, pick your poison, move with your breath, enjoy. From down dog we drop the right heel, inhale, lift the left leg up high. Point and flex, point and flex, point and flex and then
squeeze the left knee in towards your heart. Step it up into your lunge, slow pivot on the back
foot and we rise up, strong warrior one. Inhale in, lift your heart. As you exhale, keep the heart lifted as you rain the fingertips
down to interlace behind, opposite thumb on top this time, maybe. And then we open the chest even more. Great, break free. Pivot back down to your lunge, and take your vinyasa. You can always skip it. Downward facing dog. Inhale in through the nostrils, exhale lion’s breath, tongue out. (exhales loudly) Awesome, bend the knees
generously, look up. Inhale in, on and exhale,
hop towards the front edge of your mat, or you can repeat
the slow walk from before. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, reach for the stars. Exhale, hands to heart. Heart is beginning to
pump a little bit faster. Stick with it, inhale, reach it up. Exhale, diving forward. Inhale, halfway lift. Exhale, bow. Inhale, tuck your shirt in, just kidding. Step it back to plank. Slowly lower all the way down. Inhale, gentle backbend. Exhale, downward facing dog. Take your time on these
transitions, no need to rush. Inhale, drop the left heel,
lift the right leg up high. Exhale, step it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot,
again, rising up, warrior one. Inhale in this time, exhale, warrior two. Inhale, peaceful warrior. Exhale, extended side
angle, rounding around, here we go, take a version
that feels good to you, so it might be reaching towards the sky, it might be reaching towards
the front of edge of your mat. You might reach the arm down. I just encourage everyone to
stay connected to your belly, to your core. Inhale in, and then exhale, we’re gonna pivot all the way back down, and find a twist, left
hand down, right hand up. Inhale in, exhale, down you go. And we flow. Moving with your breath. Back to down dog. Dropping the right heel,
lift the left leg up high, and just having a little fun. Squeezing left knee in towards your heart, and then stepping it up into your lunge. Pivot on the back foot,
warrior one, here we come. Strong warrior. Inhale in, exhale, warrior two. Peaceful warrior. And then rounding the spine, finding that extended side angle here, that feels good for you. Lean into it. Open your heart. Inhale in, exhale down
we go, find your twist. And then exhale, release,
and take a little flow. This time we’ll meet child’s pose, knees drawing together,
swim the fingertips back and take a rest. Awesome work, my friends. Hmmm. Sigh it out if you need to. Take a moment to remember why you arrived on your mat today, why
you rolled out the mat. Notice your breath, you might
feel your heart beating, your blood pumping. And then we’ll slowly roll it up. Coming into a hero pose,
a virasana or a variation. So, I wanna take us into a nice stretch, but this might not be for everyone, so. Oops. So we’ll just go one layer at a time. Stay on your heels, or if
you’re already like, I’m out, then you might switch to a
cross-legged position here. And breathe in sukhasana. I’m moving the fleshy
part of the calf aside, and I’m making sure that
my toes are pointing straight back towards
the back edge of my mat. Then this is a perfect example of a place where my mula bandha, my energetic lift’s really going to help me out, and really support my joints as well. So I’m not collapsed here,
holding on for dear life. That’s kids yoga, we use
the magic carpet, you know. But, I’m finding this lift up
through the center channel. Stay here, where we begin
to release the sole, excuse me, the palms down
towards the soles of your feet. And then maybe even
bringing the elbows down. And maybe not. If you feel like you can continue, scoop the tailbone in,
breathe breathe breathe as you slowly, mindfully
release onto the crown, and then maybe eventually here. We can have hands on the belly, hands on the heels, or
nice cactus arms here, maybe all the way up and overhead. I’m gonna be here for a little bit, so, just to kind of experiment,
so if this is not for you, remember you can be in meditation pose, or you can be here, or you can be working one
leg at a time here, ok? Or, maybe something else of your choosing, so we have lots of options. So, we’re trying to
find a sense of balance and ease in all things. So we’re kinda putting
ourselves in these funky shapes, in order to test just that. So use your breath. Stay connected. Notice where the minds goes, and then use your breath
to keep coming back home. Mindfully meet your edge,
welcome change, transformation. Lean into it. To come out of the posture,
we’ll slowly reach the hands back towards the soles of the feet, bring the elbows underneath you, come up to the crown of the head, and then same way we came down, we’re gonna walk back through it. Tchuuu, tchuuu. Tchu, tchu. Slowly we’ll come back to all fours, we’ll all meet up here. Take a second to extend one leg out, followed by the next. Nice and slow. And then we’ll send it back
to downward-facing dog. Big breath in, big breath out. Awesome, from here, I’m gonna slowly reach my right hand to the outer edge of my left calf. Maybe it’s the left thigh, maybe it’s all the way to the ankle. Moving in a twist here, just
one deep breath, inhale in. Exhale, release, take
it to the other side. Little twist, nice challenging twist here, you can do it. Inhale in, big breath in. And use your exhale to release. Awesome, coming into your plank, almost done guys, awesome work. I’m gonna bring my right
hand to the center. Begin to turn so I have
a nice side plank here, as I lift my hips up, open up
to a super strong side plank, reaching left fingertips all
the way up towards the sky. Staying integrated in
the head and the neck, if you’re feeling adventurous,
you might lift your top leg. If you want to flip your
dog here, you might. Maybe you take a little
shape, in the legs. Big breath in. And then exhale, take it to
the other side, same thing. We’re about to get off the hands and take it to a restful position, so have a little fun here. And if you’re new to the practice, remember you can always be here, lifting the hips up, working on strength, one day all that play
time will come with ease. And then we’ll bring it back. Take one last vinyasa if you’re feeling adventurous and fiery. And then we’ll return
back to that child’s pose. Awesome work my friends. Take a rest. Tuck your chin into your
chest, slowly roll it up. Nothing fancy here, we’re just gonna shift to the buttocks here, send
the legs out super long. So, left to right, nice
seated wide angle today. So gathering it all in,
we flow with the arms. Press into the heels, tops
of the thighbones firm down. And whenever you’re ready, we’ll inhale, extend fingertips out, beyond your room, beyond wherever you are,
really reach energy out. And then we’ll reach up, and then exhale, gather
it all in to the heart. Now as you begin to move the flow of arms, your legs’ll wanna soften, so again, we’re gonna stay with this idea of doing more than one thing, kind of balancing these
two opposing forces, and staying connected and engaged. That’s the best way to
improve your posture, too, is by just connecting
to the energetic body. But, here we go, inhale, reaching, gather it in, lift the belly. Draw it in, exhale, hands
to heart, keep going. Inhale, reach. Exhale, ground through the thighbones, hands to heart. Inhale. Exhale. If you feel like this, you
need to lift your sit bones up on a block or a pillow,
or something, anything. Even roll your yoga mat up a couple times so you have a little bit of lift. Then you can stack the
head over the heart, the heart over the pelvis. Keep going guys, inhale. Exhale. A little moving meditation here. Notice when the feet get tired, the legs get lazy, stick with it. And what do you want to gather in, what do you wanna bring in on home? Awesome, everyone. Wherever you are, do one
more, close your eyes. Sternum rises up to the thumbs. And then yay, we get to
soften through the feet. Awesome everyone. Bring your right hand now to
the top of your left thigh, take the soft energy, this
hopefully grounding energy that you’re beginning to
cultivate, and stick with it. Once again, we’re gonna
press through the heels, and then I’m gonna
sweet my left fingertips all the way up and over. Again, there’s this kind
of meeting in the middle, as I ground through my left thighbone, and reach with my right fingertips, and then lift through my heart, and reach through my left fingertips. You’ll feel it. Toes start to splay out, or go in, see if you can keep ’em
reaching up towards the sky. Lean into it. And if you aren’t able
to grab this all the way, you might just grab the
top of your pants here, or maybe your top of your pants here, or hand can root on the Earth here. Great, then draw your
chin into your chest, round forward. Come to center, slowly roll it up. And we’ll do the same
thing on the other side. Left hand to the top of the right thigh. Strong legs as I reach my
right fingertips up and over, maybe grab your pants here
for a little resistance. Lean into it, draw your shoulder blades in together and down. Nice, long, smooth, deep breaths. Lean back, ground through your legs, inhale, press into your heels. And exhale, rounding forward. Awesome everyone. Great, tuck your chin into
your chest, slowly roll it up. Hands come to the backs of the thighs, we draw the legs back in, just
where we started, sukhasana. So instead of ending
with, kind of floor work, or anything like that, today
we’re gonna end in sukhasan, and meditation pose. The idea being that after
our yoga, physical practice, eventually we’re gonna keep
growing and growing and growing so that we can grow into
a meditation practice, and more and more things that serve you, in a kind of holistic way. Bringing balance to all
things by kind of thinking in that holistic way, and
whatever that means to you. It’s different for everyone, of course. So you can take some
free time after this now, to roll around on the ground
and take a full shavasana, maybe some other yoga poses. Or you can just maybe join
me in a couple quiet moments after this practice, in sukhasan. Giving thanks for this community, I’m giving thanks for this room. And, kind of honoring yourself, and giving thanks for, you know, who you are,
and who your true self is, and the fact that we have
this opportunity to explore, just that, explore, who
you are, and who I am. Thank you so much everyone. We’re gonna seal the deal by of course bringing the palms together at the heart. The highest in me bows
to the highest in you. Namaste. (mellow guitar music)

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  • Thank you Adriene ❤ I had a really scary thing happen to my family and I last night. I wasn't able to do my morning yoga yesterday. Doing this video for my morning practice today really put me at ease and I really appreciate your energy throughout these videos 💕

  • I’m so grateful to you, Adriene! I really needed to move and flow today and you never disappoint. Thank you!

  • I got a wild thing in and I feel so good. Using this midpoint of the year and Full Strawberry Moon to remember why I show up for daily yoga. I cultivated a daily at-home yoga practice thanks to you Adriene, and this lovely community. It feels good to show up for yourself so you can show up for others and everything else life has to offer. I am feeling grateful and strong. Namaste <3 happy full moon!

  • Hi Adrienne, happy 4th!..went to Cuba and El Salvador, haven't done anything in 2.5 weeks, Yoga by Adrienne is bringing me back to life, I will ride my bike after this practice!

  • Out of no where I’ve been diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I don’t have many symptoms besides fatigue. I’m terrified of being put on medication. I’m trying the natural way first. I’d love for you to do yoga for the thyroid ❤️ pretty please

  • I didn’t manage to follow all the way thru, found some really awesome expansion in pressing into the earth. Thank you

  • Yeah I am back again to the practice, I felt really good and make balance at my own pace and listen to my body, thanks for sharing, namaste.

  • I always go back to this video when I need a pick me up. So great for an all over yoga sesh, tough but not too taxing on any particular part of your body

  • @Yoga With Adriene I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart Adriene. You have changed my life for the better. It started 6 months ago with your 30 day challenge and I haven't stopped since. I practise every day and it is always the one thing I can rely on doing in a day that will truly fulfill me. I have done hundreds of your videos now and this has been one of my favourite ones! I felt an overwhelming feeling of gratitude by the end. Such powerful poses and beautiful flow in this one! Thank you, thank you <3

  • Hola Adriene, glad I was part of history by being part of your last practice at this your soon to be old house!..buena suerte en tu nueva casa!..OK I am ready for my 🚲 ride after Yoga!..Gracias y Feliz Año Navidad!

  • How fun! 4 years later and you are still so fresh and wonderful. This Grandma is loving learning and exploring with all your videos, past and present, and your wisdom. Your Yogi tea is awesome too!!!

  • Usually like her videos but too much yakking. Can't people put the yadda yadda elsewhere? Just want to exercise. Sheesh.

  • I broke my foot about 2 months ago and have been going back and forth with wether or not i need surgery. I love your videos they’ve really helped me connect with who I am as a human being 🧘‍♀️😇 thankyou xx

  • I did this one today for the spring equinox (Ostara) to honor the balance between the dark and the light. Thank you, Adriene!

  • This was such a lovely practice for testing out my new yoga mat and clothes! Mindfully purchasing exactly what I need for my best yoga experience is such a good investment in my physical and mental health, as well as keeping my disposable income out of the very tempting pockets of eco disaster fast fashion and fast food chains. Namaste everyone ❤️

  • I hadn't done yoga for weeks, college had really put my into an unmotivated slump. I've been procrastinating doing yoga or doing very short (under 10 minute) practices. But after cleaning my room today I decided to do yoga and this really was lovely (Despite side-plank hurting my tired artist hands), just what I needed. I feel lighter..<3

  • You know what's pretty cool. Anyone who moves into a home after you and gets that space, it already has this beautiful vibe of slow, peace, and happiness. Lucky beings.

  • Adrienne, I love your down to earth approach to your practices. I've been doing your yoga videos at least five times a week for the past 6-8 months, I look and feel so good! Thank you. Oh, also Benji is adorable, I practice with my dog Rufus, although he doesn't do many DF Dogs. 🙂

  • How is this the first time I am seeing this video? Awesome, perfectly funny, stretchy and breathy! This was the exact and perfect practice today. Thank you so much, Adriene, I love your show!

  • I've been working my way through the videos, and this one has gotta be one of my favorites! Felt really good all through my body, especially my chest, after completing this heat-generating but smooth and easy-going flow. I cannot get enough of yoga practice, I've just enjoyed it so very much.

  • Good morning Adriene, Thank You.
    Love your window seat.
    Always loved them with a nice book or shivasana. Perfect!
    See you soon.
    Have a Beautiful, Peaceful day.

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