Bangkok 4K. Capital of Thailand.

hey guys in this video we're gonna talk about Bangkok it is one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities with magnificent temples and palaces hot weather all year round and a vibrant nightlife that has something for everyone when you arrive in Bangkok you'll be immediately confronted by the heat the pollution the flamboyant culture and the irresistible smiles that accompany many times Bangkok is the capital and the most populous city of Thailand with the population of 8.3 million the city is located in the chao praya Delta and central Thailand Bangkok has been named the world's most visited city in 2016 according to several rankings it's a cosmopolitan city that is home to half a million expatriates from Asian countries eighty-eight thousand from Europe and thirty-two thousand from the Americas like most of Thailand Bangkok has a tropical savanna climate November till February is probably the best time to visit because it's the coolest and driest period and the wet season runs from May till October an extreme rainfall happens in September and October so that is obviously the worst time to visit there are many ways to get around the city meter taxes are quick and comfortable wait to get from point A to point B but be warned that Bank of taxi drivers onit aureus for finding waste to run up the fare for foreigners insist that the meter is used an alternative to using a conventional taxi would be applications like grab which is a popular ride hell an app in Asia these applications make taxi rides more straightforward less prone to scams and often a bit cheaper what would Bangkok be without tube talks most of the times this three-wheeled vehicles are not worth the price because if the traffic is bad you're still gonna be stuck in it but it can be an enjoyable ride for people who come to Thailand for the first time better agree on the price beforehand o you may end up Ain four or five times more than what you normally would when traffic slows down to a crawl and there are no mass transit alternatives for your destination the fastest mode of transportation is a motorbike taxi just remember that motorcycle accidents are brutally common here so if you want clean cheap and well organized public transportation then BTS sky train an MRT subway is the way to go they will take you most places in central Bangkok for a few dollars including the major airport BTS sky train has to elevated lines that run through the newer parts of the city connected many popular attractions restaurants shopping areas nightlife spots and accommodations the BTS soars across the congested streets below helping you beat the traffic and most importantly it's air-conditioned the MRT is Bangkok's subway system that serves more than four hundred and twenty thousand passengers each day although much diminished from its past prominence water based transport still plays an important role in Bangkok and the immediate upstream and downstream provinces several water process serve commuters daily Bangkok is a very popular tourist destination a ride on the Chao Phraya River should be high on any tourist agenda the cheapest and the most popular option is the child pray Express boat flying up and down the river with stops at most of retinic osan's Bangkok alt city's major attractions in addition to the workaday Express boat there is also a blue flag tourist boat which stops at different subsets of peers and offers commentary in English some of the best-known sites in Bangkok are the Grand Palace Grand Palace is a complex of buildings at the heart of Bangkok this palace has been the official residence of the kings 10cm since 1782 the king is court and his royal government were based on the grounds of the palace until 1925 another famous temple is what our only and what entire means a temple what our own is a Buddhist temple also known as the temple of dawn sit in majestically on the thundery side of the chao praya river the legendary what arun is one of the most striking Riverside landmarks of Bangkok what FRA commonly known in English as the temple of the emerald buddha is regarded as the most sacred Buddhist temple in Thailand Asiatic is a large open-air mall it occupies the former docks of the East Asia attic company it has successfully combined two of the most popular shopping experiences in the city and night bazaar and the mall open from 5:00 p.m. it's a pleasant place to spend the evening you'll have good fun browsing the boutiques and you're guaranteed to find something you would like to eat because it's so hot outside all the time people love to spend time at the shopping malls in the Thai capital retail spaces are famed for being dazzlingly over-the-top featuring everything from gardens and waterfalls to michelin-starred restaurants and even parking lots with designated supercar zones one of the most famous shopping malls is the MBK center it's a large shopping mall with more than 2,000 shops restaurants and service outlets central world is another popular shopping mall it's actually the 11th largest shopping mall in the world it's also one of the best places to spot a celebrity in Bangkok outside there are lots of street food stalls where you can try some local food and exotic fruit and there's even two Hindu shrines located at the northeast corner of the mall some other popular malls our cm Paragon terminal 21 the M part year Emporium Bank opes biggest new attraction is Ikon cm this shopping mall opened to the public in November 2018 built at a cost of 1.6 billion Bangkok's Ikon cm is a 750,000 square metre Riverside complex made up of retail dining entertainment and residential spaces it's been called the mother of all malls and it does challenge the already impressive retail palaces present in downtown Bangkok with 500 shops and 100 restaurants from more than 30 countries the scale of icon cm is unrivaled in the Thai capital icon cm features more cool and high-end brands and a beautiful riverside location with views of downtown Bangkok there are also two residential towers in case you wonder a two-bedroom unit in the towers start at 1 million dollars another great option to get away from the heat of the city is to go to the wonderful lumpini park located next to lumpini MRT station it's a pleasant park in the city with a couple of ponds it has several options for jogging and cycling are just relaxing away from the traffic but the biggest surprise waiting you is the monitor lizards that live here they're fascinating and even though they pose no danger to humans they're known to eat stray cats Lumpini Park is a great place to unwind and slow back down there's play areas for kids workout areas pedal boats on the lake Taichi and aerobics classes available jogging paths around the park total approximately 2.5 kilometres in length renting a car in Bangkok unless you love challenges especially when you come in from a country with the right lane traffic Bangkok is gonna be a nightmare and it's not a good idea for most people as you can easily waste half a day stuck in traffic just to get to the other side of the city so I rented this car it's a new Mitsubishi 2000 18 or 19 it's really economical as you can tell they all come tinted all the way black if you're not used to driving a car with the steering wheel on the ride this is going to be a problem you know it's gonna be very difficult for you to adjust because the driving style here is pretty chaotic Bangkok has good quality roads but driving here can be a nightmare with a convoluted web of expressways and often confusing road signs however the proliferation of massive shopping malls means there are now places to park your car when driving be aware of sudden lane changes by reckless motorcyclists check your mirrors all the time especially at nighttime at one point if I myself in a situation when I needed to change lanes and I felt helpless because either direction I was trying to turn there were motorcyclists speeding past me out of nowhere efforts to alleviate the traffic problem have resulted in the construction of intersection bypasses and an extensive system of elevated highways but the city's overall traffic conditions however remain poor there are 581 skyscrapers in the city that are over 90 meters high the Bangkok was ranked as the world's eighth tallit city in 2016 average monthly salary in Bangkok is a lot higher than in the rest of Thailand and it is around $800 Bangkok is the economic center of Thailand and the heart of the city's investment and development in 2010 the city had an economic output of 98 billion dollars at one time agriculture was the main source of generating income but this has shifted to the manufacture of textiles auto parts computers and electronics tourism has become an important source of revenue MasterCard ranked Bangkok as the top destination city by international visitor arrivals in the global destination cities index 2018 even ahead of London in Paris although bangkok sex tourism scene is well known to foreigners it's usually not openly acknowledged by locals and the government most people come to Bangkok arrive in a suberin a booming airport located about 25 kilometers east of downtown Bangkok it opened in September 2006 for most domestic and international flights now it is one of the busiest airports in Asia there's also Don Juan Airport which is also international it is the old airport and n is currently used by low-cost airlines like AirAsia these two airports are very far apart so make sure you check which airport you're flying from the city has long been the portal of entry of Western concepts and material goods this is most evident in lifestyles of the expanded middle-class conspicuous consumption serves as a display of economic and social status and shopping centers have become popular weekend hangouts a distinct feature of Bangkok is the ubiquity of street vendors selling goods ranging from juice snacks to clothing and accessories it has been estimated that the city may have over 100,000 hawkers street food is the quintessential part of the Bangkok experience wherever you go in the city food stalls are plentiful and you will find a high concentration of them in busy areas you can try some of the most exotic tropical fruits and seafood so this fruit it looks like a plum and you would think it tastes like a plum but it actually tastes like a mango like him meaning mango it's quite expensive too but I really enjoyed the taste you should try it [Applause] modern Bangkok has developed a strong spectator sport culture wild moai Thai kickboxing is still very popular the sport has been largely overtaken in popularity by football several foreign leagues and competitions especially England's premier league have large followings in Bangkok the majority of countries universities are located in Bangkok much of Thailand's medical resources are also disproportionately concentrated in the capital the city is surprisingly safe except with some petty crimes although the crime threat in Bangkok is relatively low non-confrontational crimes of opportunity such as pickpocketing and purse snatchers and credit card fraud occur with frequency one of the biggest nonno's in bangkok as drugs don't do drugs and don't traffic drugs unless you want to end up in prison facing death penalty like in the movie Bangkok Hilton let's take a look at some of the different parts of the city rat sonic Austin also known as Rattanakosin Island is the historic center of Bangkok where most of Bangkok's must-see sights can be found including the Grand Palace and the what fall house on how son is the Bangkok's backpacker Mecca it has everything that budget traveler could possibly be looking for house on is the backpackers neighborhood located near the river and the Palace complexes in the center filled with dingy backpackers accommodations and moderately priced guest houses this is the place where most people begin and end their trip to Thailand lots of cheap street food lots of tailor shops lots of bars and restaurants and of course lots of massage places suku meat is both business and the primary expat district of Bangkok filled with international restaurants and hotels and markets it's a great neighborhood to wander around it also has some gray and some seedy nighttime entertainment as more harsh than any other area of the city and can therefore be heavier on the wallet part of its nightlife represents Bangkok snot image particularly places like SOI cowboy and non entertainment plaza the area around cm square is Bank Oaks modern commercial core full of glitzy malls and hotels the SkyTrain intersection at cm square is the closest thing Bangkok has to a center they call Bank of a single man's paradise one night in Bangkok was in the words of 1985 marae had hits on enough to make a hard man crumble Bangkok has an infamous reputation for prostitution and rightfully so it is really in your face in certain places the most famous or infamous area in Bangkok is the Patpong area which is heavily populated by ladyboys and gogo bars Bangkok has a vast range of accommodation including some of the best hotels in the world but also some of the worst ones most of the city's expensive hotels can be found in cm square su home beat and Selam areas Bangkok is known for its rooftop Bars lots of hotels even those under 80 bucks a night have rooftop Bars and swimming pools so how much do you think I paid for this room a hundred dollars no not even close I paid $32 per night I don't know why they offers such rates but it's unbelievable it's on the 11th floor you get a perfect view I think it has something to do with Chinese New Year because they every Hotel is running specials on Chinese New Year so guess I'm lucky house on road on the other hand is a totally different spot it's the hub of backpackers visit in Bangkok this is the place where all the cheap accommodation is available long story short there's a lot to do in the city and you're never going to get bored there are excellent parks gyms restaurants shopping malls movie theaters temples rooftop bars clubs and the list goes on whatever your interests are I'm sure you can find something in this wonderful city you can get your clothes tailor-made for a fraction of what it was caused in Europe or America yeah but what about the bad stuff sure it's polluted hot and crowded so drinking out fluids there are 7-elevens in every corner and they sell cooled beverages for as little as 10 buddy and should I mention horrible traffic but honestly just under 14 degrees north of the Equator Bangkok is one of the most traveler friendly cities in Asia the high humidity and the warm temperatures all year round favor the growth of tropical plants you'll find orchids and delicious fruit everywhere so when is your next trip to Bangkok

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