truth unveiled here and today I have a quick report to share with you we're going to be talking about Bank of America CEO and what was recently said regarding a cashless society and we're here at Fox Business where we're going to talk more about it along with looking at the recent fortune article that was also covering this subject along with the bigger agenda behind all this why is this such a big deal where we're going to go over it because it says Bank of America CEO Brian Moynihan spoke this week about embracing digital payment transactions while moving forward toward a cashless society Moynihan made the comments during fortunes brain storm finance conference in New York and this was last week the CEO spoke about zel Google pay and Apple pay in its increasing popularity and so the statement that was made was that Bank of America quote will continue to move unquote toward digital banking transactions quote we want a cashless society that was stated at Fortune Shawn Tully we have more to gain than anybody from a pure operating cost perspective now according to the article that gives even more information about what was spoken during this conference and we're going to link this in the description box below because then it also says which I found very interesting and suspicious indeed how Moynihan touched on Bo aides embrace of artificial intelligence driven technology via applications like Erica a voice-activated virtual assistant used by 7 million customers but the issue with Erica is could Erica track your every move this Erica note about you are they secretly spying on you when your TV is off with the red light on why is your phone so smart why is your watch so smart why are they all so smart could it be because they know every single thing about you and are recording you secretly by the estimation the financial institution has quote probably spent 30 billion on code over the past eight years to develop and improve its technological infrastructure so what artificial intelligence why is that so important when we go over the bigger agenda regarding martial law and the and everything then you'll see exactly what they're doing and also with these CEOs who are they really we wrestle not against flesh and blood but then it says with 27 million mobile customers 37 million digital customers in more than half of its transactions already digitized via methods like payments applications l Moynihan said that the banking industry quote will continue to move toward a digital tech enable models which noted are cheaper and more efficient than traditional methods and see that's part of the agenda to folks is that they want people to get used to this technology and oh it's a great thing and oh it's faster oh it's convenient but they'll never tell you what it's really being used for which is for sinister purposes and also we cannot forget about Sweden too because in case you have not already known Sweden is pretty much cashless altogether and is pretty much the first nation to really have gone cashless and they're looking to go cashless altogether within the next few years but I'm telling you folks it's already spreading and soon enough it's going to spread like a wildfire in America but what becomes the problem if everybody is no longer using cash and if everyone has resorted to using their cards and going technological with everything well what could be the problem not only with spying because now the government and any other third party entity an organization is able to spy on you they're able to track your every cost they're able to track your every move they're able to track what you spend what you buy when you decide to buy things not only that but there could also be so-called glitches and everything else so if everybody has a credit or a debit card or if no one is using cash whatsoever well what if there are glitches and what if there are bail ends as they call meaning that the banks are no longer working and the ATMs can no longer work either and that there are glitches in the system and guess what nobody can buy anything because the computers are down well haven't they already tested this in America with Wells Fargo because as we've also gone over in a video before back in early 2019 Wells Fargo customers are having trouble accessing ATMs credit cards and online account what if this happened with Bank of America what if this happened with the bank near you what if this were to occur in a police state near you then how are you going to go to the store to get your food then how are you going to go to the store to get anything do you see what this is leading up to problem reaction solution because they already know darn well that when people can no longer have access to these things or their ATM cards or their debit cards are no longer working it's going to lead to a bunch of rioting and in the event of a national emergency or if any type of president were to declare one in America specifically while those Walmart's would be converted into what FEMA camps martial law the military would have to be brought in problem reaction solution in order to fight off this threat of potential terrorists or if there were to be a power grid or a power shutdown and the lights were to go out I'm telling you folks it's becoming more real and more real by the moment now as we're starting to see more and more and not only that but we also see this with the chip technology and the RFID technology again they want people to get used to this they want the sleeping public to be on board with this but they do not want the sleeping public to know these inside things why because it's all part of their control agenda and all of these companies are involved Amazon Walmart the list goes on and folks it would not surprise me if Amazon is also bringing in these so-called Muslim refugees if they're bringing them in sneakily via FedEx planes and UPS trucks and also with Amazon – they're bringing them in placing them into FEMA camps placing them in secret disclose locations to be used for what rioting when the riots start in order to what turn America into a police state and also to do what race Wars and everything else and religious wars as well it's all a setup it's all propaganda it's all conditioning getting people ready for the shutdown slowly but surely but we're here at Digital Trends and speaking of Walmart it even says and this report was recent where it says Walmart is using a ir artificial intelligence power cameras to spot dodgy shoppers at self-checkouts but a lot of yourself checkouts at these stores in America at least they already have cameras already spying on your every move already spying to see who you're shopping with to see what you're buying to see when you're buying it and to see what time you're buying it and to see the next time you're going to go to the store and buy certain things it's already ready to go that technology is here folks it's all ready here because it says Walmart maybe some time away from following an Amazon split step when it comes to checkout free stores so until then it has to find its own way of reducing cases of theft at the final stage of a customer shop and of course they're going to tell you oh it's to protect you and oh so that there's no more theft but we know the real reason current efforts include the use of computer vision technology and self checkout counters according to a report from Business Insider which will and this report will be linked in the description box the big-box retailer confirmed its use of AI powered surveillance adding that it's currently in operation at about 20% of its Us stores now mind you that's what they're telling you it could even be more than that now they claim that it's called Mis scan detection it does what it says deploying advanced cameras to look for underhand behavior taking place at Walmart's checkouts but what could be the problem with this could this eventually lead up to more raised wars too if they claim that oh somebody was being a threat and somebody was being a violent threat to somebody else even though that wasn't the case and then they call the police could that be part of the agenda as well what are they getting ready for the shutdown is here in the censorship is running rampant what am I talking about now I have not really shared a whole lot of what goes on with this network in this channel now many of you may already know this but I wanted to share this in this type of video just for so that everybody can know but in case you don't already know my Vimeo account was recently removed and it was recently terminated due to violating their so-called guidelines even though the account had been up for how many years with no problems and no strikes whatsoever now as you can see I received this email as of yesterday actually and the reason I'm posting right now is just once again so you can see the real censorship that's going on and just what I have to deal with on a daily if not secondly basis trying to get the truth out there I'm telling you we wrestle not against flesh and blood but the reason I'm also posting this folks is so that you can know and understand that YouTube is not going to last very long and neither will this channel either I'm saying this because this is true and this is the reality just as we've talked about and gone over with YouTube's purge as of last year when it comes to a lot of other truth networks but also recently another video had been removed top 4 hoaxes of all time because there are certain subjects that YouTube does not want on YouTube subjects such as the truth but according to them that video violated their guidelines and they removed it from YouTube even though the video is almost three and a half years old and in case you don't already know this YouTube channel had already been terminated once before but then was restored at five months later so it was terminated as of March 2018 but was then restored as of August of 2018 and really folks the only reason that the channel was restored was not only due to the favor of yahuwah but also because I had to take legal action against YouTube and Google and I'm not going to go further into that but the reason I'm sharing this with you is because as you see it's getting very difficult to keep uploading the truth and to keep getting the truth out here but we continue to do so anyway and also I understand that there are other platforms to get the truth out such as steamin and other places such as Spreaker but you all have to understand that's easier said than done especially when you already have a specific platform and have been on a specific platform for well over three and a half years but I know many of you have been wondering how you can contribute and donate to this channel if it's on your heart or if you're led to donate to this network or to donate to this channel you can do so in a few ways and I will leave all the information in the description box as well as the comment box you can donate via PayPal at PayPal me slash truth unveiled 777 you can also donate via cash app or if you would like to become a patron you can also do so patreon to donate that way as well again I know many of you have been asking about that and have been wondering so I wanted to include that in this video just in case you did not already know and once again if you're feeling led to donate or if it's on your heart to give you can do so at those following links and once again everything will be linked in the description box as well as the comment box but please seek yahuwah and his true son yahushua because as you see there is so much censorship that is going on there is so much that they're trying to hide but even despite all of that the truth will be revealed to you no matter what the truth will be revealed to you today but I just wanted to share all of that with you and let you know all of these things that way you can also stay updated with the channel and the status of how the channel is doing as well this is truth um ability are saying is always shaloom




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  • TAKE HEART. These people control NOTHING, they have no power; they are even afraid of the masses who are weak. WE, the Believers in the WAY of Truth and the WAY of Salvation, the True Church control and determine the outcome of everything that goes on in this world until the day our LORD descends from Heaven with a shout….

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  • In my opinion this is great news if everyone in government will go along with it. Remove untraceable cash and criminals can more readily be apprehended, people can have a better handle on their assets and debits, and entire criminal enterprises can be eliminated almost overnight! Sounds like a win win to me. The problem would be taking a physical mark in on or upon your right hand or forehead. That's what you want to avoid.

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