Banksy Twin Tower Street Art Causes Controversy in New York

COMM: British street artist Banksy struck again in New York, with a new piece depicting
the 9/11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Controversial image shows the Twin Towers with a bright orange chrysanthemum exploding
from one building. Within minutes of being identified as a genuine Banksy, crowds of people hoping to catch a
glimpse are gathered in Manhattan’s Tribeca district. Man: I can’t find the words, really. I’m proud, that’s all I can say. I’m… that’s how I
feel. It’s a great piece. COMM: Banksy is currently half way through a month long residency in New York, where
he’s unveiling a new exhibit in a secret location every day. Many of the pieces across the city have been defaced, and this new stencil is no exception. Man: I like the piece a lot, I just think that it was ruined by whoever wrote ‘inside
job’ in pink. COMM: With two weeks to go before his New York tour comes to an end, the famous guerilla
artist is sure to spark more debate.

87 thoughts on “Banksy Twin Tower Street Art Causes Controversy in New York

  • What do you know about art? Your saying he can't depict a historical event where people can look at it without it being some kind of sick joke? Get a grip

    And whether it was done by the artist or not, ''inside job'' is absolutely right.

  • Are you really offended by this? I think this is a really great piece. I bet you are someone who is going to celebrate 9/11 for years to come like it was the worst thing in the history of man. But noo, when someone makes a beautiful work of art that shows beauty coming from destruction, it is offensive and sick.

  • When a percentage of people know who you are almost anything can be passed as art – they're drinking your kool aid so to speak and praise anything you do.

  • That's just a some black paint on the side of an old building with a flower stuck to it. Maybe I should shit on a canvas and see who thinks it's art so I can laugh even harder.

  • even though I'm not American, flower looks offensive, kind of like an explosion in the painting. I think it's better off without a flower or a flower that isn't red or orange

  • Yes because the US would attack it's on people, then spend all its money defending the country.. seems legit. I bet 5/5 of you never even heard of "banksy" before.

  • i dont get why people would be mad over someone writing INSIDE JOB. if Banksy was really bothered by people doing stuff like that he would of painted on a canvas instead

  • Yeah? Like 3000 people getting assassinated by the Whitehouse warlords? Then using this as an excuse to invade the Middle east and kill a million more and make life hell some million more? In the process getting bankrupt?
    As an anti-US Imperialism guy I sure can see the "good" lol

    Land of the free indeed!

  • Oh my god, I'm stupid. I thought it was Banksy himself who wrote "inside job".. Anyway, I really like the work. The chrysanthemum symbolizing that something peaceful, pretty, full of life can come out from the insides of something repulsive, evil.

  • i've seen a genuine banksy down camden canal and i didn't really give that much of a fuck and these people are all stood around it like it's a miracle or something, wtf

  • I don't agree with everything you said, but obviously 9-11 was an inside job. If people want to remain ignorant of the fact and live in their own bubbles forever, let them. People don't want to be a part of the solution or for things that they are inconvenienced by, it's up to real men to reshape the future

  • How the fuck do you identify a Banksy? People have been doing black stencil art since caveman figured out he could spit ash onto his hand.

  • Those dumb f*cks don't realize that the writing "Inside Job" is actually part of the Banksy art piece! duh! they're not including it in their snap shots. I can imagine Banksy is laughing about it "stupid americans".

  • لساتكم حاقدين على المسلمين وهذا كله من تخطط بوش لكي يدخل افعنستان ولعراق ويدعي الارهب وهو اكبر ارهابي

  • Banksy Twin Tower Street Art Causes Controversy in New York

    Graffiti artist Banksy unveiled his latest street installment — a stencil of the Twin Towers with a bright orange chrysanthemum exploding from one building. The British guerilla artist is currently half way through a month-long residency in New York where he is unveiling a new exhibit in a secret location every day.

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  • Yeah man my brother died in the 9/11 attacks, but i find peace when i think about it, because on that day he did what he enjoyed the most, flying a plane… RIP MUHAMMED NEVAR FORGET! <3

  • Is not the art in the comments? Can graffiti art really be defaced? Or maybe that's part of its evolution. Maybe that's the brilliance Of it.

  • I love the piece. I also think that the "inside job" thing is a great addition to it. The beauty of graffiti is expressing yourself, and I think it looks the best when a variety of different views, styles and opinions all start to kind of clutter together. Anyways, i'm a huge fan of Banksy, and this piece is gorgeous. Actually being an artist myself, It's honestly something very close to what I would do.

  • Well I think my previous comment demonstrated very well that I have common sense. Go be a paranoidfag somewhere else.

  • I'm not sure, but I don't think a flower is necessarily a symbol for goodness. A flower blooms for 'attraction' right? Bugs come and examine it and that process propagates it. That is in essence what a flower is for.
    That said it is representing an explosion, so from that idea I'm imagining that following the success of this terrorist attack, the 'flower' is a promoter of terrorist attacks to follow in it's wake.

  • This is NOT my work…I don't believe it has ever been confirmed as a genuine 'Banksy'…so NO don't waste your money purchasing any 'rights' to Barcroft TV.

  • I totally agree.. the work of illuminatti.. you even got proof on a 100 dollar bill people are so fucking stupid i swear.. they need to smash their heads into a concrete wall to belive they exist

  • woah i looked at your comment history and you literally do nothing but talk shit and find a way to make everything relate to the united states. pretentious fucks like you need your fingers broken.

  • @squishyfaceguy, Thats because you have nothing better to do other than read people's YT comments. Are you too incompetent to get a job or your govt. spending too much on bombing the desert than your economy? You need to get a job, mate!

  • how in the fuck is this garbage art? I guess it takes a elitist uptown hipster to understand his "passion, creativity, and uniqueness" if you want to call it that.

  • Person who sprayed 'inside job' ruined it??? How can that be??? Oh because someone else decided to express their feelings & paint illegally on the wall….but their name wasn't Banksy!!! Or just maybe that was a part of the piece & indeed the person who painted it be Banksy or whoever made it look like another person painted it as an addition/response. Graffiti is amazing & sadly something that's rapidly disappearing from a city that once had character & plenty of soul but is now becoming a corporate magnet disneyland world full of rich hipsters that get all excited when some cool british 'street' artist called Banksy defaces their city yet kids across the city were doing the very same thing 40 years ago & expressing themselves too which has now spread to others across the globe & developed into the beautiful artform that it is today at its highest level. Graffiti & Street art is much more than Banksy & he himself was initially first influenced by the graffiti that appeared on NYC's subways back in the 70's & 80's….dirty,grimy,dangerous times but also exciting,lively & wonderfully creative….This huge part of New Yorks history needs to be celebrated more rather than forgotton or pretend it never existed….whether your a fan of graffiti or not! It was a symbol of harder tougher times but it also inspired so many people across the world to pick up a spraycan long before Banksy did….


  • It was am inside job on cnn's original broadcast live actually showed the building explode before the plane hit and it blew up from the top first not where the plane hit and even if the plane hit it wouldn't have blown up everything but catch it on fire

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