Barbasol Championship Weather – July 16, 2018

[Music] and we are out live at Keene Trace and it’s to be expected in July heat and humidity and boy we have both no heats not that bad but the mugginess is up there and just had a little passing sprinkle roll through i’ve been tracking some showers and some thunderstorms on and off through the morning nothing really directly impacting us but there’s a pretty good chance into the afternoon that we are going to see showers and storms become a factor especially for a big outdoor event like this that is not a good mix the max track live has been pinging in on those out east we’ve had another batch rolling through around Frankfort heading northeast tracking east northeast so the future track does show into the afternoon I think in mid to late afternoon especially with daytime heating we will start to see another shot of showers and thunderstorms firing up already up to around 80 should be in the mid 80s for highs this afternoon so want to throw you a little good news before we get to your main weather coming up here with a little bit your Barbasol three day forecast as follows the cheat that started the championship goes a little rough today with that shower and storm chance but about to get a whole lot better especially by midweek I’ll have you complete lex18 storm tracker forecast coming up here in just a few minutes all right Tom thank you and

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