Barbasol Championship Weather – July 18, 2018

[Music] we’re live at Keane trace for the Barbasol championship and every day that we’ve been out here it’s been getting a little busier and of course today is the pro-am just saw League crews wrapping up his round and not only did I have the bill mech sighting we’ve got bill Mac right here and impromptu you interview hi there all right how you have your nerves bill oh I’m nervous as a kitten right now so ready to roll I need to take what I just hit up on the driving range to the first team how long tell anything out here practicing good five minutes five okay solid five that projects confidence absolutely I feel good for you what are you shooting for today if I can break triple digits I will be happy okay well but leave Lee we’ll kick my behind I mean that’s just how it’s gonna work that’s the luck to you I knew you’re an accomplished bowler I had no idea about the golfing so oh that’s a mini town I’m the Bert Convy of the pure sport all right a quick look at what’s going on weather-wise we’ve got obviously a beautiful day bill picked a winner of course you did we’ve got sunshine we’ve got lower humidity that cold front that came through well boy it’s paying off today for sure with temperatures in the 80s but that lower humidity it’s gonna be a beautiful afternoon temperature-wise and it will probably stay mainly in the mid 80s in a lot of spots and of course the max track live not gonna see much of anything on it and the thread index for you to keep that baby parked at zero today that is subject to change later this week Friday and into the weekend I’m tracking some trouble talking about an increasing chance for showers and storms will get much more on today out here at the Barbasol championship and of course talk about that weekend storm chance coming up

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