Barnes Bullets Precision Match Ammunition: Guns & Gear|S7

– You have this great
rifle, it shoots a long way, it’s very accurate, but only
if you use really good ammo, ain’t it right? – That’s right. This year Barnes introduced
Precision Match ammunition. It’s high performance ammo
for high performance firearms. – OK, how do you make high
performance ammunition? – Well, you know, Barnes’
quality and our manufacturing process is just amazing, and
so it really makes sense for us coming from the precision
bullet manufacturing side, to roll those processes
into precision ammunition. – OK, you’ve been making
good bullets for decades, so what do we have,
what kind of calibers, what’s our lineup here? – What we’ve got,
basically we started with factory fresh brass,
it’s RUAG precision brass that we’re sourcing from– – That’s the good stuff.
– It is the good stuff. We’ve also got specially
blended powders so that deviations are very low
for this ammunition. – [Tom] Deviations being
the difference between the high and the low velocity. – That’s right, and when you’re
talking shooting extended distances, that’s extremely
important for consistency. And then for the projectile,
we’ve got Match Burners that Barnes has produced
for a number of years, that you know, the 3-Gunners
and the PRS guys are loading, and they’ve had great
success with the accuracy of that bullet, it’s an
Open Tip Match boat tail, and it’s loaded in the
Precision Match ammunition. – So we’ve got big to
little, what do we have? – We’ve got two
offerings in 5.56. We’ve got a 69 grain and an 85. The 85 grain, yes it is
loaded to mag length, so you wanna reach out
and touch something, the 85 is a great option. Then we’ve got 308
Winchester in 175 grain, 300 Win Mag in 220, and
338 Lapua in 300 grain. This is precision ammunition
for guys looking to go out and punch paper at
extremely silly distances. – What do you call it? – Precision Match
ammunition by Barnes. – [Ryan] If you need to
be accurate and accurate at long range, you really
have to know your ballistics. Ballistic coefficient, your
velocity, all of those things. Most ballistic coefficients
are derived from calculations which is good, but it’s
not the same as actually measuring the BC, and that’s
what this Doppler radar does with Barnes. It sounds crazy, but the
Doppler radar actually measures your bullet in flight, the
drop, the velocity, all of those things to give you a true BC. Shooting long range, it’s
not so much about the drop. You can dial that in, but
BC really helps you with adjusting to wind. The folks in the
Barnes ballistic lab are really ballistic geeks. I mean, who else would
come up with Doppler radar measuring your bullet?

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