BASE Jumpers Arrested For One World Trade Center Stunt

for have been arrested in a World Trade
Center jump apparently they are I extreme skydiving enthusiast and the New
World Trade Center is in the process of being constructed
well they did his job last fall in September but had no not arrested
until recently and bring a reason why they just got arrested is because a teenager also successfully went to the
World Trade Center in the middle of the night slipped through security and went to the
room other World Trade Center just hung out
for about two hours so now officials want to send a strong
message and go after I anyone who had the audacity to go
through security failing to realize that he may be a good idea would bid deal with your security issues
especially when it comes to something like the World Trade Center yeah I mean because look these guys are
doing it for fun basically but what if your
security suck so much that people who are not address and phone
sneaker get they’re embarrassed okay because they bailed 00 in a case
where the need to be as secure as possible and as a result and there have been two
different instances there now gonna go after these people
with full force okay they wanna like really really send
a message and I have a problem with that look what they did was wrong its
trespassing but they shouldn’t face anything more
than trespassing charges I don’t agree with them trying to make an example out
these people just because they’re embarrassed and
that’s the way I interpret this well I mean look so I’m actually a little more mix on
that part of it than you are right I we see the real issue security wall I can’t believe people like this is the
actual video that brigade okay so in some ways it’s clearly super
cool let’s just keep it real pride and in
some ways is super own cool I and I you know big ramp on me this is like do don’t go to the top of
the world trade center are d jump off a bit in like just because you want to have fun
that’s not the right place the jump from I don’t know find a mountain man in the
email the Empire State Building would be
better than the world trade center because I’ve oK what’s happened there obviously and
then the land friend there in Mass and they land in the middle of traffic
grant project because I getting I get it I get I don’t agree with what
they did right but I I just I just think that the people who
were in the wrong here or are more wrong in this story are the
people that failed with the security this the World
Trade Center then attacked several Thailand you gotta deal with it later
I’m not going to disagree with you or securities parents that’s what it’s
about I embarrass bill you know we’re going to go out to learn how dare they I will wear green trespass trespassing I here okay William got here okay William Brennan statement and he’s the
police commissioner right got under my skin because up until I read this I agree with you
100 percent jiang boyfriend statement annoyed me he said these men violated the law to place
themselves as well as others in danger I agree with that okay these a Russian send a message to anyone
thinking about misusing a landmark this way now this send a message to your last
thing you need to do something about the security at the world freakin Trade Center okay don’t use them
as a way of sending a message I heat that well I think you’re
overreacting there and I i me I agree that that the security was bad and they
should fix the security but they should send a message you should be based on Bing me
trespassing to be doing this because it had massive security risk to the people who would be
something and two other people so yeah send a message to you based on your
interested clearly we do the rest a bit though okay try I you they should face charges for
trespassing but they’re gonna burner than that which I don’t agree with they will be tracked down and they will
be serious charges being girl seekers does not give immunity to
the law okay I understand you I’m so they’re going to deal with when
we look for the exact charges up reckless endangerment and
misdemeanor jumping from a structure up they’re also gonna deal with broad
because apparently they are accusing them of lying about the identity in
order to get through security and they’re saying there are no we didn’t
live ours identity it all all we did is slip
through a gap in the bath right so they’re gonna go after that
much harder than eight typically no we just broke other laws okay I agree and trespassing
I agree on the misdemeanor charges I would be an hour on the fraud look in
some ways all criminal prosecutions are sending a
message sending a message you don’t murder people and get away with the door
a people and get away with it so I’m not as outraged as you are about
than but I and II understand that they seem to be trying to cover up for their
own problems by taking it out on a mask and that might that’s my biggest issue
right I hear you but now is there any non grandpa’s in
the studio I anybody in favor the base jumpers re:
rock n roll Jesus befitting your name how do you want to help defend the guys
well the thrillseekers I mean it is what it is I am they’re gonna keep looking for trouble
as so worth it by you know that the only I mean all the misdemeanor using banned
drugs over thank you that you do any message or eight see
that’s right yes I gotta send a message to the exciting news in hand he didn’t
think you know what these guys doom goodnight is grandpa Steve again I when
they get injured they see the structure that follow then
we regulate the game we ride I get a I hope you had a friend of mine
he the visa is that your general counsel at a a las vegas at a Las Vegas casino and
they had these asshole base jumpers jump from their billing that of course they screw
up in got injured in a Sudan of man thats haces you with me on a ride did yeah and but they know that they get hurt by
things like hammered pussy ass thrill seeker sues yeah 00 got her door we remove
posts who enjoyed a protected from me for me because 789 you know what they sue for
bad security you had better secure is acting up jump
from your building of fuck that her camera grab by Steve do come on in and out what does give these
guys like centers I

100 thoughts on “BASE Jumpers Arrested For One World Trade Center Stunt

  • Security aside, the base jumpers put other people in danger. Whether the parachute fails or opens, they have minimal choice where they land.  

  • Ana, do you thoroughly think through your arguments before you develop such strong opinions? If not, wtf are you doing selling opinion and news to people. If you do, and this is what you come up with than your narcissism knows no bounds. You seem to identify with some sort of millennial generation culture, if this is the attitude that culture produces your parents should be publicly shamed en masse.

  • "Sending a message" in my opinion, is the worst reason to pursue punishment. Do your job in the first place, not when it's convenient for you.

  • Firstly its breaking an entering, its tresspassing on goverment property & what the fuck are people going to do about the goverment? most of you voted these people in…

  • I've said this before and I'll say it again, don't let the Law punish BASE jumpers, let Darwin punish BASE jumpers. (Nothing against the sport, just stating it as it is the most dangerous sport in the world)

  • Invading Iraq, Afghanisthan, countries in Africa and killing millions of innocent people in countries that were not even related to 9/11 for "security concerns" in America. All a waste when you can just slip through security. Americans are really STUPID 2$ community whores.

  • If it's that easy to base jump (or plant a bomb!!!) on the world trade centre, it just goes to show how much terrorism is REALLY happening in the world. Terrorist could easily how planted a bomb… if they were are determined and large scale as the media would like to make us believe. 

  • how dare you show how crappy our security is! Life sentence! stupid fuckers.. you should be happy this happened because  they showed your weakness outside of a terrorist attack!

  • I think very little of those dumbasses for getting a kick out of doing something so risky and stupid, but I gotta agree with Ana: that whole 'sending a message' deal is utter bullshit. Crimes should be judged considering just the facts, completely isolated from external considerations, or else the judicial system becomes a joke.

  • even if it could cause a bit of legal trouble if you are with the right group of people it's worth it…but come on I don't think there should be any criminal charges placed against them, it was all in good fun!!! 

  • People should not be used as an example. It violates our civil rights. They should ONLY be held accountable for the laws they broke: trespassing and reckless endangerment? 

  • I think even probation is a bit to much, I would say maybe put them on holding for a weekend, and make them go to a couple of court dates, I mean no harm no foul!!!

  • I agree with Anna because I do believe if one place should be secure tight it should be the WTC.  And if average civilians are able to sneak in who know's if there's already a trap in the building.

  • If a base jumper can sue and get money from the property for his injuries, then there is a problem with the law.

  • So they are made an example 6 months after they did the jump. And only because a teenager also slipped through security. What a load of crap. Spend the money a trial will cost on the security. They made a video, it's not like they were hiding and only now they are found. Security messed up big time twice and instead of fixing that they redirect attention on the base jumpers. 
    Oh and sending a message will not work. Base jumpers are thrill seekers. It will only attract more of them because of the added threat. 

  • The wrong people are being punished. The security should be brought up on charges of professional neglect at a bare minimum.

  • It's more than trespassing. You get caught sneaking in and having a sandwich and its trespassing. They are exposing the building and its owners to risk, then landing on the street, compounding the risk to others.
    So misdemeanor charges are appropriate, but a whole bunch of them and if there is any time to serve, make it consecutive.
    Charging them with fraud is telling. The message they want to send is that the prosecution can over reach and arbitrary punishments will not fit the crime. Fear our power.

    As for the security, I guess they just don't take a terrorist threat to the world trade center seriously.

  • There's fault on all parties. Trespassers deserve probation at most, no jail time. No one was hurt, no property was damaged, probation is sufficient to send a message, the punishment should fit the crime.

  • Didn't they learn anything after 9/11? Step up ur security!!! So many times I've seen, especially on this channel, cops killing innocent people, maybe they should get their priorities right.

  • Anna is right and beautiful. Base jumpers, lol You didn't catch them in the act, so they get away with it. Fuck you.

  • Jumping off the WTC is safer than Empire State in crowded, dense midtown.  But it was a stupid prank, just the same.

  • If they had a giant American flag and a banner that said "America, Fuck yea!" Would they still have gotten arrested?

  • Haha I got in trouble for breaking into sesame place and they did the same thing. "Made an example of me". I dunno if this is worse or not, but none of those extra charges are particularly harsh.

  • You know there's a bright side to all of this. Had these two guys never gone up and did what they did, the people who are in the charge of this building may not have understood just how lacking their security system was. Without having a reason to update their security system they may not have ever noticed until it was too late and a terrorist infiltrated the building. 

    Instead of making these kids out to be criminals we should thank them. In addition to strengthening the security in the building they also gave us something beautiful to watch. Instead of remembering that horrible thing when we think of the trade center, we can now remember this beautiful view it provided for us.

    At the end of the day no one got hurt.

  • Funny thing. . if they were related to somebody rich. . they wouldn't even be touched right now by the law

  • I see potential here. Security companies can use these thrill seekers as assets to assess security gaps and reveal any oversight. Innovators these guys are not…

  • How the hell are these "progressives" in favour of using a court case to "send a message"? It's deeply immoral. Giving some people a harsher sentence just to deter future crime is appalling, and I'd bet also not very effective.

  • Also, the shot of them jumping off of New WTC all I gotta say to that is: You couldn't pay me enough money to do  that!

  • Love the mind of the authorities that think the right way to deal with this lapse of security is to impose stiffer prison sentences.

  • Whatever happened to land of the free and home of the brave?

    We should have the freedom to base jump and be brave enough to fucking base jump.

  • I'd like to see a couple persons jump off with one of those wingsuites. they'd go farther and faster but i  think would have more control than a parachute?, that would be out of sight

  • Its personal because these dumb asses jump from the twin tower in nyc where people had lost their lifes who had no choice but to jump or burn alive. They weren't suicide jumpers and they sure didn't have parachutes on them that infamous 2001 9/11 day. These goofy guys have no respect.

  • Didn't something similar to this happen when the first two World Trade Center Towers were being built? I remember hearing something about a guy trying to do some sort or high wire stunt between the two buildings and he too went in without permission.

  • Disrespectful base jumpers out of every place to jump they have to pick the trade center fuck them.

  • This is typical American reaction to anything isn't it?  Don't find fault with yourselves or in this case security,  instead you want to send a message like that would stop people from doing this? LOL  Got news for them, it won't.   It's already illegal to jump from buildings like that.   It isn't stopping them,  and  this message just says  our security sucks  so instead of getting better security we'll just go after harmless jumpers.   Pffts.  Our country is rediculious.

  • What people need to know is that Jim Brady- the man who wore the helmet camera- also ran TOWARD the buildings when they collapsed. He and his brothers of LOCAL 40 saved lives, recovered those who didn't survive and rebuilt the building. He is, in one word, a HERO.

  • This discussion is ridiculous. Endangering themselves? Yeah. But is that illegal? Every car ride is a endangerment of oneself. Endangering others? Well, there has not been a single case in B.A.S.E. history where an innocent bystander was hurt with thousands if not millions of jumps. Fraud? No. Indeed they are charged with 3rd degree burglary – they didn't steal nor had the intend, too. There have been expensive rescues and property damage through base jumps. So have in skiing, climbing, snowboarding, biking, hunting, etc pp – charge them all. The boys are charged with criminal acts, they did not commit that cary up to 7 years of imprisonment to "send a message" for political reasons. And the state is in possession of video taped evidence that clearly shows that they committed none of the above. That's not worthy of a democracy. That's abuse of justice.

    What it comes down really is trespassing. That's a misdemeanor. You can fine them for that. That the United States where not able to get to trial in Brown vs. Wilson (kid died!) to figure out the truth and facts and bring justice but is able to accuse 3 trespassers with criminal acts they did neither intend nor commit, says everything. 

  • Can you guys please subcribe to me and like all my videos. Itavto support my addiction to cocaine hookers and booze

  • well these news people are really bad at keeping there words on PUBLIC tv that THOUSANDS of people are watching maybe even some KIDS

  • it there live they do what they want whit it ,only charge that could be given to them is trespassing but that only a ticket

  • But it was ok for the security to let the demolition crews into the trade centers to plant the explosives and thermite and kill people where was the security then weeks and days before 9/11 when people jumped to there deaths

  • She's over reacting. She obviously does not know that security has always been an issue with the tenants at the old WTC. I mean, it's clear. It's going to happen again. In 50 years time when the government plans to pull down the Freedom towers, they will do it violently and blame someone else to start a quick war $$$$

  • One of the jumpers had worked on the building as an iron worker since day one of rebuild. He put the very last piece of the spire on. It was his tribute jump.

  • Look I like TYT and have been watching you for years but I call bullshit on the basejumpers suing. Anyone who understands the culture of BASE and skydiving knows that nobody ever sues anyone. That guy in the blue shirt is a dickhead every time he opens his mouth. I was watching him yesterday arguing that British men can't be better looking than Scottish or Irish men. What a tool. Let's see EVIDENCE of this lawsuit.

  • They got off free and clear, James helped built the trade center and loves this country, it was an embarrassment that security let him up. He helped expose the security risk.

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