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– Adam adolphus rep self-explanatory crew out of Chicago from Long Island New York lived in various places in the country and now live in LA it all start at the same time I started going to raves when I was 16 and I started taking pictures when I was 16 and it was just because I was actually messing up a bunch in school from partying too much so they sent me to a trade school so I remember talking my brother like you know I got a I had to figure out something to do so I can get an easy grade you know and he was like you know do photography that's mad easy and I was like all right cool so I switched you know majors and went to the photography course and then just kind of accidentally fell in love with it so you know from that point age like 16 up till I don't know maybe 21 22 I was heavily into photography me and my friends have a darkroom at a basement and we shot all the time we had a little photo studio when we would lift the backdrop up then we had a dance floor and so it was kind of the best of both worlds you know it's funny at some point I wanted to start recording myself dancing making like video clips cuz that's what everybody was doing and so that was when I got a new camera I got like a digital video tape camera and it took really good still shots as well and when I realized I sucked that video editing and that that was really hard to learn I just started using this video camera as a digital photography camera you know and so I was like kind of back at it again and and I just thought of using that and then at some point I was like what am I using this piece of and then I just sold it and got like a real digital photography camera but it wasn't like photography took over I'm 38 years old and like you know I don't plan on breaking forever you know and so it's like I'm not gonna make any money breaking you know and I never wanted to make money breaking because it was truly one of my passions and I just never wanted to sell that part of my soul out you know like photography on the other hand as much as it's my passion I have no problem selling it you know and it's easier because I love doing it you know so it's like it's one of those things if you love what you're doing never have to work or didn't go so it's dope like that you know and then I feel like I have a valid opinion when it comes to breaking so I love photographing it because I feel like we know my documentation of it is gonna be more accurate than someone who doesn't break you know or someone who doesn't know what we're doing or someone who doesn't speak the language and it's like I know what we're doing I speak the language I practiced it for twenty years and I'll always be practicing in my mind at the very least so you know like me documenting it I think it's the whole share a lot of justice so for me I like to capture within the breaking culture of the aesthetic of hip-hop or the aesthetic of b-boying you know like um if you know what's gonna make me a better photographer than John Doe you know is um you know he doesn't know what to look for you know he can take 14 pictures in a second but does he know which one to pick out does he know what this art form should look like you know and and of course I have an extremely biased opinion because it's my opinion you know and I mean so that's what I'm portraying through my art it's my biased opinion of what the aesthetic of breaking as you know what it should look like you know so when I post the photo of someone doing the freeze to me usually I'll post a photo of someone doing the freeze that I believe is the look of be one I want to preserve the culture the way I believe it should be preserved so that's you know I'm just I think at the end of the day when you see my photography you're just seeing my opinions for the dance itself I think exploring everything else in the world is only gonna benefit your art you know all of that helps me as a b-boy to express myself you know because I actually have something to express the more life experience you have the better of a dancer artist whatever you know obviously you'll be you know and it's like you you know you won't be a boring person you

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