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Human trafficking is on the rise. Over 2 million children in global sex trade Someone becomes a victim every 30 seconds UN reports Western Europe is a … … primary destination It astounds me that not only does human trafficking exist on the earth today but there are actually more slaves than there have ever been before in the history of humanity. It’s almost incomprehensible when you think about it. Victims forced to service more than 40 men a day Often when you hear a statistic it can just seem like a number, not a person. I’ve heard it said that a million is just a statistic and until you meet the one. Well for me I met that one, Lillia. And all of a sudden, human trafficking was no longer an impersonal statistic. It became a person. It had a face, it had a name and most importantly, it suddenly had a voice. I’m Lillia. I grew up in a small town in Bulgaria. When I was 16, my father lost his job. Our family was struggling. We were starving. So I had to look for work. That is when I met Amelia. She told me that her cousin owned a hair salon in Greece and that she would get me a job there. It was my dream to become a hairdresser. Amelia arranged everything. I said goodbye to my family and boarded the plane to Greece. When I arrived in Greece, Amelia’s cousin picked me up from the airport. He brought me into an apartment. That is when the nightmare began.
[Amelia’s cousin was a trafficker] He closed the door to the apartment and then he turned around. He told me he did not own a hair salon. He owned a brothel. But he had a job for me. I refused. He hit me. Then he told me that he knew where my family live. And if I told anyone, if I did not work for him, if I tried to escape, he would kill my family. I cannot believe what people will do to one another just for money. Today the reality is that Lillia is one of 27 million people trapped in slavery. Her life is not her own. As a sex slave she is forced to toil in the shadows. She is hidden in plain sight. Day and night her frantic pleas for help often go unheard. She is the long lonely cry in the darkness that echoes across the earth twenty-seven million times. Lillia could be your sister, your friend, or perhaps even your daughter. Because of the A21 Campaign, girls like Lillia have truly found freedom, hope and restoration. The truth is, there are millions more crying out. I am asking, will you listen to their cry, and together, we can all be her freedom. Be Her Freedom Join The A21 Campaign ( Disclaimer: this story is based on actual events, however Lillia’s character has been changed for dramatic and privacy purposes.

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  • Many people are overwhelmed by the staggering statistics and feel that they cannot make a difference, so they do nothing. Others are wary to give financially because of the scams that now run rampant through the internet. Some, like myself, simply cannot afford to give money at this time. But there are many other ways to help victims and survivors without going into your wallet. Pray. Talk to people and educate them about this matter. There are petitions being passed in local governments.

  • Sign these petitions and encourage others to do the same. When you visit the A21 website, there is a list of other ways in which you can become involved in this movement. I highly exhort anyone who has watched the video or read this post to get involved. The situation is daunting but please know that God is still in control. Tthrough Jesus He will equip us to do all things. "Be strong and of good courage, do not fear nor be afraid of them; for the LORD your God…goes with you." Deuteronomy 31:6

  • This Isnt Right Stop All Of This Right Now! Im Setting Up A Website For This And Other Issues. crutchcorn .pbworks .com

  • @dolores121859 As Do I Here Is A List Of Things You Can Do To Help. t h e a 2 1 c a m p a i g n .o r g / 2 1 – w a y s – t o – h e l p . p h p Without Spaces. Also To Other People Who Think 27 Million! I Can't Help, YOU CAN! Im 13 And Im Staring A Site And Being Active SOOOO Much More About This Stuff. If We Stick Together And Dont Just Listen But Help We Can End This And Many Other Things!

  • Hi, I represent the group Their Voice, As a part of my GCSE Citizenship coursework my group have to create a campaign about a certain problem in society. My group have chosen human trafficking- we would love to use your video as a part of this but we need permisson. Could you please message beck saying we have permisson to use your videos. We will only use them as a part of our campaign with all credit to A21.
    Thank you
    Their Voice

  • I just wrote letter to my Canadian Member of Parliament, Provincial Premier tomorrow. Tried to tell my friends, their indifference was surprising and disheartening. I need neither their approval or support to do the right thing though. I will do my best to spread awareness of this. Thumbs up A21

  • It is sick to think this still goes on today. I am glad that these campaigns exist because we need to get the truth out in front of everyone

  • your-freedom was working for starters first 2 weeks that was 6 months ago but has stopped now what's wrong does it work with Telus sim it did at first but quit can anybody help

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