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There was one crate. It was just sitting there
with a dog inside of it. Terrified to come out. And her name was Echo. There you go honey. You’re okay, honey. Echo is just kind of out of it. All of the others are running
around except for Echo. Oh my god, thank god.
I’m going to cry. They’re here. Twenty five dogs were rescued
from the laboratory in China. Thousands of these labs even
exist right here in America. The Beagle Freedom Project rescues
animals used in testing. They’ve never been outdoors.
Never been on grass. Have never felt the
kind touch of a human. There was some product that they
were putting in Echo’s eyes to test it, and she went blind. I heard Beagle Freedom
Project needed fosters, and I went to help and Echo
fell asleep in my arms. I knew it was going to take a lot
of time to help rehabilitate her. Gigi is my dog. She’s feisty and very protective. Gigi started to lunge towards Echo and then stopped dead in her tracks, and recognized that Echo
was not your normal dog. I took her out to try and walk her. I think Echo was confused. I don’t think she’d
ever been walked before. As soon as Echo’s paw hit the grass she would steer in
the opposite direction. I wrapped a towel around her. And when a dog falls asleep on you, you know that you’re doing something right. Is that a tail that’s wagging? That’s a wagging tail. The first time I saw her tail
wag was about two days in. And then every time she heard
my voice, her tail would wag. Hey Echo!
Good girl. The vet removed her eye because
she was in so much pain for so long, and it actually ended up helping her. Come on! You can do it. Echo started to come out of
her shell in such a unique way. And she’s the goofiest dog
in the whole world. Echo. We’ve never heard that before. Good job. Good job. Gigi’s a mama’s girl. And as much as she
loved mentoring Echo, she loves having the bed to herself. And I enjoyed my fostering
experience with Echo. But when I met Jenna and Jay, I
knew that this is the right family. – I saw the photo of Echo,
and I called Jay. He was like, “Oh my god!” – I felt at peace with the fact that this
was the perfect family for Echo. – Yay!
– Good girl! – We knew that she would require
extra love and patience. But we wanted to be
able to provide that. Mia is our sassiest dog. She’s growling right now, because we’re
not paying enough attention to her. And then came —
– Mango. – Mango. She’s just a total mush. And — – Our resident therapist. – Crystal, our cat, is kind of
the queen of the household. Everyone just respects her. Echo is a part of a pack for
the first time in her life. The first time Echo walked on grass
was the day after we adopted her. – Mango and Mia were right beside her. Because they went on the grass,
she wanted to go on the grass. Walking in the grass? – When Echo eats she
scarfs her food down. And we think that’s because she
was not fed well in the lab. (Echo howls) What was that? – We hoped that she would get
to experience the world, and adventure. Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. After spending some
time in this new life, Echo has blossomed into
such a goofy personality. Hey! Of all the dogs, Mango
knew that I was expecting. – Come see your baby. Easy on the Frenching. – As time has gone on, their
relationship just keeps evolving. So sweet. Mateo is kind of like her baby. She really, really mothers him. My siblings have paws. – Echo is definitely teaching us
to be more in the moment. Good girl! – There’s always music
happening around the house. And I think it must soothe her. She’s always by our side, and
kind of wants to be a part of it. (Singing) “Sweet surrender,” “Calling my name.” “Take me for a ride.” “Because I don’t want to play
this damn game.” We feel so grateful to
Beagle Freedom Project. Echo is goofy. She’s gentle and loving. The best way to help dogs like Echo is to stop buying products
that are tested on animals. But her past life
doesn’t slow her down, it doesn’t stop her from
experiencing new things. And it doesn’t stop her from loving, from being a part of this family, and just enjoying her life. (Singing) “Oh, here comes Echo.” “Yeah, she’s so sweet.” “Yeah here comes Echo.
So careful on her feet.” “She’s got a strong nose, careful toes.
Yeah, she’s Echo.” “Her name is Echo.” (Laughing) “There she goes.”

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