BEATING THE BOMB: Part 3 – The Free Market

The fall of the wall in Berlin in 1989 and
when we went into East Berlin, I wrote, or my friend wrote for me a poster
on the station which said N.A.T.O., and it just said Nuclear American
Take Over. The Warsaw Pact is disbanded in 1991, NATO
is not. In Britain the decision to replace Polaris
with Trident is made. Trident promises independently targeted warheads
with greater accuracy. In 1991, the remaining Superpower unleashes
its unchallenged military might against a former ally – Iraq.
Saddam Hussein, who has been armed and financially supported
by the US and the UK throughout the 80s invades Kuwait in a dispute over an oil field.
The US steps in with the claim to re-establish democracy in Kuwait.
An estimated 200,000 retreating Iraqi soldiers meet their deaths in the desert sands.
The number of casualties on the US side totals 358.
In warfare there are many many many toxic agents,
which are released and many of these have teratogenic effects.
That’s what we’re talking about, in other words, affecting
the embryo and the foetus when they’re inside the uterus.
And when I see these pictures of malformed babies, it breaks my heart.
The Gulf War marks the first war time use of the deadly radioactive substance Depleted
Uranium. Depleted Uranium is a direct product of manufacturing
nuclear weapons and is a real radioactive waste problem.
It is used in munitions in warfare by three countries: The United States, Britain and
Israel. When a Depleted Uranium munition hits its
target, part of it volatilizes, in other words, becomes an aerosol and people
breathe that in, and that lodges in one’s lungs and travels
to bone and can cause various cancers in the body.
The main people who are seriously affected, adversely affected,
by Depleted Uranium is the indigenous population, Iraqis.
We’re talking about hundreds of thousands of people, who are being exposed.
The Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute, 2001
From the end of World War II to the turn of the Millennium,
the US has been at war with, or bombed, the following countries:
2001 is a tragic year for the American people. The biggest killer in the United States that
year is heart disease, killing over 700,000 people.
More than half a million die from cancer. 62,000 from pneumonia.
There are nearly 30,000 firearm related deaths and over 30,000 suicides.
14,000 die from Aids related diseases. 3,500 people die from malnutrition.
And 2,500 die in a terrorist attack on September 11th.
There is no war pronounced on cancer, AIDS or malnutrition,
but billions of dollars are instantly available to fight the evil
taking center stage following the exit of the Soviet Union.
‘The War on Terror’ is launched. The US spearheads a NATO war against The Taliban.
Next on the attack list is Iraq, located on the so called ‘Axis of Evil’.
The alleged possession of weapons of mass destruction are given as the legal ground
for the attack. The people on the streets disagree.
Who gave him the weapon? Donald Rumsfeld gave him the weapon.
[song: ‘We Won’t Let This Be’] I’m a doctor, orthopaedic surgeon, I worked
in the old, conflict areas in Iraq. We are three days per week from the hospitals
out of oxygen. This is the privatisation that you start when
the oxygen litre that we use for our hospitals jumped from
150 Iraqi dinar to 1,800. I left 2,500 families in the middle of desert,
no water, I’m seeing the children dying in front of
me, I cannot do anything there, all what I’m doing is not treating, just collecting
bodies, head, limbs. For God’s sake, anyone knows what’s going
on there? During the crusades, the European arms manufacturers
sold bows and arrows to both sides. When weapons are your number one industrial
export product, what’s your global marketing strategy for
that product line? And what does it say about the soul of our
nation that we have to have endless war
in order to put food on the table and provide people with jobs?
Corporate Globalisation says we don’t need these American people anymore, we’re going
here, we’re going there, we’re moving jobs out of the country.
The only thing we need the American people for is
to continue to supply their tax dollars so we can become the military arm of corporate
globalisation, that’s our role in the world.
The United States Government has spent over 1.4 trillion dollars
of our hard-working people’s tax money. The goal of the war has been a wealth transfer
program from the working people of the United States
to the corporations. Halliburton, Bechtel, Blackwater and others.
And in naked defence of the Corporate Interests of the Oil Giants:
Shell, Chevron, ExxonMobil and others.
Neoliberalism has always been a violent project. And I was in Argentina when the war in Iraq
began and I was at the anti marches in Buenos Aires and what
people were saying was: They’re doing to Iraq what was done to us
in the 70s, kwhich was imposing this economic model through
violence. While taxpayers in the West fund Iraq’s destruction,
Iraq will foot the bill for the reconstruction. A controversial oil law gives foreign corporations
unprecedented access to Iraq’s oil wealth. The lie about the freedom of the market is
perpetuated and believed. For the short term gain of the few,
massacre, destruction and looting at the site of one of
the oldest civilisations on the planet is carried out.
Regarding weapons of mass destruction, government policy remains undeterred.

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