Becoming Free: The Pathway to Freedom

what we need to understand as well
structure creates discipline and discipline creates healthy human beings
people require structure in order to be healthy having no structure is one of
the most unhealthy things that you can do to a human being
same as to the dog if you if you allow a dog to do whatever it wants when
every it wants so basically it’s what’s called when you humanize a dog and you
give it no no dog boundaries based on an understanding of the boundaries of the
dog needs in a in a pack environment in order to be healthy when you allow a dog
to do whatever it wants what is it what it what happens to it it becomes anxious
aggressive or very nervous and when a dog becomes anxious aggressive or
nervous it starts misbehaving and everybody blames the dog but nobody
blames the human being that allows the dog to do whatever it wants and in order
for a dog to be healthy it requires structure that requires order it
requires hierarchy and human beings when they have no structure they become very
unhealthy because if a human being has no structure what will they do
they’ll eat what they want they’ll drink what they want they’ll do what they want
and they end up doing something one of those two or all of those things
together combined creates you know disharmony and creates an unhealthy
environment I have this thing where I’m not sure if I want discipline or freedom
so sometimes I’ll let the discipline slide and I feel great for a few days
and then it just goes bad yeah because I have no discipline so have you dealt
with this yes yes did you hundred percent I’m a recovering drug addict so
I understand firsthand that my desire for freedom led me down the path of
drugs at an early age because I wanted to do whatever I want and i couldn’t be
told and the very thing that I wanted created all those issues and in order
for me to have freedom do you know what the ultimate key to freedom is structure
and discipline because structure and discipline creates freedom but
unfortunately for most of us we don’t associate structure and discipline is
freedom we see structure and discipline as an inconvenience you know as
an obstacle as something that you know we’re being forced to do on the day when
you’re very tired and your discipline says for you to get up at 5:00 or whenever and
you feel like you’re not free how do you do do it anyway you get
up at 5:00 do it anyway because it’s a habit the habit will okay structure and
discipline creates habit the habit sets you free okay structure means this is
what I have to do when I have to do it discipline this means I force myself
focus myself ensure that I get it done after 62 days roughly it’s now a habit
now that it’s a habit you do it unconsciously you’re now free okay
that’s the magic everybody wants to have the freedom but no one’s willing to put
the structure around themselves and apply the discipline that’s required in
order to be set free

8 thoughts on “Becoming Free: The Pathway to Freedom

  • There's something I have always wondered. There has been so many "gurus" for lack of a better word that share amazing things. They share the patterns that all the successful people have in common. My question is, who did they pattern themselves after before Robbins, Carnegie and yourself?

  • This is flawed advice. Kerwin was a drug addict and it sounds like he felt he needed to create structure in his life in order combat his addictive habits. He now thinks everyone needs discipline and structure because he thinks he does. Under the guise that "we all need" discipline and structure can allow others to control you based on what discipline and structure they think you need. If someone wants structure in certain areas of their lives, they can create it. They can seek various tools and methods for creating that structure and experiment to see what works best. For other people and for other areas of life, non-structure can work wonderfully.

    His dog analogy is really bad. "When you allow a dog to do whatever it wants, what happens to it? It becomes anxious, aggressive or very nervous." Really? I've seen dogs that relish their freedom in free-range environments and if somehow this were true for certain breeds or something, that is just restricted to that breed and that type of animal. Why not use a cat as an analogy. Ever try to use "discipline and structure" for a cat? lol. They hate constraints to their freedom.

  • What you have achieved in your life ? I have noticed one thing it's always the unsuccessful people who talk about success most!!

  • I KNEW IT!! I was also very well involved in extracurricular activities. But as you also obviously did through those experiences and situations you negotiated with your options, solutions etc to learn to put your own unique perspectives and values into certain circumstances and situations that work for you and you only, whilst at the same time constantly questioning yourself wondering wtf is wrong with me, why do i think so differently to all the other kids, teens, blokes my age. Always wandering from group to group helping out, making people happy, getting asked for advice/ solutions right through highschool up to this day.

  • I watch this video over and over and share it with my clients. Super valuable, thank you for your work Kerwin.

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