Beer & Rage – How "Socialism" Enables Fascism

hello welcome to beer and rage uh it's Halloween I've got some orange on or into glasses orange shirt I basically look like a fucking pumpkin I don't really care much for holidays but hey I figured you know why not why not let's talk about something scary let's drink some scary beer and let's let's celebrate why not so today we have the Beast Milwaukee's best ice the Beast is a colloquial term for it not a brand name it's not called the Beast it's just in the Lucky's best ice but yeah people call it the Beast for some reason maybe because the Milwaukee's best beast best I don't know who knows that'd be some interesting some interesting work to do there to find out where that came from but let's give it a shot yeah Milwaukee's best ice it's 5.9% I picked this up I think a dollar 79 at my local store yeah scary very scary but you know it's really scary maybe the scariest thing to me at least is fascism and Brazil just elected a fascist president you know you can argue about whether he's not fascist I think you know that kind of things been done already people want to argue about whether Donald Trump is a fascist or not and that's that's legit argument if you should be calling you know Donald Trump a fascist but bowls narrow I'm comfortable with just straight up saying yeah yeah he's a fascist I've no issue with that I'm cool that that's fine but the topic for today is how do how do socialist states enable this kind of fascism the day after bolsa Nara was elected China sent congratulations Venezuela sent congratulations as well and these are two two states that are often referred to as as socialists there's people that you know will defend them as as socialists obviously socialism means what workers own the means of production and neither of these states do workers on the means of production so they're not only social socialists I would say they're not actually socialists but there's people that still defend them and people that are what I would call state apologists they are just gonna come up with any any sort of excuse do any sort of mental gymnastics to defend these types of states and you know put them on a pedestal above regular capitalist states when eventually they're just really doing the same thing some of the some of the defense's I've seen so far of China and Venezuela supporting bowls Naro are that oh well they're just looking to normalize economic relations or it's just a it's just a state formality this is this is what states do they just oh hey Perry bud congratulations though you're a state also so am i one of the funny ones I heard was actually that uh Venezuela Maduro apologized or sorry congratulated bolson arrow at his victory because they're afraid of being invaded that's that's your argument so Maduro and venezuela are just he's just such a coward that he's gonna sit there and openly apologize to a fascist just in hopes that he's not gonna be that they're not gonna invade him that's ridiculous why would you I will respect cowards if like if somebody is threatening to beat me up and I'm sitting there a base monk oh no oh no please don't beat me up you're such a nice guy you know why would you why would you do that um then then they beat me up anyways did what I do like stop anything like is that gonna stop anything no if anything you should be planning the offense or just I don't do it looking something that's not congratulating the person that you think is your enemy that's that's bullshit that's that's not a smart move but yeah there's there's people that will pretty much just do whatever they need to do and say whatever they need to say to just apologize for these nominally socialist states there's also you know a history of people like that doing the whole oh but but comrade we want the same thing we want we want the abolishment of the state we want we want worker control of production you're not my comrade you're not my friend you you want you want to stay I don't you're willing to use the state to achieve the abolishment of the state and I don't think that's I don't think that's feasible that's feasible personally that's a hold I could go on about you know a whole other episode about that sort of thing but we'll we'll tackle that later eventually I'd like to maybe maybe do an episode about that maybe do an episode delving into why bowls neuro is actually a fascist and there's not a whole argument about that but hey that's that's not right now right now we're talking about how socialism enables fascism right here right now and that's that's because these states are just are ready and open for business it's ready and open and do business with a fascist state and that's that's not cool to me but this this isn't a new trend this is something that has happened before in maybe will happen again if you look at the USSR and their relations with fascist Italy Mussolini was only in power for a short while before he re-established relationships with the USSR economically they were a pretty big trade partner with fascist Italy he was definitely okay with dealing with them and the USSR a state with socialist in their fuckin name was okay economically dealing with fascists and that's fucked up that's not socialist every socialist should be opposing fascism to the utmost and if you're not doing that then fuck you just Sam Nazi Germany same deal Stalin provided raw materials petroleum to fascist Germany that's that happened that's a real thing there's even some some people out there will even say that he basically provided spaces for them to Train and you know do maneuvers outside of Germany in Russia that's arguable there's there's some arguable sources about that but I mean the point is that the USSR helped create the problem of Nazi Germany Nazi Germany would not have a war machine without the raw materials provided to them by the USSR so socialism created Nazi Germany they had a hand in it and so yeah the USSR had a way bigger hand in destroying that war machine but at the same time they helped create it so I'm not gonna give you a pat on the back for destroying something that a problem that you helped create you should have just never fucking created it in the first place and then we wouldn't have a problem so yeah I would imagine if I'm gonna if I'm gonna prophesize here I would say hey let's look a few years down the line if Venezuela ever does get invaded by by Brazil if that is you know is actually something it's on the table I guarantee you that that war machine that invades Venezuela will probably be powered by China so you'll have one socialist country enabling a fascist to take over another socialist country yeah as I always like to say states are gonna state and that will always be true when you're when you're talking about you know a a socialist state and even socialism in general your concentration is on economics is on production socialism means the workers owning the means of production and so socialism therefore is not so much concerned with the people the workers as much as it is the production I mean the fact that the people just get called the workers is I think proof enough let's let's abolish the worker fuck that I don't want to be a worker I don't want to own my fucking factory I don't give a shit I don't want to work I want to be a person I don't want to be a worker and so that's I mean even in the definition of socialism something I think is a problem but States don't care states care about the economy they care about how much shit they're gonna make how they're gonna make it how much more should they can make and how they can keep growing the amount of shit that they make and that's it they'll ally with fascist States to do that they have before the gladly you know the gladly accept them as partners if they're gonna if they're gonna get something out of it and that's fucked up that's not socialist I mean that's I guess it is socialist I mean that's depending on how you interpret the word but I mean a lot of you know a lot of socialists consider themselves anti-fascist but a lot of socialist states have been anything but anti-fascist and if anything they have continually enabled fascist other fascist States so that's how I see it right now we have China Venezuela congratulating bowls in our own and probably gonna go a little bit farther they can graduating eventually they're gonna materially support bowl scenario and you're gonna have nominally socialist regimes supporting fascist regimes and that's not how that should work so if you're you know apologizing for either of those states fuck you you're a status to that's you're not you're not any sort of anarchist you're not any sort of socialist you're not any sort of communist you are a statist plain and simple and you can fuck off it's happened before as I've said you know Italy was already pretty much you know not a very strong economy without the support of the USSR they would have never been able to do half the shit they did Nazi Germany same deal they would have not been the force that they were if it was not for socialist enable a socialist enablement and that's a fact so before you you know consider maybe supporting any sort of nominally a socialist regime think about that think about how much that they have enabled fascist regimes so back to the beer the Beast Milwaukee's best ice my Burak is garbage I don't know why anybody would drink Milwaukee's best ice it tastes like a I don't know eight percent beer why he'll basically only having five point nine percent you're not gonna get any drunker off of it it doesn't have I mean it just it tastes like a malt beverage which it is but without the alcohol so if I'm gonna drink something that tastes horrible I'd at least like to know I'm getting drunk and with Milwaukee's best ice the Beast I'm not I don't know why they call it the Beast the Beast would be something that like fucks you up like a fifteen percent beer or something that that would be beastly but it's not beastly at all it's a kitten Milwaukee's best kitten not a good beer would not recommend yeah that's all I've got a same fuck your state is socialism fuck fascism and fuck Milwaukee's best ice that's it so um same ship subscribe to my channel please just you know more so than I don't even care about the subscribers I just like to know that people give a shit about what I'm saying you know it helps helps me emotionally you want to emotionally support me just give me a subscribe I'd appreciate it or just comment – I'm cool with talking to people I know I I say a lot here sometimes dialogue feels a bit one-sided but just throw a comment huh I'll respond I'm up I'm open to dialogue I'm totally cool with that so happy Halloween from pumpkin rebel but yeah I'll see you all next time have a go you

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