Before The ISS There Was The Freedom Space Station

Skylab was the first test of our ability
to endure weightlessness and astronauts found that they could effectively work
exercise eat and sleep in their temporary home
more recently the Space Shuttle has allowed us to fly into orbit and conduct
our business and return in addition to providing a laboratory for carrying out
experiments in microgravity the shuttle has also benefited us
commercially and scientifically through the deployment and capture of satellites the show was designed with a larger goal
in mind to transport astronauts and materials to a proposed base a permanent
manned space station in November of 1985 shuttle astronauts
Jerry Ross and Sherwin sprint tested an assembly concept for construction of
erecting structures in space or commonly known as access holes were linked
together to make a frame similar to remember will be used to build a space
station in the early 1990s at the mcdonnell douglas underwater test
facility astronauts can practice outerspace construction in a neutral
buoyancy tank here they assemble poles into five meter cube which will serve as
building blocks for the framework of the station sophisticated robot systems will
assist in the building of the station and capture of satellites
according to space station chief scientist dr. David black now one of the
crucial capabilities and it’s being provided by Canada is a major remote
manipulator that will run around and on a truss like structure on tracks and be
able to move all throughout the space station and the reason that’s important
is that we plan on using that robust very healthy arm to assemble the space
station itself the omv are the orbiting maneuvering vehicle is in effect a
little space tug and its purpose is to go out attach itself to satellites which
we want to bring back to the space station for repair hold them back into
the vicinity of the space station then they can be put in the hanger or the
garage where the astronauts can then work with it the new space station is
designed to avoid the tremendous drag of solar arrays by incorporating solar
dynamics large mirrors will reflect the sun’s energy onto a fluid which becomes
superheated and runs a turbine roughly the size of a football field the
space station will house modules from the United States Japan and Europe
modules provide space for housing microgravity and life science research
making a place to live that meets crew needs in an airless weightless
environment is a primary importance in the space station design again dr. Blakk
we are trying to make the habitability part of the the structure comfortable as
much space as we possibly get so that the astronauts don’t feel crowded
there’ll be windows in the facility so they can look out and it turns out
that’s very important psychologically NASA’s Space Station a springboard for
science technology and space exploration in the nineteen nineties Observatory school
laboratory home this is Space Station freedom where international teams of
astronauts will live and permanently in space eight crew members can live comfortably
aboard freedom the astronauts private quarters are
equipped with computers VCRs and telecommunications toward each SB words
on freedom for three to six months at a time the habitation what has room and
shower facilities and health maintenance center disappear there is no Grampa scientists in the u.s. laboratory module
can perform experiments not possible on earth the microgravity of space allows
astronauts to grow perfect crystals and produce chemicals with an unimpressive they experiment with robotics
electronics ceramic plans and himself researching that advanced technology an
important mission aboard freedom is Earth Observation the lure must build horizon is our
atmosphere it seems so fragile yet it shields all
living things from freedom’s orbit 250 miles above the
earth our own planet is perceived as a delicate living organism that needs to
be protected through international cooperation freedom’s external payloads are attached
to a trust structure 500 feet long instruments are trained on the sky as
well as their information gathered enhances research in astronomy
oceanography geology and meteorology changing the way we understand our world the Space Shuttle is a welcome sign
aboard freedom the space station itself begins in the cargo bay of the shuttle
28 missions the shuttle little green late 1990s when the station
is operational a new era of the now that we can live and work in space
it’s easy to imagine life on the moon or maybe even Mars freedom bringing space exploration to
the 21st century and beyond TV picture Oh by

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