BEGGAR INFILTRATES SEWERS! Tower 57 Gameplay on Steam PC with Litanah

You can now unleash a special
attack “Q” – do it well I can’t unleash you if I’m dead! hey up troops welcome back to the Litanah
Army, I’m Litanah and today were playing Tower 57 gameplay. Ive seen my friends play this and it looks pretty cool so i wanted to give it a quick whirl and just
to see how good it was so let’s just jump straight in a lot of
the pixelated art form already it’s very like artsy so alright so character
select okay so we’ve got start with the top then so play on the dawn okay so
we’ve got the done so oh this is a special power at the bottom sweep a car
pulls up and start shooting the scientist okay so what does she do then
oh so like some sort of aerial blast the officer I’ve seen many offices look like
that but okay and there we’ve got little drones that go out the beggar he looks
awesome so what does he do so slots come in and oh it rains money for the beggar
okay the diplomat looks a little bit like Abe Lincoln I’m not gonna lie or
aerial strike okay just for America and all that the spy was a spy do so some
sort of matrix style all right okay I think I’m gonna go with the beggar
you’re hired oh okay it’s like I need three characters so
choose difficulty level so I’ve gone for the cop the beggar of Abraham Lincoln
what can go wrong with a group like that okay some weapons are best used with the
help of other players okay the Train can I move around on that another day
another mission let’s see what we got this time apparition wind of change ooh
exacting true welcome back agent this is tower 57 what company is employed a
beggar oh but never mind so home to them home
to manufacturing giant Groot in ink hotbed of scientific research beacon of
political stability and traditionally our strongest ally today this all stands
to change at the whims of one man meet the supervisor looks a bit like kingpin
so a man of strong character he started out as an intern at Groot in but quickly
climbed the ranks to become head of operations
two days ago he inexplicably shut down production members of his workers union
have been locked in a standoff with the authorities ever since this uprising
could spread to neighboring towers like a virus and shatter the fragile
equilibrium we fought so hard to achieve sadly no request for assistance has come
through the official channels preventing us from intervening overly this is where
you come in agent okay infiltrate our 57 find your way into the sweatshop take
out the supervisor and put an end to this ridiculous uprising the fate of all
towers rests with you end of file no pressure huh yeah well okay we got that
if your friends lose their legs you can carry them to safety okay
Wow nothing like sitting you stall out no object look at this little face
alright find a way into the tower okay just blend it in as much as a semi naked
man can oh what’s this sometimes you could interact with your
environment Oh guess that means pressing F on this land is it one odd-looking
tower well that was not worth the interaction about this okay news of the
tower all sweatshop under siege but negotiations at a standstill and no
resolution in sight the siege at the sweatshop continues for a second day
orderlies are now preparing to storm the planet with some winter somewhere that
says claiming they have spotted a personal tanks production is expected to
resume early next week okay oh I think we can sort that coming
just oh there is a look on the right there’s a way in there resident card and
registration please resident card corrects visitors a visit to visas are
currently suspended no residency no entry move along
okay but could we get up there then no checking lockers posters do they do
anything can’t even get to that one a scantily clad lady promoting the virtues
of clean living how cliche alright I’m not gonna read every poster cuz uh she’s
gonna get boring as hell hold down to sort your weapon or tap quickly to cycle
through your main weapons well I have weapons
okay or press use your tool okay using a ah alright okay I get it I get it or
just like wondering when it said use your tool when this guy’s just wearing
you know underwear oh okay coins I love coins F what does
this do oh he gets rid of the spikes okay ooh what was that
I don’t know what that is okay I love a look at this ooh is it this isn’t water
still all slimy what the hell is running through these pipes a good question Oh a
dead body look okay what an unfortunate accident okay and what’s this these are
legitimate blueprints looks like everything in the tower is connected by
the sewers of course it had to be the source well of course it did that’s how
we’re gonna get in okay um oh that’s the train when we got off I guess so we need
to go back up and get into the sewer all the card that we got opens here which
means we can get down here all right let’s go so far so good
I like this sometimes exploration pays off yeah well we’ll do our best the
canal Oh scrape I better find a way out of here
we’ll kick the exit of the sewers okay give us time to read the dialogue you
know oh he’s been there a while Chester copperpot agent one one seven another
agent looks like he’s been down here for a while damn our our wall a six block
can we break company’s alright I think I’m doing this wrong sit wonder if I’ll
just like hold down the button to explore let’s try that oh yeah can just
hold it down alright okay well let’s just go and check this out then the hell
do I get through here ah there we go smash through the fence there we go alright so we’ll do a bit of exploring
is that is that gonna hit me like a trilobite or something come on come on
little birdie I think he’s running away if anything Oh
brains nice alright so spy our way through them so we’re in the canal we’re
trying to find a way into Tower 57 oh I saw that I saw that I like that she’s
very light 90s 80s retro game ah hell a no-good what does that do what
is that Oh No okay that looks better I want to
use it now No
oh this is not cool this is hard so you’ve kind of got to get at the right
angle what’s this is that a chest a rubber
chest oh look is this 57 there all right that
does nothing to these guys hard life well spent as you like Oh terrible
am i dead what oh now I’m able incan okay um all right well as Abe Lincoln do
I should have gone up there she’d have got that up the top maybe I can get it
later oh my gosh Abe Lincoln’s got a
flamethrower Z all right okay purge pants by Mecca all rights not killing
him all right was that an eagle of freedom why I just sent out what the
hell all right okay all right I do love America what’s the
mo in this thing I’m just burning everything maybe it’s ammo
uh is his prize oh okay all right just be justjust a bomb or Abraham Lincoln in
a canal Persian stuff it’s quite normal I feel right as new I love that accent
here lie the remains of Remus 12 kind of name is that
Remus everyone knows a Remus right what’s he special oh I’m not changing Oh
oh it shoots out the eagle of freedom I’m not changing that all right oh we’ve
got stuff I’m all packed replenish your weapon yeah they are consumed instantly
okay health all right what is that clear we
achieve from this because I don’t feel we’ve achieved a damn thing kind of just
in a big circle ah okay this my help all right
I never thought I’d say this but I love Abraham Lincoln – across poisonous water
to take more damage space oh I don’t know though I don’t know how is that
dashing oh I want a jet crap okay per milli
normal goddamn it who’s next did we have the cop next oh
we are doing bad or I’m not dashing across poisonous stuff this seems not
fighting right that may be okay oh okay I like this one better
all right where’s the crumb that killed Abe Lincoln things you thought you
wouldn’t have to say today where’s the crab that killed Abraham Lincoln the
eagle of freedom what’s her special power he’ll or I
could be useful all right not sure how that works all
right shotgun all right I kind of like the cop
I do like the eagle of freedom no on it but I don’t want to run through the
poison so let’s just keep on here Oh icon okay Oh No
yeah all right okay citizens I am the law I am the law Oh
ticking it’s all right we’re good we’re good for two shots for the spiky news
where the hell am I and what does this even do oh no need a medical assistance
your special meter fills up by killing enemies okay
unleash you can now unleash a special attack Q do it
well I can’t unleash you if I’m dead this game is so hard okay so we’re trying again now but this
time with the beggar are armed sure we’ve died around here last time one
more one more equipped now I’m all ready for it okay so he’s gonna scavenge for
money I don’t need to break through the fence door do i all right so we’ve got
to do that again would you fuckin scavenge like plantlife no okay so let’s
just keep moving then and scavenging pays off it said so we are I’m we’re
beggars so what’s scavenge a little bit I mean if anything we got the money
right maybe we can use it in a shop later on um okay so now this is where
that like weird crazy bugs are and they’re quite hard to take down there we
go oh I see you they go up some of that I don’t even know what that does
oh it works alright umm okay now I’m gonna remember this don’t we go down
here yeah and then the chest came up I don’t even remember what that gave us
but okay so what am i doing like throwing change what is it what is the
attack No come on oh god it’s so weak don’t die
there oh did we lost him again all right well let’s for now we get flame-throwing
Abraham Lincoln which is always good right I’m stuck all right
it benefit God burn your way out of it that’s what I always say I think that’s
the Ducks need guys gone all right Abe Lincoln’s way better at taking things
out all right okay we’re doing this again it looks like all right now these
three all we got the special Mia aisle we can’t use it yet okay Q doesn’t work
so we’re still waiting for that special media to fill up to do that we need some
freedom come on all right so let’s get all the coins and all that missing stuff
like that I always think I’m gonna be shot later on yeah okay think we need
that purged all right and this is what we found the the crypt of Remus or
whatever it was called Remus 12 I am Abraham Lincoln here we go
we’ve got chest ammo Park oh we’ve got the health pack as well we needed that
all right now last time we went up there with you but we didn’t want to do that
really I don’t think yeah I know about – II know we’ve got it went down all right
can I burn myself a mama I’m my own fire all right all right
I can’t burn myself that’s good Oh okay I can’t get up there yeah okay okay
oh oh all right the TT – all right we need to be careful because there’s a
barrel there and this poison behind us all right no one facts Abraham Lincoln
into a corner at least do these things blow up yes they do
all right well they’ve got a health pack all right so us oh damn it I hung it up
there there we go this is about as far as we got I think oh no I was firing
into the wall oh no no no no no get back get back all right I’m getting used to
this now I think what’s this special I was the eagle of freedom I did nothing
okay oh my god I am definitely more a flamethrower guy you know less accuracy
just get in there kind of thing all right the way I’d be dying what the
hell is this oh I must be out of ammo so I’ve got the Abraham Lincoln shotgun now
send that in and I know it uses special is that even working I don’t feel this
taking them out these are quite your special meter filled up yes that’s what
I wanted all right let’s look at Abraham Lincoln’s special then if we can get in
there you chaos what the hell is this oh yeah all right sweet oh this is this is
hard Oh No and the crab as well we don’t need
you Johnny I don’t know if we’re gonna I don’t know if we’re gonna survive this
but suddenly you got freedom up all right okay I’m not hitting that I’m a
very often there we go accuracy is everything oh no I’m not
making a guy I knew I knew already this is hard in a good way though I like you
still all right citizens here we are a cop coming in alright let’s see what we can do shotgun
wise then oh I like that if I can get the hit damn it okay I’m
gets it the shotguns got a lot more bang for its buck is that a bulletproof vest
there you go I should have picked the cop first no I
don’t want the Eagle of freedom need the cops now which way do we go
oh ammo okay health is not good right now cuz I just kind of stood a bit too
close there but okay let’s go what the hell is up oh okay I don’t know
what I was what Oh what is this is that our way down there know what I mean what
do i do I don’t we interact with that or if I got whatever it was FFF nope okay
alright I’ll just leave that beef and I’ll think oh no not more come on where
do we go or I want to take it out I’m just kind
of trying to do this systemically all right there we go
definitely think he’s something through here just don’t know what we break
through the hello this definitely something there or maybe that’s only
connected if we get another one from somewhere else okay all right okay let’s
just keep looking Oh quick all right I’m trying to oh no
no no do like the shotgun arm must admit all right all right okay
Wow all right Altima destruction on the way through so we’ve not been here
before then we’re in new territory now so this must be the way okay okay
because one down two down oh it’s not a barrel all up I know what you are
grabbing the crub face their sewage crap Oh
oh my god right okay so far so good I don’t know what that is dessert Oh white
spiders are coming out of it all right well let’s not use our armoire where we
don’t need it Oh health what are you know they just cordon off all I think
bit my legs off huh she’s having like bit off what I was supposed to do with
that the terminal that looks like it might come in handy
did she just go oh I just had my legs bit off oh I can move can I get my legs
back all right and the health doesn’t get you your legs back it would turn out
I can’t interact with this how do I interact with it with no legs around
literally guys crawling around with with no legs
all right well people were no legs need keycards how do I switch carrot or the
both deadlock if you look at the top there it shows you that both my other
coaches are dead all right you know what I’m gonna do this with no legs I think
we got this all right alright this is for freedom F Oh
Bailey’s body part repair uh okay torso might be good I think let’s
prepare that repair this body part okay ah alright and now we can up our health
and stuff like that so let’s open strength upgrade this body part 5%
weapon damage yes see this is why picking up all the coins
helped out now or out with 146 I don’t know we can afford anything else can we
yeah we can insufficient funds we’ve upgraded our legs and we’ve upgraded our
arm alright oh and it shows you look I’ve got the mechanical legs and arm or
I’ll that’s cool Wow okay so what can I do anything with this I
feel I should be able to interact with this wardrobe my legs who needs those
now alright alright a my only pair now come
on yeah alright we got this we got this so I’ve not got mechanical legs and a
mechanical arm and I have no idea where to go now I mean is it over there
no okay all right let’s go round them back down maybe cuz we never went this
way kind of ended up with new legs somehow Oh his lost the slimes they’re
all computer news of the tower latest entries alright
do we have time but they still kind of killers in the background yes they are
alright well we’ll do this later I don’t know what this does maybe
there’s something to get rid what a beaut huh
it’s a chainsaw can’t wait to try it out yeah let’s do that
chainsaw vroom vroom all right let’s go go go go go go take him take him
aah all right I think I’ve got to use it for the glass all right just take
everything out all right I love this all right health wise we are
not in a good place right now 4f yeah I’m a daughter we don’t want to read all
this I know I screwed up in the lab but damn it I didn’t deserve to be sent down
here I hope I can call it those specimens and get all this hellhole yeah
all right day one was boring screw chasing around those slimy buggers it
just dawned on me that all that I need to do is keep the specimens locked up
okay always not lock them up and 17 my breeding program hasn’t been very
successful yet on top of that I get the distinct feeling that one specimen in
particular is watching me biding my time good thing I always keep my trusty
chainsaw locked in the safe ah okay reading that first would’ve probably
been better but okay but okay now do I want the shotgun I do I want to keep
this I think I want to keep this let’s kill this specimen what does that do
what is that doing is that hurting us what are the spiders doing now they’re
hearing us I love this oh yeah they are heinous bad choices oh my god I have no
idea where to go we definitely need health or something about we’re gonna
help bucks oh no oh I’ll say guys we just didn’t
have it maybe the chainsaw was a bad idea but there we go so this is tower 57
this is the wackiest game ever so we got our legs chopped off um you know we’ve
got new legs put on we were using Abraham Lincoln a beggar and some weird
stripper like cop but you know if this is your kind of game then make sure you
let me know I love it but if you want to see more on the channel guys you tell me
in the comments because I really I go with what you guys want if you’re not
part of the Litanah Army already then you should be join the troops by hitting
that subscribe button and I’ll catch you guys on the next
video thanks for watching guys you

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