Behind the Scenes: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, Part 3 – Journal Preview

You know what’s coming for everybody over the weekend. They pretty much know too now, mostly. Interviewer: And you expect them to repeat? Yeah. Team captains, let’s go. 40. Good. We’re good. Dave. The first question I’m gonna ask: Does anyone have members on the team that they’re concerned about with their swimming ability? Yeah. Like they’re not gonna finish the swim? They’re gonna quit on the swim? Put your hand up if you do. OK. You guys do. You do, and you do. OK. How bad of swimmers are they? This will be the longest distance they’ve swam. (laughing) You hear that? He said he’s black. OK, how bad’s yours? This will be the longest distance they’ve swam. We’ll circle back on that in a minute. Let’s talk about the flow of the course. Your first pair– your first pair, whoever they are, are gonna start behind this line spread across from pole to pole. OK? The second pair is going to be staged basically where Zack is, so that garbage can off the course. Alright? They’ll be staged up there. Interviewer: Who’s going first today? I think James and Elly. James and Elly. They get to deal with the herd. Here you go. These don’t even say CrossFit on them. No, they don’t. Interviewer: So what did y’all do last night after your win? We went to In-N-Out, and then half the team I think went to see our chiropractor, got adjusted, and then I think I just passed out. I was tired. Look down there, the girl. Third pair’s going down to this guy walking down up here. Third pair’s going to Curtis. Who’s Curtis?
The main guy. Stay outside the buoy. When someone gets out of the water before the other pair, you wait for them right here, and then you run together. Between buoys. I gotta change my clothes. Amen. Water cheetah. That felt good. Good job buddy. Good job guys.

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