Behind the Scenes: What to expect from Taylor Mac | UMS presents

“Sorry, which university?” “University of
Michigan.” “Oh, Michigan. In Ann Arbor? We’ve been there before. They’re gonna love us.”
Viva DeConcini: “What to expect? You know, you’re gonna laugh. You are going to laugh
with Taylor Mac. You’re going to laugh. I mean you might, you might cry, there might
be some sad parts too. You know, we have sex, humor, and music. The three best things, and
they all come together.” Greg Glassman: “He just has this way of making
a small room out of big rooms, and a small community out of large groups.”
Alisa Regas: “I’m excited for Ann Arbor to experience Taylor’s performance. We really
think that the University of Michigan, and UMS’s audience, and Detroit, that whole area
is going to fall in love with him. And I think that what I’m excited about in a university
community is sort of how he twists history on its head, and how he takes something which
has been such like a story, dusty kind of field and makes it so vibrant and fun for
a contemporary audience.” Matt Ray: “I always think of him like, he
comes out of a tradition of the fool, and the court jester, and a little bit of the
clown, but also drag tradition, and downtown performance art traditions that involve pushing
boundaries and things. And so… and Shakespearean traditions, and Greek theater traditions…
and so he’s got a lot of influences and many of them are very classic and have been around
for a long time, but he synthesizes them into a really magical personality, performance,
style.” Viva DeConcini: “He’s so diplomatic, and I
think his heart is true, so I think that all the things that he says comes from a place
of a true heart. So people, if they don’t agree – and most people probably haven’t experienced
anyone like him, so they’d be coming from a place where they don’t know what to expect,
and then this person is saying things that they may not agree with – but they’re gonna
feel that it’s coming from this genuine place in his heart, and so it makes people feel
very open to receiving his message, and that’s very fun to be part of. Sometimes it hard
to perform with him, because you will forget the song, because as you’re vamping on the
song or sitting on stage, he starts going out and talking to people, and then you become
an audience member. You’re totally enthralled, wondering what’s going to happen next, and
the way he stays present with the people is always an exciting time.
Machine Dazzle: “It’s kinda like a history lesson. What’s really exciting is we haven’t
done those decades yet. Oh my god, that means I… Now I have to get the costumes done,
but that’s very exciting because those are some really good decades. You know, we’re
really getting into familiar territory.” Linda Brumbach: “I suspect that, and I hope
that, the audience in Ann Arbor will continue to follow Taylor on this project, and be a
part of it through this journey, which we hope will happen through 2017. Taylor call
his fans his “Guild of Lilies,” and I feel like our presenting partners, and colleagues,
and audience members are globally becoming Taylor’s Guild of Lilies on this journey,
so Ann Arbor will be a big part of that.”

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