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mice amigos welcome back to a but TV lifestyle this is a topic I want to talk about because I've had a few of you amigos at me or tell me that you want to get into being a social worker and I as I said in my daily ball challenge I used to be a social worker before I did this whole YouTube thing I was in social work for three three years or two and a half years unlike that and thing was three years so I haven't been there since I gave birth to my daughter three years ago so I work in the social worker for three years and I haven't been back since three years ago but I went into it not knowing what I was getting into it so I thought this video would help a lot of you guys just familiarize yourself with what you're gonna get yourself into and if this really is the path you want to get into anyone a young age I wanted to work with children of use children just didn't know really what kind of aspects so when I was looking for a job this popped up and I'm like oh it's a job I get to help children in foster care and I just took it I wanted to quit the first week I was there like I really really hated it I think every week I would tell somebody I want to quit I want to quit over to quit um it's just a lot of work so how it works is say somebody called a case on me so a neighbor call they're like I think this kid is being abused or I see the mom doing drugs isn't that ACS administration for Children Services they call it different in other shades and they always change a name here in New York they would come to the house they would investigate and find out what's going on in the household household because someone made a call now if they see that okay well Betsy is it looks like she's on drugs and the child is getting abused and this and that they would take the case in so they would remove the child from the home and then that's what they would call where I worked I worked under ACS so ACS was the umbrella and once ACS took the child they recalled my agency to a final worker and I was usually a work and I got assigned one of the workers I got I'm the only one who know ACS they could call you a o'clock in the morning three o'clock in the morning twelve o'clock at midnight like you have to go and it's a long process so once I got the case I would review okay parents was on drugs child had marks on them this and that I would go to an agency and we will discuss the plan okay well this parent needs to have parenting classes cooking obviously don't know how to pair it they have to go to a drug rehab center they need to go to therapy it was always always that therapy and parenting would like for every case the child is depending on their age two years old if we will need a foster parent who lives in the area or they might need daycare day that child is to go to play therapy that child is still like five or eight or ten whatever age they are you have to make sure they're in school make sure their regular therapy and it was they came up with a plan top of assigning classes like drug rehab centers or therapy you would also have to set up visits it's usually Sutan would usually be supervised visits that means after school the kid was in school or during the day the kid wasn't in school the parents or parent would come to the agency with their child's what the foster parent would bring their child bring the child to the agency and then have like a two hour visit in a room like it was such a small room with some toys it was really boring but you would have to sit there I would have to sit there just observe them and write down knows as to what they were doing saying the pair of bring anything with a child crying like you just have to surveillance them um and then you also have to do home visits so unstoppable that you have to visit the parents home once a month and visits the child with a child stay in the foster home once a month and you would have to write that down what did you see that the kid have a bed closed is the child's fighting with anybody the kid have Mart it's a chopping fat check the refrigerator make sure the kid the household has food and sometimes I would do unsupervised visits which would be like popping up at somebody's house at 8:00 off the morning glad to do everything early in the morning and I it was kind of a hassle because you want them to be home but if they weren't almost like I just wasted you know half an hour 45 minutes coming here but I like unsupervised because you could also see who was in the household with it cuz they didn't expect you to be there or how the house was being kept and such like that so that that's why I like doing unsupervised and with every interaction that you have with a teacher or a therapist or the foster parent the parent the child you had to write everything down me I had separate books for each case and I was so detailed under the date who I spoke to at the time and then shot everything that was said not during and what depending if I was a phone call arise during I was talking some but after a conversation I would write everything down and the reason to do that is because you have to write type everything into the computer into the system so that anybody on the case can read it and usually the case that I had were there for like three years four years five years so somebody ever wanted to go back on like a wall see what happened during the stay three years ago they could do that you'd have to call all the program for the parents are in all the programs at the kidron just to get updates on the paper updates and yeah it was it was a lot of work it was just like talking about I'm like I need a glass of water and then on top of all that you had to write reports for court so you had to write a report from the first day the kids came in or from the last court date to the next court date so what happened those two or four months or six months the updates the reports and the judge would you to say what reports they wanted it needed and then usually on top of that there'd be different reports yearly reports and six or is it three months or six months report on the whole case now if the kid was in care and foster care for I think was eighteen months or even it was a year like I was just so done with a online after yeah I'm like you know filing for adoption like you should have your stuff together so using eighteen months you would file for adoption so that means that you have to talk to foster parents to see if they're okay with the dot for the children if the kids do get are eligible for for adoption and then you have to swatch with the parents see okay well you're not doing that great or you are doing that great you know it's been a long time eighteen months two years and the kids are still not back with you the kids still have supervised visits you don't get the kids on the weekends this and that you have to you have to look over the case so you would tell the parents do you want to let go of your rights give up your rights and sign a paper or do you want us to go to the whole court system which could take another four years for an adoption to be finalized and I don't think I've ever had a parent no I never not did never had a credit say yeah you know I'm gonna give up my kids it was it was so much work and something even when you went to court the judge was so unreasonable like she would ask for things that were so out of this world it was hard on me like I remember this one case the judge this kid was out of control like people to understand when your kids are in foster care sometimes they just good and sometimes they're just really bad they just want to be home whether you're a crappy parent or not they still want to be there some kids they just don't do well in foster care this one kid he would just he was really bad that he started hitting his brothers being very violence not doing good in school had to be therapy hook up so like four different prescription drugs and it was so out of control the judge was like you know what this kid needs to go to a whole like a foster home where there's other kids the same issue that was far away and I want it done by 3:00 p.m. tomorrow and we're like what it was insane and even if like we're children were in in the hospital or they needed something and it was like okay yes 4:30 I'm going home no you had to go there well you have an open eye six laughs you have to be there six o'clock and you don't get overtime you basically okay well I work two hours overtime I'm gonna come in later so you would work it out with your supervisor but it was it's just a lot a lot a lot of work and although I loved all my foster kids I got always wanted the best and I was always there for them whatever the foster parents and the parents needed I tried to push them to do the right thing and talk to them but it's just the pressing and I saw myself coming home always in a bad mood because it just brings you down and then on top of that the pay is horrible this is not a job or you're gonna get like you're out living like I don't want things in the way at times like $10 an hour over than $10 an hour but I think it was 18 dollars 18 or 19 dollars an hour I mean I got salary but when you broke it down thing was like 18 19 dollars it's just so so much and there's also frustrating to the point that nobody knew the family like you did or the supervisor did the judge doesn't know them then the lawyers don't interact with them every day they don't know what's going on they don't go to the home they just read what's going on the whole wall I don't care because this is my case I want to win and was frustrating too because the agency sometimes they're just like okay well the kids been here for 18 months I'll be doing my doctor I know my backbone well with non adoption yet or this well they're going home but I'm like but they're not even like ready to go home like this kid there's allegations of you know abuse the parents on drugs bring a whole different all the time and someone's husband died while on drugs like they don't care and it's all about numbers how many people we won't ever bring him back home and stuff like that it it's it's saddening I think for me I had when I left I had one one family already like in the like a doctrinal being fine to finalize within a couple months so I think yes ELISA I'm leaving now what's really hard of this case and they're gonna be adopted and then there was two other cases I put put up put down for adoption so I feel I hopefully did my job I don't know I feel like I did I did keep in contact with a few of my foster kids like with the foster parents and just you know finding out how the kids are doing and how the case is doing and it's just it drags on forever nobody cares it's just it's really a messed up system and I I would still love to work with children but not as a social worker or something that I could do on the side I before I got that job I was working with up child abuse victims children and they would go in after school and it was like a little therapy session with all of us and I was under the teacher so I basically was talking to the kids and the kids really liked me night and I ain't joined that like I enjoyed talking to them and being like a big sister to them so something like that I think is I definitely want to get into it again I just don't know if I would have time and stuff like that but if you get into it good luck if that's still something you want to do there's always you can always be work for an advocacy center and therapist or as a worker I think volunteering or trying to get an internship and accompaniment I don't really think the internships in the foster care system but for an advocacy center so if you kind of get to know what's going on and what they would really expect of you and see if you could handle it I would definitely suggest that so we said you guys I hope that helps you it was a little bit all over the place but that was just like the gist of it if I forget anything I will write it in a blog post I'll write it down below write it in the video and stuff like that so if you do the video make sure to give it a thumbs up comment below subscribe and yeah my kid okay what a kiss Thank You Bella she wants to kiss my brother really kiss of all time

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