Being a White Student at a Historically Black College

I know College is really about getting
an education but here you can get like an education academically as well as
education through life also so much of it is that Brotherhood component that I
thought was it was rare and so when it came time to apply to schools did you
apply anywhere else or no more houses at the only school that I applied to walking down Brown Street and having
people acknowledging you and affirming you that’s something that if they do
here and I love that try to culture shock southern hospitality is a
beautiful thing students here they are extremely hardworking and creative we
produce more black attorneys we produce the most black doctors anybody around
you they’re black students they’re black artists this place is secret I think
this is a safe space for black students and this school was gonna challenge me
in ways that I probably would not have gotten at other institutions and if we
had white people just come in here I will feel disrespected I am as a result
of you know this school do you feel like you really belong here
I feel like I belong here if I’m putting in the word decibel we’re on the campus of Morehouse College
Morehouse is an historically black men’s college that was founded out of the
necessity to give a culturally safe space to black students who are being
excluded by predominantly white institutions in 2018 their existence
feels necessary for a lot of the same reasons in the past year alone hate
groups are openly marching on college campuses a white student admitted on
Instagram to tampering with her black roommates personal belongings
another black student had the police called on her while sleeping on a couch
in the common area of her dorm and others are still victims of racially
motivated attacks the thing is Morehouse like so many other HBCUs is navigating
one of the most difficult financial climates it’s seen since its
establishment and in order to keep their doors open they’ve turned to the
recruitment of non black students that we want to come together but for some of
you coming together means ignoring our experiences and while shows like dear
white people have dramatized the tension around white students entering black
spaces on college campuses that tension is very real at places like Morehouse so
we’re here to meet Thiago he’s a non-traditional freshman at Morehouse
and we’re gonna find out what it’s like being a non black student at an
all-black school Tiago what’s going on what’s up homie
are you doing what’s your name man Chris Chris so I got to actually put on my my
outfit before we start do you mind if I sit on your bed Oh respect to you I’m
sorry now I got you I got you always ask first I appreciate it I’m not trying to
violate so I was freshman year Ben it’s a little bit of a culture shock having
it be a new setting a new city you know when I first got here they told me you
know people are gonna always come up to you and ask you why’d you come to
Morehouse you know people looking at me like oh wow who is this person so that’s
something that was totally different but the cool thing is that it’s like
representative southern hospitality which I really appreciate so my middle
name is actually Jimmy because we share the same birthday that’s cool yeah my
dentist gave this to me that he’s been saving for decades you know growing up
in predominantly black kindergarten and elementary school and then transitioning
to a more white affluent community in my high school you know you get to see the
two different levels I think it was just psychologically just like you know put
me into this position where like I’m naturally more gravitated towards the
black community than the white community what made you want to come to this
school why Morehouse I think I just wanted something you know different how did your friends and peers and your
family how did they respond to this decision
my family was cool with it but I don’t think they really believed that you know
it was gonna end up happening and that’s no knock on them I love my family and
then you know peers they didn’t respond initially well to the idea of more house
so my kids they like ridiculed you yeah definitely first so it was a hard
process this was like my dream right if people were trashing it so I had a ton
of self-doubt and going through this like sort of like identity crisis kind
of realizing oh what am i doing you know am i doing what’s right because
everybody’s saying it’s wrong but every time I took a trip up here at morehouse
people told me oh man they’re gonna love you here I was like okay why am I being
treated better here more house by strangers then you know people back home Morehouse like many of the 101 HBCU
still operating in the United States was founded in the late 1800s to educate
freed slaves who were refused access to predominantly white institutions over
time they evolved in the culturally safe spaces where black students were
encouraged to be free thinking and could escape the oppression that lived outside
their campus gates and these environments help sculpt the great black
minds of America and Morehouse in particular has produced alumni like
Martin Luther King jr. Spike Lee and samuel l.jackson but this legacy is put
at risk with the active recruitment of non black students like we’ve seen at
West Virginia State or Bluefield state both HBCUs with black student
populations of less than 10% so I spoke with Damon Phillips from the school’s
Communications Office to find out why I mean ultimately it’s about finances
ultimately we need to find ways to fund our institutions differently than we
have in the past and so a lot of schools are now recruiting what we consider
non-traditional HBCU students but white students Asian students Hispanic
students there’s a big push has that been met with any criticism
from alumni or current students a lot of people have issue with it you know you
guys occur more how students how does that make you feel when you think about
the idea that there could be a growing number of white students on this campus
I’m on the fence about it because I feel like you know I should still accept
people who they are however at one point in time we weren’t allowed in high
school just because of the color of our skin now am i saying because of the
color their skin they’re not welcome here no but I am saying here at
Morehouse College they’re known for producing black what’s taught here is
not only how we fight for it for where we are but how we fight for who we are
outside of these gates if you grew up in an environment where you were mistreated
and abused and just you know belittled by white people you really don’t want to
see them when you come to a black space that bothers me because we
have to provide a safe haven for our children so there’s a frame of thought
that’s based in fear that if you let one person in then before you know it
everyone will come in in their schools that we’ve seen historically they’ve had
that where you’ve got Kentucky States and Tennessee States in West Virginia
States which is 95 percent white but still an HBCU so people are afraid of
that type of thing happening you’d be where kind of tipping if you
have 10 black student white students at Morehouse that’s not gonna affect the
culture 100 maybe if they made the decision to come to an HBCU you have to
expect that there is a level that they are at you know you have this fear that
they’re at a base level if they decide to come to an HBCU the white student
that conceivably would come here wouldn’t necessarily have the same
commitment because they don’t understand the struggle if they’re not coming in
with like a base level of knowledge you know this is the knowledge that you need
to have have you ever gotten a how to navigate white America Hamza I I miss my
papi I’m very comfortable with things not necessarily being integrated do you
feel like your presence here you’re infringing upon what’s supposed to be a
culturally safe space for people that don’t look like you I see how people
would like think of it from that perspective I know that like I come here
as a white person white male in this country we do have privilege now how can
we use our privilege for the betterment of society how do you feel like this experience is
changing you thus far the most fundamental change right out of
everything is turning me away from a self-absorbed experience is both
decentralizing the attitude of whiteness right the attitude that I’m smarter that
I deserve this opportunity more than you the attitude of supremacy understanding
that had I not come across Morehouse I probably would have never delved deep
into learning about you know the true history of this country all the you know
the things that the US government has done to keep people down
I wouldn’t think it’s fair for someone who characterize you as a person that is
seeking a black experience but how do you respond to people who think you’re
here because you want to be black um just just recognizing that that’s just
not my truth no I don’t want to change you know the color of my skin or act
like they stereotype of black people in society but there are elements to black
culture like the hospitality besides yeah they’re listening CIA’s monitoring
right now man I know they are losing wine that’s what the grilled chicken
yellow rice dish yellow right yeah I’m sure all of you had sort of like an
idea of what Moor house is gonna be by the time that you got here did you guys
think you were gonna have like a white friend when you got the moor house next
to me – so when I seen him on moving bed I hadn’t expected UTI though and even
after I did meet together I didn’t expect to talk to the ttio after all
right well at first I didn’t know his intentions so I didn’t I didn’t trust
the alcove too much everyone was a little bit skeptical of white person in
this black space just because an America weekend if you have a history of white
people coming into black spaces doing that’s okay then right but see how
that’s a great dude like he’s not doing this to be in some experiment he’s doing
this for the same reason that I’m here I was abandoned and when he explains to me
why I was like wow like that’s my loss you know he kind of has the same vision
that you know a more automation so their only reason that like I’m being able to
be cool everybody is because of these sort of interactions that godlike Kaleo
guys like Brandon Johnson Jackson Kip men and Morehouse and Morehouse men
throughout my life that have like helped me develop as a person so really I’m
just another person here ultimately I have to speak in Thiago for the first
time I knew the wrong thing to do was make her feel like she’s not loved she’s
a mute injured so in order for me to change his mind said I needed to be cool what is the thing that you love the most
about Morehouse is what do you value the most about this place what I pretty much
love the most is the mission or Morehouse that sort of unique mission of
having men become leaders that just changed the world practically and that’s
something that I wanted to be a part of have you taken any leadership positions
since you’ve arrived to you so I am the president of this dorm which is deemed
as a big deal right because of you know the obvious wait what’s the obvious
obviously you know a white student and by the most famous dorm
being the president of that mmmthat’s uh feel like very ironical right that’s the
right word so you’re being the president of graves rubbed some people the wrong
way oh definitely how did you become president I ran an election I remember
like I wanted to run for Vice President or treasurer because I didn’t think you
know president was possible I didn’t have that courage but people in this
hall encouraged me and then I ran what somebody taught me was that it’s never
about somebody voting for you it’s always about the message have you had to
confront your minority status here at this institution yeah um you know a
student earlier this semester you know stopped me and asked me why am I here
and we’re like a condescending undertone right anywhere you know people are not
gonna like you so I was a little bit you know anxious and whatnot not scared but
anxious you know I hope people will accept me people might say something or
look at me a certain way it’s fine it’s not personal especially because
like most of those people you know they don’t know me but it’s okay the history
of this country right and all the oppression has led people to feel this
way and I would say 99% of my experience
this year have been extremely amazing about 1% I don’t take it personally well
at the end of day everybody has their own individual judgment I judge you know
you judge we all judge but when people get to know me I think people will have
their own perspectives ok we’re gonna go talk to Professor Robin Marcus an HBCU
alumni and former professor to get her perspective on why historically black
colleges and universities are so important when you’re walking across a
campus and you’re reminded of who also walked on those on that lawn right who
said in those rooms the legacy is palpable to be able to step into that
space know that it was carved out for you when the rest of your life says
something very different about your value your intelligence your potential
at least for four years you’re not gonna have to think about racism and so when a
white student says you know I wanted to try something different or you know I
felt this calling to the mission of the school what is what are you here um well
that’s nice but you can’t you don’t understand what it meant for this grass
to be this this sod to be here you you don’t know that what does that mean
though that means that the shared the body the full weight of history what
that institution has stood for what it has meant for us us black people is it
reverse racism to have schools that are only for black students okay so I don’t
even understand that word that term for real and I get that is an argument it’s
a specious one it’s a dumb one racism has to do with structures with systems
with legislation all of that not it’s not fair because you’re black and you
can do it and I’m white and I should be able to do it that ain’t if that’s what
you call reverse racism I’m trying to conversation with you do you guys feel
like it is problematic that we’ve come here to showcase the experience of a
non-black student at an all-black school well I mean I genuinely want to know yes
why why do you say controversial because of course it’s already frowned upon that
how come they can get into where we want to be but we can’t get into where they
can this is a space where people that have been consistently marginalized for
the last 400 years have come to change that narrative yet when we get here when
the national media comes to have a conversation with us who do they want to
speak with the only perspective that’s relevant is the perspective of a young
person it doesn’t look like us I do like the fact that you’re here in order to in
order to allow us to drive our narrative but at the same time there is nothing
that a young non-traditional student can bring to the culture of Morehouse
Spellman o’clock it’s us culturing here so you asked about this question of
bringing I’m gonna just be blamed bringing a lot more white feeding into a
predominantly black space where Morehouse right now I’m slightly
uncomfortable that only because so many students came tomorrow specifically to
feel human and to not be the humanized be the most human that they could
possibly be in a society like this do you guys take issue with the fact that
there are a certain number of recruitment dollars that are reserved to
attract a non black student to Morehouse or Spelman or Clark is that a fact this place is sacred our ideas who we
are as people we feel safe here and if we had white people just coming in here
and taking over a 40% of the population I will feel disrespected I would love if
a white person with reddington’s came here and learned about us as black
people you have a lot to offer and I think it’s just a shame that we want to
keep that to ourselves come see what black people can do like I
don’t want to do that you can learn my history like in an African American
diaspora class I’m in pain because you all don’t see the bigger picture you see
what’s in front we just see the bigger picture here’s the bigger picture
Morehouse and Spelman recruit the best and the brightest girls and put them
next to the best and the brightest boys there’s always been white students here
always when I was a student here we called him white Mike that was his dad
any student that comes of this school regardless of their intent they’re gonna
be influenced by you all they have no choice
the reason why we don’t have everything is about money it’s about money it’s not
about anything else but money but look what we do what we have who do we have I
think that students have a right to be on concerns these schools have for a
long time been the only place where you can get an education but more
importantly a place you can get an experience because a lot of our students
are coming from environments where they’ve never seen a black instructor
that fear of oh my god they’re gonna take this from me too is rooted in a
really personal place for a lot of students and I understand that it is a
good thing to expand the applicant pool that you’re looking for people that
criticize that have to understand that the school is trying to figure out a way
to bring in more dollars couldn’t the introduction of the non traditional or
non black students of the HBCU campus uh sure in the gentrification of the HB
to you either we change and we adapt to what’s around us or we’re gonna struggle
a lot and some schools are gonna close because they didn’t want to embrace
what’s coming what is your response to someone that says you’re only here
because your wife essentially that you are an affirmative action admittance in
my case you know it’s not true like I genuinely care about this school and
this mission so I’ll just pass these around is that part of the reason why he
felt it so important to become a student ambassador that’s definitely the main
reason behind it so this is probably not you what you were expecting right a
white student and HBCU giving you the tour right when I was a freshman in high
school we had a Morehouse man and she really embodied that spirit of a leader
and regardless of the racial dynamics of this campus I saw that potential in
myself but I like to know a little bit more
about you so can anybody tell me where they’re from today
Indiana cool Philadelphia how about you okay okay are you guys happy about the
Superbowl and whatnot oh yeah I’m in the 76ers they just won last night right I’m
a Celtics fan just how to put that out there a lot of those first individuals
to gentrify a cultural space of some kind recognize the value or an
opportunity that exists and I’m curious what the difference between you and that
person is I guess the way I try to look at it is how can I contribute to the
campus how can I get involved how can I be engaged how can I make you no one
else a better place in the truest sense so we’re about to enter King’s chapel
this is a kind of a sacred space at Morehouse I think this is a safe space
for black students and other students and I think it should remain that way I
don’t want this to spark a lot of like white students come here I don’t
like that’s not what I want yes better pay more house I don’t know those
numbers I do know that there might be three white students in the entire
school me somebody that’s in the ROTC program and then a Japanese exchange
coming here meeting Thiago this is the first time I’ve ever seen a white male
as a minority why you would want to immerse yourself in a completely black
space I think there was a lot of people off in the beginning but meeting Thiago
and hearing his very honest desire to initiate change and acknowledge the
privilege that he was born with I think it’s a good thing you look this way
right this is century campus every year in May we graduate I think the most
african-american men in the entire world all in one place this used to be a civil
war site think about that from like a spiritual standpoint the most graduating
african-american men are on top of there like the remains of fallen Confederate
soldiers yeah you are going to diversify its students like Thiago that you want
to recruit here not people that want to come here and take something away and
feel no calling to give something back but it’s important to keep in mind that
there are only so many beds and so many desks and when you give one away to even
the most well-intentioned non-traditional student you could be
taking that opportunity from a young black student that may have needed it
more so do you have any feeling of regret or guilt that you took a position
away at this school from a young black man that needed it I will I would be in
a and I will be if I don’t

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  • Wtf why they always try to show how opressed they are and dont even show the real opression that affects all of us, socialdemocrat pussys are shit. slava Stalin 😀

  • you would feel disrespected if someone who worked hard to get into that college actually attended but wasn’t the same skin color as you hmmmmm now that’s just wrong it’s a HISTORICALLY black school not a black only school cause that would be self segregation.

  • Integration is the present and the future. Making ignorant judgments about others and taking actions based on FEAR are certainly not the teachings of Martin Luther King, Jr., who stands as a statue at Morehouse College. And students at HBCUs should remember that, historically, black people have ALWAYS treated white people better than they have treated us. And we ALWAYS WILL treat white people better than they have treated us historically. That is how we move forward.

  • I’m a brown American and how I look at it is victim mentality. If brown people can’t move forward in this so called safe space with in the fences of Morehouse, what make you think you can move forward in Corporate America. You will still have to put on the fake face in Corporate America just as much of putting on a fake face in that so called safe space at Morehouse. I will not let history be my curse.We brown folks along with whites keep the racism alive…..and for what!

  • I don’t see why there are black colleges, black grants etc . , Black race would shit if we wanted a all white school,

  • I believe we as black people should always raise above the stereotypes of the typical racist America, I believe Morehouse College should lead the way in racial harmony and be more inviting too all races.

  • Tiago is there for information on what blacks are doing…… black but nt racist so dont start your shit just hear me out…..

    How n the hell is it that whitw students can come invade black spaces but we cant to them…..n this is also vice versa i dont like the fact that blacks try to go to white schools when u can learn the same exact thing our ancestors didnt start a all black college for whites to attend the didnt want us n their space n now its ok for them to come into our space this is the same bs that got us into slavery being friendly and accepting…we r too nice n dont realize the agenda here now ask yourself why would a white person want to attend an all black college he has been n all white school after grade school because he obviously didnt like being n all black space so after goin to a white schools why come to the all black historic college thats where our most smart black students are. We have to protect them i just dont trust it i applaud him for wanting to learn about black history but u can easily do that from home i really believe him and the other two white students are there for other reasons i think its just to spy not saying he is bad i just dont think he should be able to be there if its all black college leave it at that now thats now saying he cant hang around blacks i just honestly think that blacks r too niave well most not all n they just don't realize what it will do what about the younger generations of kids who would like to attend the all black colleges when they r older for college they wont have those experiences as our ancestors did to walk with their own comfortably i dont think Tiago is a bad man i just dont understand ehy he would want to be here he say to learn blacks thats bs u can learn anything by studying right from your bed at home its something else goin on yall know everytime we extend our arm we get pulled i hate to c these niave blacks who thinks everything is a happy ending these conservatives just wont learn they think its a good thing i still say that. Segregation was the best thing ever we would of been up to where we need to be long ago yall keep inviting whites to the cook out n he will soon turn on u i just care for my people n to look out for their best interest everyone n the video the blacks seem so smart we need to protect them they r our future thats our hope n u allow other students to flood our space theres many places n schools around the world that is all white where we r not allowed still to this day n u let him walk through your doors so what is this guy goin to be able to get out of this experience ok so he went here to learn about blacks thats a joke he can take up watever it is he taking anywhere n u come here if u keep letting people fool u we will never get to where we need to be like the chinese making money from black women weave is us we need to own the beauty supply stores thats not racist thats facts they make billions dollars off us the arabs with the chicken joints chicken is us why let them take over our doing n make money off it Tiago i wish u luck in your studies but son u cant be threatened by you being there because blacks r spritual n have a open heart so u will breeze through with nothing being thrown at u or no name calling u will have a smooth journey there unlike ruby bridges n others who walked white halls………..the mixing isnt helping us we will not get better with integration

  • What frustrates me, is that not only is there not any all white colleges, it's illegal, but it's ok in this day and age to still have only black colleges. Isn't that racist? There is no such thing as reverse racism. Racism is racism no matter what direction it is pointed. For a period in our history there absolutely was a need for all black Institutions, but that time is over. We live in a time where everyone screams acceptance, inclusion and unity, then why are there any institutions of…… HIGHER LEARNING…. still practicing segregation. Morehouse should praised and should be proud to accept any student that want to attend because the student feels it's the best and wants to work hard to follow in the steps of the great people that have walked those grounds. I mean, my god, not only did Dr Martin Luther King graduate from there, who was about tearing down division ("judge a man by the content of his character, not the color of his skin") it's also on the grounds of a civil war battle, a war where so many white & black Americans gave their lives to end slavery in our country. We need to all stop the division and truly unite as Americans.

  • Hmmm so the black people are worried about the impact of having white students at Morehouse may have on culture , maybe that's how white people felt, if a white guy said that he'd be out of a job

  • Carla Linton. The White Student have a right to be a student at More House College if he wants to. That's his choice. Those black students don't have a lock down on nothing. They can't tell the White Student where he can or can not go to college. Because by right any one who wants to attend More House College has a right to. Regardless of what race. So white students have a right to attend More House College if they want to. And those Black Students need to stop thinking that they have a lock down on More House College. Because they don't.

  • Black people don't mind white people, especially coming into a predominately black area just to bring that bulls**t cause black people are all about community. If you come with good intentions we'll make you feel right at home. There will not be an elephant in the room situation when you with black people we accept all.

  • I wonder if these students are taught about HYPOCRISY, DOUBLE STANDARD, ETC… They probably don't remember a "Segregated Georgia" and now they want the same thing! If a white student, at an "ALL WHITE" college, was videoed saying what they are saying, Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would be spooning in a pup tent on campus till the school was shut down!!! They sound like liberals? Maybe they would like to reinstate old democrat policies like "JIM CROW" law, then whites couldn't (BY LAW) attend their school!? HHuuummmm??? Jus sayin.

  • So great but so sad all at once. Still so much division and tension in America today. Anyone should be able to go anywhere they want. Forget skin color. As a Christian I know there will be all colors, nations, and tongues in Heaven. We need to love ALL people as ourselves. Forget black/white man. Time to come together. (I’m white)

  • In reality, the system must fall, after that we on our own will learn the true definition of "together" once again. hunt together, gather together, feast together, and sleep amongst the true presence of eachother, we we're all these humans walking with sticks tied with stones hunting an animal to fill bellies of the people we relied on to be safe and happy together, and due to educational systems and the grip of politics and certain learning criteria we are stuck with thousands of years of hate and seperation that those who created it refuse to admit it was wrong and refuse to change to give up power. When we UNLEARN all of what is taught which was wrong, will we restart and exchange all we have in order to just survive and not because of the value. In other words. THANOS WAS RIGHT.

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