13 thoughts on “Belle Alliance Plantation – Peter W. Patout – Historic House Specialist

  • The rear looks even more spectacular & charming with the actual “WORKING 1860 OUTHOUSE “, truly so lovely, one can even embrace via pallet entrance the types of Hickory Smoked varmints, which were released from Charming Aristocracy Southern Belles ever so fully indulged bowels, while reading the trappings of Nobel Prize Laureate Mark Twain, and also disguising the hideous sounds of thumdersome bowels that were do unkind to a young Southern Belle’s Sfinkter muscles while involuntarily discharging undignified feces from such an alurring Southern Belles carnation white petticoat & formal Ball Dress. All this while the extremely young men callers, are awaiting their duties of chivalry while they blame the horrid smell emanating from the outhouse, on the livery barn full of agriculture mules & Clydesdale horses.

  • I bet those poor slaves caught hell in those cane fields. It was the worst work of all,to be sold south to work sugar cane. Full of snakes, blistering heat, and that cane cutting you up….

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