Ben Shapiro VS Logan Paul: ALPHA BATTLE Analysis

Some people say you’re a just…
They say you’re not a smart guy. You’re just a really dumb guy who
talks fast and uses big words. I’m really sick of this nonsense. You
know, I’m a big fan of Ben Shapiro. I think he puts his words very eloquently
and in a way that it makes it hard for people to come back at it because
logically makes so much sense. But in this interview he makes
a mistake multiple times. He does a lot of things
right, like he always does. But there’s a mistake that I want to
point out that I’m sure he’ll improve with over the years as things
continue. You know, he has so many repetitions of this cause. He goes on so many shows and
get so much experience doing it, but it is a mistake he continues to
make and it might be a little bit challenging for him because for the same
reason he’s able to rapid fire respond to these questions in such an
eloquent way. He’s in his head. He’s always thinking through
the next thing to say, which does it enable him to just kind of
be in the energy of the group and ride that. So in this video, I’m going to break down what he does
well against Logan Paul and the guy who actually does more
talking than Logan Paul, but also point out the things that he
can improve upon and notice in your own life. Do you ever do this? A lot of
people make the same mistake he does, but a lot of people aren’t on a
national stage. Ikea’s every single day. Let’s roll this footage and we can watch
the takes and then I’ll break it down and explain to you what’s going on. Not even the sanity
situation, not even true. I mean maybe makes you, maybe it helps
you prove it could. It could. Who knows? Let’s see. My, my only point is I
think when, when we like, you know, lock it away and I’m alright. That’s
the first thing I want you to notice. And this is very subtle, but this is very important because
this is a point that most people don’t understand. And it’s a
concept around pinging. Pinging just means you’re looking at
other people in their eyes to basically gauge their reaction to be sure that what
you’re doing is socially appropriate, so the less competent the person, the more they’ll be pinging
off the environment. Have you ever noticed people
who are not very confident, we’ll constantly be looking around,
especially after they tell a joke, look around to be sure
people think it’s funny. Now, one thing Ben Shapiro typically
does very well is he doesn’t Ping. He doesn’t look at people and that’s why
this caught my eye right away because after he says this little thing, he’s
looking over at Logan, then I’ll be it. He was directing his comment at Logan, but this is one of the few times he pings. The reason I start out with
this is because for you, I want you to notice when
you’re around people, how much more do you ping or look them
in the eye to gauge their response. When you feel like your, the equal
status is them or higher status, like maybe you their kids
or maybe someone’s working
for you versus someone who has higher status than you. How much more are you doing that because
that’s a tell to have the other person subconsciously that you think they’re of
higher status when you continually look at them like that. So don’t do that unless you want
to be slotted as lower status. And before we get into this second one, I do want to say I’m kind of being
tough on Shapiro in this video. This is a two hour video and I’m picking
a lot this stuff I think he could improve on cause I think
that’s how you can learn. But you can also learn a lot
from what he does, right? So basically the whole two hours
he’s doing things very very right. So if you want, I’d encourage you to watch the actual
video if you want to see that too. Cause if you’ve never seen this dude
in action, it’s pretty incredible. Are you cool with the cancel culture
or the the woke Twitter left coming together to boycott business based on
their non desire to serve transgenders or gay 100% right. To do 100% right to do
that. I may disagree with the boycott, right? I May, I may think
the boycott is based on your, based on your political shirts,
they have every right to do that. And in fact I think that that’s a
good part of American discourse. So you would have bought, you would
applaud that. Like take a ticket, a race example. Did you
catch that right there? So what this guy was trying to do was
to basically suck Shapiro into saying something a step further than what he
wanted to. So he says, cause Shapiro says, yeah, that’s fine. And then he
goes, you would applaud that. So you would applaud, you
would applaud, I think, right? Kind of in the Nice cadence
of the conversation. So what are most people going to do? People who are thinking about the next
thing they’re going to say they’re gonna be like, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. But
then how Shapiro going to be quoted, Ben Shapiro says he would applaud this
and this and this and that may actually not be his thoughts. So notice
that Shapiro, this is very subtle. A lot of people wouldn’t
have noticed this. Shapiro doesn’t respond to that at all.
He just acts like he didn’t hear it. Trust me, he heard it. A guy at
this level, here’s everything. But notice how all he does is goes on
with his thought as if he didn’t hear it. And this does two things. Number one, it prevents him from having to agree
with something he doesn’t agree with. But number two, it’s really tough for the guy to ask that
question to go back because he did say it in passing. So his strategy
of saying it in passing, which most people are just going to
ride into like, yeah, yeah, yeah, it works for that. But
then if it’s ignored, how weird would it be if you
went back and said, oh, so, so would you applaud that or not? Then
he sounds like a Weirdo for going back. So really it’s kind of a one trick pony. And he can’t go back and reiterate it to
try to hold Shapiro’s feet to the fire. But it works a lot of times that you
don’t have to do that because most people are just going to go along with it. Cause it’s something that they were kind
of four in the past and he just took it one step further. They’ll meet, cause
again I think these are the best, but you have 100% right to do that. I
may disagree with the boycott. Okay. So he says they have a right, let’s go,
let’s go back and get into this deeper. They have a right to do it. I may disagree with the boycott
and then the guy comes on and says, so you would applaud that. So actually
it was a bigger step than what I thought. But notice that once again,
how he, how he handles it. I may think the boycott is based on
your, based on your political shirts. They have every right to do that. And in fact I think that that’s a
good part of American discourse. So you would have a
lot, you would applaud. I think I saw that like take take a
race example because again I think just keeps going on those answers. You are
not smarter than Thomas Jefferson. You’re not a product of
Thomas Jefferson’s time. He didn’t live in 1770 do you live in
2019 and if you think that you would’ve thought like, yeah, do you see right
there? That’s a little competence. Just enough to talk over people. Now Shapiro has a nice balance of that
and if someone interrupts him with a good point, it’s not like he’ll
always talk over him. I actually saw an interview with
Neil to grassy on the Joe Rogan show. I think that’s how I say his name
and I actually like his demeanor, but he just keeps talking over Rogan. Maybe I’ll try to throw a
clip in here real quick. [inaudible] these things have
Europeans didn’t come to. Yeah, there’s a lot of [inaudible] in Harry
Potter. I understand. Okay. That is, it’s just so annoying. You have to know when to talk over people
and basically if your point is strong and you have something strong to
finish that you want to fit in, it’s good to talk over people. If people are just trying to
bulldoze you to show social status, it’s good to talk over people. If your point is basically already been
made and someone else is coming with an honest thought, then it’s good
to let them talk over you. That’s kind of a good benchmark for you. Then what’s your favorite cereal? Uh,
okay. I’m going to go off the board here. You write for this Chris Becks. Whoa. The hexagons, right? Yeah, that’s
right. They’re the ones down there. They’re half corn checks and half rice
checks and they’re not available anywhere and I ordered them in bulk from, from
Amazon. Yeah. No, I’m not kidding. It is the right thing
slightly doesn’t surprise me. Surprise because it’s the most
boring of noxious cereal by world. That’d be it right there. That’s a great example of self zipper, deprecate of humor and
it’s funny too, right? He’s got no problem poking
jokes, especially at the facade. So especially at what people yuck
it up. They say something about, and maybe if some guy’s known to be fact
and he makes a fat joke about himself. It’s really well timed and it’s really
funny and a lot of times when you position yourself as a very
high social status person, that self-deprecation goes a lot further. If you have lower status and you that
you just look like somebody who’s trying to be supplicative to everybody,
but the higher your status, the more you can pepper
in that self-deprecation, which actually makes you more relatable
and it shows people you’re not just pompous and arrogant. I don’t know why that slightly doesn’t
surprise and surprise because it’s the most boring of Nakia cereal box. That’d
be my dad. My Dad was a fan of these. Always had the Christmas. The, the, the, the fundamental thing that is different
about dating when you’re orthodox is obviously you’re dating for marriage.
So for, so for me it was your, you’re looking for shared
values. [inaudible] I mean, we were talking about kids like what, how you would raise kids on the first
date and you do that on normal for states in the Orthodox community that
more so as a strategy to uh, give them hope. You know what
I’m saying? Oh, I mean, yes, yes. But also like, all right, so here’s an
example. The first example, and this is one that is
a bit more of a stretch. There’s more direct examples of this.
But Logan Paul, he makes a joke. Shapiro basically, as you heard, says he
was very serious about getting married. So they talked about raising
kids in the first date. Logan Paul says he does that just to
show the girl that there’s hope that there’ll be dating a long
term. So it’s a joke. So whether you think that joke is funny
or not, he’s trying to lighten the mood, which is a positive because
this is getting very serious
and his audience isn’t necessarily that interested
in political discourse. So he’s trying to lighten the mood.
Shapiro kind of gives a courtesy laugh. He doesn’t think it’s that funny. Maybe. I don’t know what his thoughts are on it, but he just goes silent and I
think this is a good example. Even if he didn’t think
that joke is funny, throw in a comment just to
relate and be like, you know, everyone’s got different dating strategies
to even show that you have different thoughts on that. But I
think he kind of isolate, isolate himself and he just kind of gets
quiet and look at his body language. He’ll tuck in here at a little bit. I think if he would just ride that
energy and realize, you know, the, he’s with some younger guys,
some Brody type of guys, that doesn’t mean you can’t relate to
them just cause they have different thoughts than you. I think that’s something that he could
do that would make people feel like he fits in, in this environment
a little bit more. And we all love the fantasize about
what could be. Huh? Uh, like, like Doug, tell me you haven’t gone on a
first date and you’re like, Yo, how crazy would it be if we got
married? I generally don’t say this is, and this is our first day and we
get to tell them this story, right? But I don’t do it to give them a
hope. I’m like making sure this chick, he just kind of freezes up.
They’re not crazy. Do you, do you think that that uh,
allegiance to your, uh, and the thing is by him doing that causes
this guy to get sucked right back in to that. Very serious for him. You can
even hear Logan Paul. He’s like, Whoa, what? Anyway, when he goes back into
that, he was trying to lighten it up. So I think a very advanced social move
would of him just to been to pepper in a few things. Like, man, everyone’s
got different philosophies on dating. What is it like here? Dayton
and la? Ask Him a question. Let him ride that energy. Cause the
energy got lighter for a minute. But because Shapiro is kind of in
this instance, like the dark hole, sucking it back in his frame, he has a very strong frame and
that’s why this guy got sucked for, I’d been okay. But back to the
interview questions right away. I think it would have been nice if he
could’ve rode that light energy for more maybe 2030 seconds and then gone back. And I’m really sick of
this nonsense where, because I acknowledge that I have been
privileged to have good things happen to me in my life. You know, listen to the way he expresses
himself in a hot button issue. He’s clearly emotionally reactive to this, but he doesn’t go off the cuff, but he expresses just enough emotion to
get your attention and realize this is not just another response
to irregular question. I’m actually gonna let his whole response
play here and, and, and notice here, I’m sure you can hear
it yourself, but just, just so you can kind of pick it out. He basically says that this
guy before the interview, some girl that he was with said, tell Shapiro to check his white man’s
privilege at the door and it makes them angry. And so many people, when they
hear something that makes them angry, they go so on tilt and show
so much emotional reactivity
that it makes them look low status. Or if you have
no emotion of activity, then you don’t get your point across and
show people it’s an important issue to you. So Shapiro does a really nice
job of walking the line of, of uh, picking it up a notch, but not being out of control and
swearing and swinging his arms. Watch this reaction here. We did, we took questions from Twitter
and one, one of the girls, uh, said, um, I’m worried to watch this. And she said,
just make sure he checks his privilege. So, you know, I’m not shit, I’m sorry. Like if you want to tell
me that I am privileged, there are certain ways
in which I am privileged. There’s certain ways in which
we are all privileged, frankly. And the level of privilege obviously
differs by your life story, right? Like, I thank God, my biggest privilege, I
grew up in a stable two parent household. That is my number one privilege. My
parents are wonderful, wonderful people. Right? That is my number one privilege and I
grew up in a pretty solidly middle class household for most of my
childhood. I mean when I was, until I was 11 we were living in
like an 1100 square foot house. I had three younger sisters. I shared a room with all of my siblings
and we had one bathroom for six people. There wasn’t like we grew
up loaded or anything, but it is a privilege to live with two
parents who love you, take care of you, provide for you, share a set of values that the greatest
PR it is the most important propulsion in America, a hundred percent run well because the
administration was a problem because the rules were set differently, so it
allows that change, right? As well. More freedom is better, more choices,
better and this is a good thing, right? It’s forces those systems to have to
adapt and change. [inaudible] specialty. He’s been working on education
doc for the past six years. You have to do a cross country tour. He’s met with some of the
biggest educators, legislators
in the education space, so this is, this is right up his
alley. Yeah, I mean I, this is, this is super important stuff. Yeah. Okay. What did you notice right there? Can you pick something out that he did
in Craig? This is the biggest blunder, I think, in the whole,
in the whole interview. So this guy’s given the guy
in the orange headband props. They’re talking about school systems
and voucher systems and he’s basically like, this guy guy’s
dedicating his life to this. He’s met with all these people.
Shapiro doesn’t even acknowledge it. How easy would have it been to be
like, oh man, that’s really cool. This is right in your wheelhouse,
or just some sort of like, cool man. Shapiro doesn’t even acknowledge it and
I don’t think it’s because he’s trying to be rude. He’s just in his head
thinking facts. What can I say? This is the next thing I need to
say, not writing the energy again, if he could back off. This is another kind of example of when
Logan Paul made that joke and he wasn’t riding the energy. So this is a subtle
nuance. This one’s not as subtle, but I just think to really elevate
him to the next social level, if he’s more of the energy and makes
his decisions based on that at least a little bit, you know, there’s only maybe three or four times
in this whole two hour interview, he could have done that, but it
would have made a big difference. I guarantee like something
like this, this guy, imagine something that you basically
dedicate your life to do and some big name like Ben Shapiro, even if it’s not like
an idol of his comes on, it’s like, that’s really cool man. You
know, we look at it this way, they have a conversation about that and
he’s like, man, that bitch a pure guy. I met him. He’s great. Versus now. I bet if somebody asked this guy what
he thinks of Ben Shapiro, is he like, yeah, he’s a smart dude and I
probably not, dude, I’d hang out with. It’s so easy to be likable
when you do the right things. The easy things and all Shapiro would’ve
had to do right now is acknowledge the fact that this guy’s a
specialist to say, cool, this guy spends 15 hyping them up and
Shapiro just completely ignores it. So watch it back and think in
your head next time that happens. How you can just say something
like, that’s really cool man. What are your thoughts on this? I’m interested if you’ve been spending
all my time, you met with these people. Cool. Who Have you met with? That’s
awesome. I met with some people too. Just anything to get the conversation
going to acknowledge that is a good thing, right? It’s forces those systems
to have to adapt and change happen. Spencer’s specialty, he’s been working at the education
doc for the past six years. It’s got to do a cross country tour. He’s met with some of the
biggest educators, legislators
in the education space, so this is, this is right up
his alley. I mean I, this is, this is super important stuff when you’re
talking about increasing opportunity for people that spends 15 seconds hyping
them up and Shapiro doesn’t acknowledge it. No can [inaudible] international interests
did not change because he sent you a nice letter. He’s an evil dictator who’s
keeping millions of people
in a gulag and he has an interest in maintaining his power
source by developing nuclear weapons and missiles. I mean th th that that has not changed
just because you’re nice to him. So Dennis Rodman and go exactly by Ben. At the same token when
Trump says about him, like he’s another example right there.
This is the last example of that. So he tries to make a Dennis Rodman
joke, right? To kind of lighten it up. Cause this is a podcast and usually they
have different types of guests on there so everyone can cut a tell it’s getting
very serious and they want to make it lighter. So he makes a Rodman
joke. And what does Shapiro do? Just completely ignores it.
Why? Because he has more to say. So in that instance, if he would have made some sort of joke
or even acknowledge, it’s not even hard. You don’t even have to pretend like
you think a joke is funny or not. You’re just acknowledging
the other person. And if he was thinking about this
from a really stand back perspective, he’d be like, okay, maybe these guys are
trying to lighten it up a little bit. Let’s talk about, let’s talk about some
lighter things. Let’s make a few jokes. Let’s talk about Rodman for a meal.
It’s talk about my thoughts on Rodman. Just anything to acknowledge it
because when you totally ignore, when people pepper things in, it makes
them feel unheard. And in this instance, Shapiro didn’t realize they were trying
to lighten the mood a bit by developing nuclear weapons and missiles. I mean, th th that that has not changed
just because you’re nice to him. So or not Dennis Rodman. Exactly
that by Beth. At the same token, when Trump says about him, like
you freaking out. Thank you bro. Thank you for coming on. Thanks for
having, I am actually of course, man. I wish I could’ve spoke
more, but it’s okay now. I know it’s this kind of your thing. I
enjoyed listening to you. So that’s that. I thought that was kind of
weird. I mean it’s not like, I don’t think that was too pre-calculated, but he basically said I didn’t get to
talk because it’s Kinda your thing to just talk the whole time. Um, oh
yeah. One quick question. Some people say you’re uh,
just [inaudible]. They say
you’re not as smart guy. You’re just a really dumb guy who
talks fast and uses big words. And then I think it’s weird that he
wanted to end it with like a very negative question. Like typically, you
know, the old, the old adage, you want to leave people on a high note. So like in a conversation you always
want to leave when emotions are good and you say something people like and
laugh, but he’s ending it, number one, cracking at him saying, you know, it’s
Kinda your thing to talk the whole time. What do you say to people that
basically say you’re a dummy? I don’t, I don’t like that. I think they could’ve definitely lightened
it up and left on more of a high. What do you say to those people?
Do even acknowledge that comment? What’s the metric by the way? I mean, are we doing metric by
like IQ or just like, let me tell you a quick
story that pertains to this. I just got back from an event and I was
talking to a guy who found out I was a social coach and he was just telling me
he hates things like this where where you’re at because he
never knows what to say. When he goes up to people to start
a conversation with strangers, he always runs out a small talk and they
just kind of end up, they’re kind of, you know that old man rock where he just
kind of rock on your toes and it gets awkward. I was like, man, that’s a terrible feeling because
these events are supposed to be fun. If this is something
you want to improve in, I’ve got a program called the social
invincibility program. Well, personally, walk you through the steps that you
need to become competent in this. If you’ve been following
the channel for awhile, you might be interested to know, I’ve got a new video up explaining the
program at one that I had up was so old. I finally recorded another one. So you go to social
or you can touch or click up here. I’ll put a link in the description below
if you want to learn more about how to get those conversation skills up to
snuff. Now you see this video right here. If you haven’t, I highly suggest to
touch. You’re watch it right now. I’ll talk to you there.

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