Ben Stein Called Communist on Fox News

unless President Obama and Congress agreed to an alternative way to reduce the budget deficit so will they strike a deal joining us now from La Ben Stein the author of the book how to really ruin your financial life in portfolio that's an upbeat title beta first off if we go up the fiscal cliff what happens will I have to sell all my unicorn Hummels I don't think you're gonna have to sell anything Gregg and I don't think it'll be the end of the world we're talking about at most I would think a couple of months probably more like a couple of weeks before they reach some kind of compromise but the fact is taxes will go up thanks we'll go up on rich people a law on really really rich people a really really lost yeah and then we need it we need higher taxes we need more revenue we cannot keep running these deficits forever all right boo on you bad I disagree with everything you said but you're both an actor in an economist I kind of understand why you want to raise taxes it's about getting invited to more cocktail parties no actors yelling at you no no I don't get invited any cocktail parties I don't drink anyway but I but look the whole idea from being a Republican is fiscal sensibility and since the sensibility says we cannot run 16 trillion-dollar debt we cannot have it go up to 20 trillion we cannot leave our chart children grandchildren a defaulted bankrupt America so where do we get the money we can cut government spending and we must I absolutely must but we we have a lot of rich people in this country they have an awful lot of money they're not taxed enough I disagree in the sense that the more that you feed the Beast the Beast will never go on a diet the Beast will keep eating and I was listening to you two earlier today on miss Kelly's show and your argument for raising taxes is it's not gonna hurt us that much is that really a good argument for raising taxes I mean I don't think it's gonna hurt us at all compared with continuing to run these huge deficits obviously if I thought it was better to keep running these huge deficits I'd say do that but we had year after year in the Bush administration and in the Obama administration and when she said taxes I don't have to go out buy deficits don't matter you turns out they do matter it turns out that if we go back I'm just gonna matter a lot where to get the money from well I'd like to I'd like to have every citizen in America pay these some taxes even if it's $100 but there are very very many very rich people this country the idea that their tax are the lowest they've ever been since World War two just doesn't make any sense why should their taxes be that low when we have a fiscal emergency at me is not an argument we've got plenty of revenue coming in it's about spending so you're good but you can't just it's like why do you agreed taxes when you know that spending is the problem isn't the problem it's partly the problem and taxes are partly the problem we're spending way more than we should and there's incredible way in the federal government we need some kind of a really serious Commission with teeth in it to get that waste out of the government but we've also cut taxes over and over again during the Bush administration we cut them a tiny bit yeah first Obama administration we need more revenue as mr. Obama said I am NOT a fan of Obama I think everyone who knows me knows that but he said it's not calculus it's arithmetic we need more money we can't get it just by cuts we mean raised all right what do you care if they raise tax on some rich person by separate because I'm not a class warfare Asst I want to be rich it's you are already written as a problem of crisis in my soul no you are rich all together what does it matter if a person is making 5 10 20 30 million a year pays another few hundred thousand taxes what does it matter to him to actually thing in that pay range you might already exaggerate my stats are Fox News I live in a basement I want to tell you though whenever you raise taxes it never goes against anything it just goes for more spending I let it settle about a saw so I'm in rem President Reagan look everyone says Oh Reagan cut taxes enter in revenue went up he cut taxes in his first year every year after that he raised taxes and in some years after that he raised him quite dramatically so let's go back to the Gipper and say he realized that I kind of guys was a good idea yeah Billy saw it didn't work then he raised I ain't paying taxes to any normal person does not want to pay Jackson he has to but we need the revenue I don't want to bequeath our jungle back of cantar at your communists I want to talk now about hostess the makers of Twinkies Ding Dongs and something called Wonder Bread don't know what that is

22 thoughts on “Ben Stein Called Communist on Fox News

  • Kind of funny but the economy has never stopped growing and this is 2018 now. This bone head on fox.Why is ben on this so called real fox new?

  • I don't know why some of us always run to metaphors like "feeding the beast" to understand revinue and spending. Math is the most objective tool we have to understand input and output and how smaller things relate to the larger collection. That's why it was invented. A lot of "experts" seem to think that they can convince people that in order to increase a quantity, you must subtract. The sad part is how many people they actually have convinced.

  • @storm the Daily show LITTERALLY has FAKE NEWS as COMEDY and does a BETTER job of educating it's audience than FOX NEWS.a LITERAL comedian does a better job. He's quiet profoundly disturbed by that too.  What you are saying is an insult to comedians. 

  • Summery of the video:
    -aah ok you've proven me wrong with a strong logical argument, your a communist.  On to twinkies!

  • And even then, nature still hasn't changed, and it will collapse under the rules of the universe surrounding it.

  • Nope. Inevitabilities. The theories of capitalism extend far beyond a single economic system of exchange. They're rooted in nature itself. You will never see the particular form of Communism that you want so long as you can't change nature itself. The only way to bend nature as ONE sees fit is through totalitarianism.

  • No, it's a perversion, and the exact opposite of what Karl Marx wanted. He said society would even be stateless under his version of Communism.

  • It's never been implemented because it CAN'T be implemented. I have no interest discussing inapplicable theories.

  • In ideals, sure. But you understand it's the opposite in reality, right? Communist societies easily have the biggest states.

  • lol well that sums up fox news… "every one who disagrees with us is a communist! now quickly midle america return your atention to the consumer products which are killing you"

  • Wow that guy has no idea what he's talking about. First he says it as if communism is a bad thing, and secondly, says it in total contradiction of what communism is. He a communist cuz he wants higher taxes? How does it make him a communist for higher taxes when communism means a classless and stateless society? Makes no sense

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