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Hi I’m Randy Shamburger
Your Bennettsville South Carolina VA loan expert.
In this video I’m going to share with you the 5 Key Benefits that make a VA loan one
of the best loan programs available. A VA home loan is the only loan that is designed
specifically for active duty military and honorably discharged veterans.
So if you’re considering buying a home in this area, I hope you consider the benefits
of this great program. One of the key benefits of a VA home loan
is that it allows 100% financing with no down payment. There’s only a few programs that
have 100% financing and this is one of them. This could really help out if you’re a first
time home buyer and have minimum funds for a down payment.
The second key benefit of a VA home loan is that there’s no mortgage insurance. This alone
makes this one of the best programs out there. In case you’re not familiar, most mortgages
require mortgage insurance unless you put 20% down. Well there’s no money down required
on a VA loan and still there’s no mortgage insurance.
This either reduces your monthly payment, or it allows you to buy more house.
The third key benefit of a VA home loan is easier credit qualifying and the reason is
that VA doesn’t require as high of a credit score. So even if you’ve had some credit challenges
in the past we can discuss those and see if you qualify.
The fourth benefit of a VA home loan is that VA mortgage rates may be lower than other
mortgage loan programs. This will either reduce your monthly payment
or allow you to qualify for more house. And the fifth benefit of a VA home loan is
that a VA loan is assumable. This means that when you go to sell your home, you may have
the option to allow the buyer to assume the remaining term of your loan. This means you
would no longer be responsible but they would get the benefit of your low rate.
So how do you qualify for a VA home loan? Well the first step is pre-approval. I highly
recommend that you get pre-approved with a local VA expert because they’ll know all the
customary practices and closing fees for this area.
My team & I have over 14 years of experience closing VA loans.
We’d be proud to help any active duty military or veteran with their home purchase.
We are a Bennettsville South Carolina mortgage lender.
Email us or call us today with your situation. Until then, have a Big day!

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