Beretta CX4 9mm Carbine Field Strip

– [Alex] Hey guys it’s
Alex C. with TFP TV, and for today’s field strip
we’re going to go ahead and take down a Beretta CX4 Storm carbine. These are really cool nifty
blowback 9 millimeter carbines that that Beretta 92 magazines. The reason I actually bought this was, the 92 FS was one of the
first pistols I ever had, it was in 9 millimeter, so I thought it would be
cool to have a long gun that also took those
magazines in the same caliber. So, that’s how I ended up with this guy. But anyways, let’s go ahead
and check the chamber, remove that magazine. This is a 30-round factory
Beretta magazine, by the way. Not something I’d run in a pistol but it’s cool to run it in a carbine. So once you’ve done that, go ahead and press out this cross pin. It’s got a little spring-loaded bit in it that does retain it in there. Although it is not captive
so it will come out. After this you can separate
the upper and lower receivers by just pulling them
apart from each other. And go ahead and pull the
charging handle back a little bit. And pull it out once it gets
to that enlarged section. And go ahead and pull the
bolt through the rear as well. You’ll notice that the bolt is
very substantial on this gun. So remove the recoil spring
by rotating it 90 degrees and pulling it out from the front. And there you have it, this is a telescoping bolt designed, the bolt is extremely heavy, it doesn’t lock, pretty simple gun all-in-all. It’s a very high quality gun, I wish these were a
little bit more popular. They are popular in
Canada because of Canada’s odd rules regarding magazine capacity. Long guns can only hold five rounds with limited exceptions. So those boys have found a
crafty way to circumvent this by just getting 10-round
Beretta pistol magazines and running them in
their CX4’s up there, so. Special thank you to Ventura Munitions for providing us the ammunition we use in our shooting videos. We hope you guys enjoyed this field strip, and we hope the see everybody next time. (automatic gunfire)

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