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for one last cultural experience in Berlin I’m exploring one of Germany’s most visited sites no trip to this remarkable city is complete without to this ultimate symbol of freedom or perhaps a symbol of what happens when we lose our freedom this of course is the Berlin Wall it divided a nation a people a culture those with freedom and those that were oppressed but for me what’s so symbolic about this wall is its connection to history a history that is alive today especially through the hearts of people living in this city that experienced this oppression stories that we need to hear in 1961 communist East Germany constructed a formidable concrete partition around half the city isolating East Berlin from free and democratic West Germany the iconic Brandenburg Gate became a centerpiece of the Berlin Wall today the famous landmark is a powerful symbol of German unity and a poignant reminder of its history so guys between 1961 and 1989 over 100,000 people attempted to escape from east into the west from communism and into freedom 5,000 people were successful over 100 lost their lives each one is a powerful story including Peter’s this is Peter Bieber tell me about your story all the people left in east Germany was like a prisoner they couldn’t go where they wanted the government said to the people what they can read what they can hear for music what they have to say the other problem is the stasi the police all the time they looked and heard what the people said it was not a good feeling you were always being spied on yeah life was so small I had no freedom and I thought to myself I must go but it’s not so easy to go it’s not so easy it was luck for me a big car like a truck like a truck they stopped he was from west Germany and I said to him please help me if you can that’s from my heart it’s really from my heart help me and he looked in my eyes and said okay I’ll help you that’s the biggest moment in my life he could have been in trouble yeah you and him yes the truck was transporting furniture and Peter hidden in the back inside a big trunk when the truck reached the border to west Germany it was stopped by the guards and searched so basically the guard opens the door you’re hiding inside the furniture you’re standing perfectly still and my luck was the soldier didn’t have a dog it just was your luck that the guard the solider didn’t have a dog yes that’s a crazy moment they closed the doors now I’m in the freedom Mr. Gorbachev tear down this wall if we time travel to 1989 what was it like when you saw the wall literally come crumbling down families have not seen each other for decades and the people from east Germany reuniting with the west what was it like for you for that moment I can say that water come from the eyes it was very emotional yes I could say now it’s over now it’s over people are free they can go where they like decades later sections of the Berlin Wall still exist and anyone can catch a glimpse of the city’s darker days the soldiers stayed there up there in the watch tower and if you tried to go over the wall there was barbed wire yes electricity up there you see there’s a big light like a spotlight constantly scanning the landscape looking for people trying to escape you had so many oppressive forces trying to keep the people inside but the hunger for freedom that’s an appetite you can’t suppress can you yeah that’s so people despite all the obstacles and the dangers thousand and thousands of people attempted to escape when I see this wall I remember how hard it was to live in this country for me what’s powerful about this experience it really reminds me of how precious freedom is how you must always fight for it appreciate it because freedom is the greatest

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