Bernie Marcus: Bernie Sanders is the enemy of every entrepreneur

40 thoughts on “Bernie Marcus: Bernie Sanders is the enemy of every entrepreneur

  • Title of interview should be: Billionaires are mad because people don't want to work for starvation wages with lousy healthcare💩💩

  • Venezuela would be in a bad recession regardless of everything we have done to them. But to point at it as an example of socialism is just unfair. US Sanctions have crippled them (started under Obama). They can’t even get paid for their oil exports. GB is literally holding billions in cash that belongs to Venezuela. We are the country that is cutting off their supply lines and imports. It is true they were a one trick pony in terms of their economy. Dominated by oil and not much more. But we have meddled and made their downturn much worse then it needed to be. If we want socialism to fail we need to let it fail on its own. Venezuela did not crumble on its own.

  • "You guys hear about these fangled motor wagons coming out of Japan? These young Americans are really taking to them. We need to stop them before they take over. I"ll stick with my Oldsmobile thank you. It'll never go out style."
    -These guys,

  • I find it funny to read all of the comments that are obviously from Bernie Sanders supporters. To all of you, I dare you to go outside of the U.S. with your level of education and find a better job at a higher rate of pay. If you want to live like the wealthy, you have to invest and sacrifice like the wealthy. As C. S. Lewis would say, "you reject the heart, yet demand the function." Go to one of your socialist utopias and try to live your dream there, if you think such a place exists.

  • Don't worry guys. Im a natural born American entrepreneur and a millennial.

    If the worst were ever to happen and Bernie Sanders took away my freedom as a man I will give my life to assassinate him myself.

    Because America will never become socialist country!

  • Bernie Marcus: Bernie Sanders is the enemy of every entrepreneur. Good! Great! Fair wages, good working conditions, etc., are a negotiation, "Entrepreneurs" have ensured those they are negotiating with have no power, through unfair, undemocratic means. We don't just want what you feel like giving us. We want our power back in order to negotiate what's fair.

  • The more Bernie scares the millionaires and billionaires, the more people will vote for him. Thanks for the help, Fox..!!! BERNIE 2020

  • Here we have billionaires that rather “donate” their money for a “JUSTIFIED “cause rather than pay taxes. Yes, who needs infrastructure, police department, fire department, affordable Education, healthcare, libraries, social security. You guys keep speculating..

  • Socialism works. But only for the top 1%. Like tax breaks and loopholes for the rich and subsidies for big companies.

  • Sounds like HD took customer service seriously early on. During my last few visits to HD selection was limited and the sales people just said repeatedly to me, "Don't have it. Look on-line."

  • As a consumer, Builders Emporium was their competitor… I never went to Sears to by wood, pipe, or electrical in the 70s-80s.

  • A bunch of lying and BS. I live in Vermont and we have a lot of very successful businesses. Bernie has certainly helped create a vibrant economy in Vermont. Fox news as usual just spreads lies and misinformation.

  • Socialism only works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it and hell where they already have it. People are walking 2000 miles to get away from it.

  • Would someone tell Omar to take off that stupid head dress? It's against the rules in congress. Tell her she's in america, incase she hadn't noticed.

  • You know as soon as someone brings up Venezuela in regards to Democratic Socialism that they know nothing of the issue. That or they are being willfully dishonest.

  • Bernie Marcus looks a lot like Randolph Duke (Ralph Bellamy) from the Eddie Murphy / Dan Aykroyd movie Trading Spaces. Kind of hard to trust guys like that.

  • Oh fuckng boohoo rich people complaining they could "ONLY RAISE 2 MILLION DOLLARS" when the average yearly salary was $12,000 a year, come on.

  • Socialism has never worked anywhere and in many cases, ended up with millions of their citizens being murdered like in Cambodia, China and Russia. You Millenials are uneducated and gullible, buying this Socialism hook line and sinker.

  • Bernie, is like my grand uncle palmer from Jamaica west indies, he was white tall and handsome and got old and died, always had some good advice and give my mom and us a little money my family multiple racial by love and marriage, now the family is all over the world trying to survive, maybe Bernie can make a little impact, but the chances is slim government never wants to give some people too much, good luck grand uncle Bernie and thanks from your truly 😇🤠

  • I have observed that many people are controlled by fear. We never became a socialist country under Obama. He aimed for only socialized health care. The wild, extreme fears that were stoked caused a lot of unnecessary suffering and is continuing to do so. With both the House and Senate against Obama, he could get very little of what he wanted done. Consequently, Obama is being blamed for a lot that was out of his control. Now, we have extreme, socialist ideas coming from the democratic candidates AS A REACTION to Trump. Even if one of those candidates became president, the Senate would stop that democratic socialist president from accomplishing hardly anything he/she promised. Candidates make many promises they can't keep because we set up our presidents to not be able to keep their promises. This country has a serious constipation problem. Bernie is quite a character in an unfunny way. The idealistic Millenials voted for him in 2016. Be thankful because he took many votes from Hillary. The border crisis … did you know that the Pope condemns what is happening at the border? Did you know that the Pope believes in climate change and has begged the public to believe it and to do something about it, instead of being in denial of it? Be careful, there are many Republican Catholics in the USA. Do these particular republicans follow the church/God or the president? I remember one occasion when Trump was campaigning when he had a little boy brought up to him and asked him to choose between him or his parents. That was a horror to see. Choose between him or his parents in public with his parents watching … no words … Do you remember Trump mocking a handicapped person in public? You all have turned a blind eye to what kind of a human being Trump is, and you all seem to only care what he DOES. The Dems hate him for very good reasons. I saw a conservative, on tv, say that he knows Trump is a despicable person but he is still voting for him in 2020. You all DO know that Trump is a despicable human being, don't you? That is what the Dems take issue with. The dems take issue with white supremacy and white supremcist violence that Trump condoned by not saying it was wrong. Antifa is a renegade group that most Dems condemn but you treat ALL of the dems as if they are the same as Antifa. How unfortunate! How mistaken!!! Ah, well, life will go on, in spite of the hatred that seems to have taken over the people who keep their fingers on the pulse of politics. I have observed that the people who do this – keep their fingers on the pulse of politics – are very unhappy people, including myself. I have observed the worst of human beings come out since the election of Obama and even worse under Trump. How profoundly sad!!!!!!!!


  • Everything sold in Home Depot, like in every other big box is made in China for pennies, yet they hike the prices and sell it here for as much as if it was manufactured here, politicians sold out the US middle class workers and they don't want to talk about it.

  • Absolutely, the enemy of entrepreneurs…and now his own enemy. He's wealthy now and is hypocritically protective of it. Entrepreneurs create jobs, provide health insurance, create superior products and help people live better lives. Why are we penalizing them?

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