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Roosevelt led a transformation of the American government and the American economy like today the quest for transformative change was opposed by big business by Wall Street by the political establishment by the Republican Party and by the conservative wing of FDR's own Democratic Party and he faced the same scare tactics then that we experience today red-baiting xenophobia racism and anti-semitism socialism is what they called Social Security socialism is what they called farm price supports socialism is what they call bank deposit insurance socialism is what they call the growth of free and independent labor organizations socialism is their name for almost anything that helps all of the people and quote Harry Truman let me be clear I do understand that I and other progressives will face massive attacks from those who attempt to use the word socialism as a slur they may hate democratic socialism because it benefits working people but they absolutely love corporate socialism that enriches Trump and other billionaires you

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  • People who say he's a communist must still be living in the 1950s. When the nation was controlled by having people surrender their freedoms and turn on their neighbor for fear of being conquered by the Soviets. The Soviets who in 1950 had maybe 5 nuclear weapons compared to our 300+. In order to control a people, you have to control their minds. To control their minds you have to get them to believe something. That something was the Soviets were a threat, even thought they had ZERO desire to do anything to the U.S. for fear of them becoming Nagasaki II. You have to keep people scared because human nature says when people are scared they think less and seek protection from those who say they can provide it. Problem-Reaction-Solution.
    Socialism – a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

    Socialism is also characterized as a system in which limitations or outright banning of the monetization and profiting from certain goods, resources and/or services are implemented.

    It's not redistribution of wealth, that's capitalism. it's not communism where the government owns everything.The United States was a socialist nation in the early 1900s. That is until the tycoons of industry (Rockefellers, Morgans, Rothschilds), with the help of people like Edward Bernays, redefined the term of socialism. Socialism in it's purest form only effects those who wish to profit off of industries like medical and education. Things that are needs and not wants. It would prevent refusing needed medical treatment due to lack of money because the hospitals would be own by the people. It prevents the financial tycoons from charging 600+ dollars for an EpiPen injector that used to cost 80-100

  • This video is for pale faces cause when he says what FDR did for us i remember he didn't support the anti lynching campaign cause he wanted to get his new deal passed so he said you can kill rape torture terrorize and maim black folks all you want as long as yah good white folks vote for this here new deal 😌 thats what they don't tell you about their God FRD and his deal he struck with white supremacist

  • Socialism is a slur, good sir. It's a system that gets millions of innocents killed. Look at Venezuela, that country you praised relentless for it's implementation of socialism.

  • This is beyond political opinion. If you disagree with any of this – you are just plain wrong. This is all 100% factual.

  • And those socialist ideas are what led to trillions of dollars of debt and will eventually bankrupt the US.

  • "We need to get big money OUT of politics and get murderers and rapists behind bars INTO politics." – Bernie Sanders 2020

    "Rapists deserve the same vote as their victims, and murderers deserve the vote that their victims will never have the opportunity to use. EqUaLiTy!" – Bernie Sanders 2020

  • Now is the time to vote for this man! This is our last chance. No one else deserves it or is better suited for it. #PresidentSanders

    We're still with you Bernie! #StillSanders

  • Bernie is right in all he says, America wake up when good men tell the Truth.It is the same in England Jeremy Corbyn will be PM at the next election.

  • Trumptard are STUPID Fucks… If you ever called the Fire Department or went to Public Schools you are probably a commi.. Lol haa

  • Dictator hammer and sickle Bernie talking in front 200 people, must be tough running a race you cant win.

  • FDR's policies and programs were so popular with Americans he was elected for 4 Terms ! So popular that the Republican party had to enact our current term limits. And those programs, still in effect today, have helped millions of Americans young and old for over 75 years

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