Best Bars in NYC | Rooftop bars, speakeasies, pool bars, and more

Hi I’m Sarah, and today I’m going to show
you some of my favorite bars here in New York City. From rooftop bars to more
casual relaxing environments, I’m going to cover everything today. So let’s begin
our journey through New York City’s bar scene. You don’t really need to go to the
Empire State Building or the Freedom Tower to get an incredible view of New
York. You can have it in a bar. One of the best bars to have an amazing view of the
city is here at The Skylark. It’s practically a 360 view all through
Midtown and they make high quality craft cocktails here as well. This is a great
bar to come see the view of New York City and enjoy a delicious drink. You
can’t do that at the Empire State Building, can you? Deep in the heart of Chinatown you’re
going to find one of this area’s most unique bars. This is called Apothyke and
it has a potions vibe in it, like a chemistry lab. Their menus really unique
because it’s based on what effects the cocktails have on you so you can choose
from health and beauty, painkillers stimulates, aphrodisiacs, euphoric enhancers,
or stress relievers and it’s really really interesting. One of my favorite
bars in New York City. Here at Crocodile Lounge you can get a free
pizza with every drink you order. I mean talk about saving money in New York. What
better way to do it than here? The drinks aren’t that expensive and the pizzas
delicious. They also have games in the back, like skee-ball and hunting games.
Really great place to save some money but also have a really good time in New
York City. I got which is happy hour price $6 and free
pizza. That is such a good deal! I’m here at Gallow Green, a rooftop garden bar here
in New York and this place is a lovely place for an urban escape from New York.
You truly feel like you left the city when you’re here. They have a really
unique atmosphere with the gardens, they have a walking pathway, empty train car that
you can sit in. In the summer it turns into a garden but in the winter it’s a
lodge. No matter what time of year Gallow Green is a really cool place to come. You see
a lot of locals coming here after work. I’m here at Rudy’s, a historic dive bar here in New
York City. And this place is known to be rumored to be the first speakeasy in 1919.
They also received the first liquor license when Prohibition ended in 1933. It’s
been known to be a hangout spot for many celebrities including Steely Dan, Paul McCarthy, Julia Roberts, Lauryn Hill and Drew Barrymore, among many
others. But this place is very popular for a completely different reason and I’m going to have Luis from “Recipes with Luis”, which is a show within my channel talk
about it because this is his favorite place. Hot dogs.
That’s it. For any drink that you get here you could actually get one free
hot dog. My favorite meal by the way. It’s really a great place to bring on someone
for a first date. I don’t know it it’s going to be successful guys, but also
the prices are very competitive. Especially in the Times Square area and
you can get the drinks for like $4 $5 Really, really good price. So I would recommend coming here. Let’s get hotdogs! They have their own beers at three dollars a pint. A Rudy’s Blonde and a Rudy’s Red Ale. Pretty good. Not bad. One of the most beautiful bars here in New York is Jimmy at
the James. I personally love this place because they have a rooftop pool and
they make incredible cocktails using fresh ingredients that are grown from
their own organic gardens. Jimmy at the James is a contemporary interpretation
of a classic pub with a 1970s New York twist. Cocktails are based on classic
American interpretations. Each expertly prepared using syrups and bitters made
in-house, fresh squeezed juices, and garnishes and herbs that are picked
french from their organic garden. When you’re up here to have both an inside
and an outside. I’m here at the outside but on the inside area they not only
have a fireplace which is incredibly unique to a rooftop bar, but they also
have 14-foot windows with panoramic views of Midtown, Wall Street, the Hudson
River, and bridges that span all the way to the East River. So no matter where you
are here at Jimmy at the James there is anabsolutely beautiful rooftop view. I’m here at The Lately on 16th Street
between 9th and 8th Ave and they have a really chill laid-back atmosphere in the
center of the club district. They also serve fresh cocktails and beer on tap. I
got a mezcal cocktail, which is my favorite and as you can tell I finished
the whole thing already before we even filmed this section. That’s how good it
was. On the edges they have a smoked salt which was a really nice touch. They also
have grilled cheese, different snack items, but one of the coolest parts about
this bar is that there is a speakeasy club in the back corner called Blue Light. It’s just a really interesting spot. Of course I can’t talk about New York’s
bar scene without mentioning speakeasies. Now if you seen my other videos you know
that I love speakeasies here in New York especially Please Don’t Tell, that’s one
of my favorites. But there are tons of others some of the other great ones are
Raines Law Room, Bathtub Gin and Employees Only. They really serve excellent
cocktails. I mean these will be the best cocktails you can find. By the way, if you
don’t know what a speakeasy is it’s a secret bar. Back in the 1920s alcohol was
actually illegal here in the United States so in order to continue drinking,
because who’s gonna give that up, right? They created hidden bars that
required passwords to get in so a lot of these speakeasies require a password or
in general are just hard to find. But if you want to get into Please Don’t Tell
head over to my video on secret spots in New York and I show you the way that you
can guarantee a reservation there. It’s hard to get in so if you follow my steps
you can do it. Here at The Garret they have a taco
bar and also serve cocktails, such as a charred pineapple jalapeno margarita
that’s frozen. They also have a watermelon cilantro frozen margarita and
the cool part about their tacos – it’s more of a gourmet style they make their
own tortillas here and I just ate here with a Guatemalan, a Mexican and a Puerto
Rican, and all of them said these tacos are legit. So I feel like though maybe
I’m not qualified to say the tacos are legit? Just saying, they said they’re
legit. So great tacos, great refreshing cocktails for summer here at The Garret. Thanks for joining me on my bar crawl
through New York City. Now if you don’t mind I’m going to enjoy this delicious
cocktail. If you like this video remember to subscribe, follow me on instagram @sarahfunky, and I will see you next time. Cheers to that, right? The video is done. I can finally drink this.

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