BEST INVESTMENTS TO MAKE MONEY (Best Investments For Passive Income)

(upbeat music) (lively music) – Everyone wants to talk
about how to make money but in reality making money, the tactics behind making money, is the simple part. In fact, it’s only 20 percent of the entire equation and in this video we’re
gonna share with you the other 80 percent that really makes up the core of making money. And it comes down to three
different things, Jimmy, that you and I both like to talk about. For us, money comes down to three fundamental investments, that when made, deliver wealth. – Right. – So, for us, the very first thing that we wanna talk about is when you’re investing, what is the greatest investment that you can actually
make an investment in. – Yourself. – [Ryan] Why is that the case? – I mean, this is a
revolutionary concept to me because it comes down to
internal locus of control or external locus of control. Like, can I make a
difference in my own life? And in CashFlow Tactics you can fix things and you can create things, but that’s gonna take a paradigm shift to an internal locus of control that you do have control
over your own life. And if you have control over your own life and in your own situation then it follows that you need to spend
a lot of time, energy and capital investing in yourself. – Now, I’ll never forget that for me, I mean, I followed a
very traditional approach to life, right? I mean, when I decided to go to college it was easy for me to make an investment in what I thought was myself, right? I’m gonna go and pay the
tuition and go to college but after college somehow
I thought in my mind that I was done investing in myself, that now my investments would come outside of myself. You mention this being an
external locus of control. I would take the money and I would put it into 401Ks and mutual
funds and even real estate. – But those financial
planners you worked with, what incentive did they have to tell you you are your number one asset? – Zero. Zero incentive. – When you pay to educate yourself is there any commission give on that? – Absolutely not. – Like, it’s part of, we dig into a lot that the numbers sometimes
don’t match up to the reality but there is no number for
assets under management when it comes to investing in yourself. – [Ryan] Absolutely. – That’s why part of
the reason it’s hiding in plain sight, it’s another reason no one’s paying attention to it. – And this is why at CashFlow Tactics we talk about the
ultimately taking control. There is no one that’s
going to care more about the success of your
financial plan than you. And so our tagline is Rise Up. Right? You have to step
into to the position where if A, you acknowledge that you are your most important investments and B, you’re going to
do something about it. And when we say doing something about it, putting dollars on the table and making investments in yourself. And we break this down
into three different ways, or three different components, in which you can invest in yourself. The first thing is you
can invest in yourself to increase your mindsets, right? To improve the way you think about money. Jimmy, I know both you and I have made some significant investments over the last decade in increasing our mindsets around money. Tell us a little bit about
how this has worked for you. – I mean, we both
stroked six figure checks this year for education. And it was a tough conversation with my wife to do it, it was tough for me to
look at my bank account when I did it, but the farther I get away
from the day I wrote the check and I actually implement the education, the more grateful I am
that I actually did it, that I actually understood the fear and just went ahead and did it, because that money in
somebody else’s bank account in exchange for the knowledge they gave me is much more value to me than
just cash sitting in my bank. – [Ryan] Totally agree. – I can always make that cash back. – And it could be simple investments like listening to podcasts, reading books. You’re here watching this Youtube channel, I want you to consider the fact that you are investing your time to create and increase your mindsets around money and how you
can get what you want. And the more you invest in your mindsets we then have an opportunity to translate those mindsets into the physical world through the skill sets, right?
– Yep. – Of how do we take learning
and expanding something in our mind and then translating that into a reality that we want. And Jimmy, you did this probably better than anyone I’ve ever known, right? You develop your mindsets around the game of real estate, you then translated those mindsets into acquiring properties at a pace I have never seen from anyone that’s out there. You’ve built in a real estate empire. – Yeah, I didn’t spend a
lot of time on skill sets, to making sure every deal is great but– – But you took action and in part of taking that action you learned and you developed and you grew as an individual, right? And you developed skill sets that today make you one of the most elite real estate investors probably in the country, if not, let alone in St.
Louis where you reside. Would you agree?
– Well in my deep and dark moments where I’m like, “Oh my God, what if I’m
gonna lose everything?” And this isn’t my own
words, this is my wife, she’s like, look, the
mindsets and skill sets you have is what will
keep this family going which will keep this business going. The cash is nice but it’s only a tool. It’s the mindsets and skill sets that if you lose everything
you bounce right back. – I’ll never forget for me, in 2008 I lost almost everything I had saved up to that point because I stopped investing in my mindsets and my skill sets after college and I was blindly putting money in a 401K and in 2008, I lost almost 80 percent of what I had saved up to that point. And at that moment I resolved, I committed more than I’d ever committed to anything in the past to do things differently and I started using all of
my corporate travel time as a time to read books
and increase my mindsets. But then when it came to translating those mindsets into skill sets and actually taking action like you did, I kinda stumbled and I had
some hiccups along the way. And I’ll never for I came across an old college friend of mine. Now back in college I
thought this guy was crazy because when I was focused on internships and career paths and
all that kind of stuff, he was buying real estate and I thought for sure I was gonna see this guy in the bread line. And when we graduated out of our graduating class, we all went on or we had jobs but this individual, Chris, was the only one that didn’t have a job in our graduating class. And I didn’t think much about it but I left and went off on my way, and I went through
four, almost five years, of agonizing corporate grind, climbing the corporate ladder. And in 2008 after I’d
lost about 80 percent of what I saved, I came back home for the holidays and I ran back into Chris. And I’ll never forget
this encounter with Chris because when I came across him he was in a completely different financial hemisphere than I was. He didn’t try to brag or rub it in or anything like that, but I could tell that something was different about him, and that he had that magnetitism. I wanted what he had. And so I walked up to him, I said Chris, you know, after catching
up you’ve gotta tell me what you’re doing. And he invited me out to his office the next day and I’ll never forget, we walk in that office,
and I took my wife with me, and when we walked into his office it was full of pictures of a life style that he was living. Time with his family, mountains he was climbing, things that I wanted to be doing when I had enough money. And after he laid out a plan for me, he actually laid out a plan of how he could mentor
me and help me translate some of things I’d been reading in books into practical skill
sets that I could apply just like he had. And he asked me for a $5,000 investments and I’ll never forget about that point, I hadn’t made an investment in myself outside of reading books since college. I wrote that check and as my wife and I were
driving away from his office there was this uncomfortable
silence between us, and I thought she was pissed. I mean, she kinda gave me the
authorization I could do it. – [Jimmy] I’m sure she was pissed. – She was little bit pissed, but she told me I could do it. I mean, she believed in what we could accomplish with this. But there was this
awkward silence between us and I thought she was,
you know, gonna be mad or cry or something like that, and as we drove along we
just looked at each other and didn’t have words to put on it we just started laughing. We didn’t really acknowledge and grasp what we had just done but that single $5,000 investment that I made in investing in a mentor to teach me the ropes of real estate, has paid millions of dollars
over the last 10 years. That is investing in your skill sets. And for us, that’s really
what this is all about. It’s investing in your mindsets and then translating those
mindsets into skill sets, and then Jimmy, you’re
probably the best at this, investing isn’t a solo game, right? The next investment is
investing in your networks, and Jimmy, tell us a little bit about some of the things and some of the ways that you’ve actually
maximized these investments. – Well like, so, a
bunch of empire builders are like what do you do at this point? How do you find this house? Like, once you get to 10 houses, how do I get to 20? And I’m like, I don’t know dude, you get out there and you
just start talking about it. My last 10 deals I found because I was doing jiu jitsu with a guy and I outweigh him by like 30 pounds and actually, I choked him out, I put him in a arm bar that day. – You submitted him into an investment? (laughs) – Well, turns out this guy has done over 800 deals. I didn’t know him from Adam and we’re sitting around in our underwear after jiu jitsu and he’s
like, what do you do? And I explained what he did. Next thing I know, I bought 10 houses from the guys. And so there’s no exact science to how to network. It’s just you gotta always be out talking but if you’re have skill sets and mindsets people will want to talk to you. I mean, all the banking
relationships I have came from basketball and sitting around in the locker room and bankers coming and
wanting to lend to me. So there’s no exact science to network other than you need to
be out there doing it. – What I love what you just said too, when you’ve invested in your mindsets and your skill sets, you become magnetic. – Yeah, you’re something to talk about. There’s more than just
talking about Sports Center, like, people will want to
hear what you have to say. You can only talk about
Sports Center so much and I’ve played a lot of sports and I’m meat head and a jock but it gets boring around 35, I think. So there needs to be
other things to talk about and skill sets and mindsets, people will wanna talk to you about it. – Absolutely, guys,
and here’s the reality. When you’re watching this video right now, you are literally making an investment in the most important resource and asset that you have and that’s yourself. So I want you to start to conceptualize and really start to focus on ways that you can improve your skillsets, your mindsets and your networks. And those will then
translate into opportunities that we can’t even ever quantify
or put on a spreadsheet. There’s no mutual fund advisor, there’s no real estate deal out there that will beat an investment in yourself. So rise up and as you rise up you will become a person
that is now in a position to build a financial plan that will allow you to live free. So if you like this video, click on the link below and we’re going to give
you some free resources and really a clear road map to show you how you can
not only invest in yourself but translate mindsets,
skillsets and networks into financial freedom
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