Best Mattress For Heavy & Obese People 2019 (TOP 6 BEDS)

hey everyone I'm Jeff riselle from my slumber yard calm today we were talking about the best beds for heavy people and we're intimidating people and or people that would be great to know when you're walking down an alleyway like her good buddy Jack who used to play college football I think he weighs like 280 pounds right hmm last time I weighed him it was 280 anyway so all of these beds are gonna be good very supportive very durable they're gonna be good for people that weigh like 230 all the way up to you know 350 foreign or if some of them you up to 500 pounds now I will be going a little quicker through the video because there's a lot of information to cover so our individual reviews will be linked down below in the description you can check out all of those I think we've probably produced several hundred mattress reviews by now and we've covered like probably a hundred to 110 individual pets so we know what we're talking about and I hope the video was helpful if it is give Jack a big ol thumbs up and then sign into your other account and give me a big ol thumbs up let's get to it all right so Jack left and I had to switch clothes but it's okay we're still doing the same video so just as an aside before we get into the list there's a few things that you can expect from all of these beds and I just don't want to say it in every single section so free shipping whether it's White Glove delivery or bed in a box like FedEx delivery the price of delivery is baked into the mattress so it's gonna come you're not gonna pay anything extra for shipping and then you'll get some sort of test period so you get an in-home trial period it's typically a hundred nights so just over three months but sometimes it goes up to 120 nights even a year we've seen so you get at least three months though to make your mind up about the bed which is great because it's not like you're just testing it in the store for five minutes you're spending up to three months four months maybe even a year on the bed before you have to make a decision one way or the other now if you decide you don't want them there's pretty much no downside because all of the beds minus one have completely free returns and the one that doesn't they charge I think it's $99 so all of the beds on the list all six minus one so five of the six offer completely free returns and then they will all come with at least a 10-year warranty which is what you want to see okay so first up is our memory foam pick that's dream cloud so dream cloud doesn't have a prototypical memory foam feel it's not like I get tempur-pedic mattress even though we really like tempur-pedic mattresses it has more of just a general kind of firmer feel but as you break it in you'll feel more of that memory foam and it actually has a really nice pillowtop that's that's actually made of a cashmere material and it's quilted and I know we have shots of this I mean it looks really nice it's a really nice looking bed it's a luxury to your bed the price point isn't crazy on it and for this one and all the other ones we should have discounts in the description so check that out because I think the MSRP for the queen-size is somewhere around like 14 1,500 maybe 1600 but it comes down a few hundred dollars after that discount so check in the description now dream cloud it has several layers of memory foam and there's a strip of latex foam which is a little bit more responsive and then it has coils as well so it's a thicker bed so 15 inches thick and it's really nice it's it's good for head your people that maybe you don't want an overwhelming memory-foam feel you know that deep viscous memory foam feel but you're open to the material we really like the dream cloud mattress it comes with a full year trial period and a never long warranty now for stomach and back sleepers in particularly you got to check out the big fig mattress this is a mattress for a bigger figure that's our entire brand is heavier individuals it's incredibly durable they've done all sorts of tests that this is a crazy durable mattress and just to ensure that you have the right foundation for it when you buy the bed it comes with a foundation that's suitable and acceptable for this mattress so they say that you can put up to two 500-pound people on this mattress and it has really thick gauge coils it has several layers of dense foams it even has more of a cooling cover on top so it's actually a really comfortable bed assuming that you sleep mostly on your stomach or your back now for most people it's gonna start off closer to a proper firm but it will soften all beds soften with you so it's gonna come in probably for most people watching the video probably closer to like a medium firm but it's a really good pickup for back and stomach sleepers and they run sales and promotions all the time we should have one in the description but I consider it a pretty good value because you know the bed itself is actually pretty affordable and then they throw in the the foundation as well and that is something that you kind of want to keep your eye on because if you're putting a little bit more stress on these beds a little bit more load or weight on the beds you need to worry about the foundation that you have it on and I love that big fig includes that now for side sleepers wink bed is a great solution so it's really hard to just decide on one bed but winged bed is such a nice mattress it comes with a lifetime warranty they offer three different firmness options they have a softer model they have a luxury firm model they have a firmer model they even have a plus-size model that's just made for heavy people and they've done all sorts of tests on this guy we're after like simulated twenty years of use it loses like almost nothing in terms of firmness and thickness I mean it's a very durable bed I mean two layers of coils inside as a big fluffy pillow top on top it's really comfortable and you know it just looks like it belongs in a luxury hotel it's a really really nice bed but I think it's gonna be a great option for side sleepers because they really sort of have two options they have the softer model where if you only spend time on your side that's the one to maybe think about then the luxury firm for heavier individuals would be fine for your side as well so they have two options it's a really good value the MSRP I think it's somewhere in between a thousand and two thousand for a queen-size but they always offer discounts and I believe we have one for whink bet in the description now our affordable luxury pick that's sought that so this one is kind of neck and neck with wink bed so they offer three different options as well they have the softer model I think they call it the plush soft they have the luxury firm they have the firm model you get to pick whichever one you want comes in an organic cotton cover two layers of coils look it's just a really nice mattress we couldn't leave it off the list because it's such a supportive well-made reputable mattress that you know I think people need to know about it it might not win in every single category but it's a really really good value and it's a very nice bed the only thing is they charge $99 for returns but it smells earthy because it has the organic cotton cover it's supportive it clearly is built to be a luxury mattress and yet it's pretty affordable the queen-size is I think it's $1,100 I mean that's that's hard to beat now they don't frequently offer discounts I mean you can check in the description and see if we've seen anything but typically the price is what it is with a Safa mattress now for couples we're gonna go with the helix nightfall mattress so this is a little bit of a newer model from helix but we love to helix brand because they're all about offering you options so they have a number of different beds I think they have twelve or fourteen different beds but they have a sleep quiz that runs you through and picks the best bed for you but assuming that you're a little bit of a heavier individual the helix nightfall mattress which will link the exact model in the description this is the one that's built for heavy folks they have all sorts of videos explaining the construction of it but if you open the bed up you can see that it has thicker gauge coils a lot more coils it has dense foams and then it transitions up choose some comfort layers on top so this is the bed that we pick for couples because it has such an accommodating type feel and the overall branding of helix kind of lends itself to couples and I think this is the type of mattress where if you do have two people to have different preferences you can be just fine on the mattress it's not particularly soft it's not particularly firm it doesn't feel overwhelmingly like memory foam it just has a general neutral feel that I think is really comfortable and it's really affordable it also has an optional cooling cover that you could buy for it and that's that's good because like heavier folks tend to heat up a little bit and so you can buy this cover separately it's not gonna freeze you out it's not gonna be so cold that you know somebody that sleeps a little bit colder can't sleep on it but it will do a better job of regulating temperature than the standard cover now our budget pic I think this one's gonna be hard to beat is the Titan mattress so you may not have heard of Titan but it's owned and made by one of the largest most reputable online mattress brands Brooklyn bedding they own their own manufacturing facility if they make this bed in plenty of others but the reason it's on the list not only is it made for heavy people but it's super affordable the queen size retails for under $1000 and after discount it's quite a bit under $1000 so we should have a discount for in the description you know it's not as beefy and as Hardy as like a big fig mattress or a wink bed mattress but if you're on a budget it's made specifically for heavy people so I think you'll still really really like the bed so that's the list you know I think if you've closed your eyes and just let any meenie miney moe and you speak to bed you probably be happy because they're all like really nice beds luxury deer beds pretty good values and they're all pretty accommodating but hopefully the video was helpful and if it was give us a huge thumbs up I'll see you next time you

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