Best Mobile Apps For Real Estate Investors

(techno pop music) – Okay, so this is going
to sound really stupid, because we’re all like, very tech-y. But my favorite app is the
camera, the one that’s standard on all your phones. Because as real estate, it’s all about the pictures, right? If you don’t have a picture of it, it didn’t happen. So what I tell my team,
what I tell myself, is like, is everybody take a picture. And I also like the video because I can take a video recording. So, I’m real simple. It’s take a picture, and
then I can save it all, and I can send it, and
I have a copy of it. I can upload it. We do a lot of Airbnb
and VRBOs, so if a client destroyed the house or
there’s an issue, I can send that right on to
Airbnb right on the app, so I’m all about the camera. – I have two. So, I often am looking to
refinance properties a lot, so I actually really like
the Zulu mortgage app because it’s got a payment
calculator that is, just like, crazy simple
and actually adds in you know, things like the
interest and taxes and all that stuff and it figures it out and I can easily change it. The second favorite app is actually called EveryDollar by Dave Ramsey. And it’s a budgeting system,
and it’s real easy on my phone and my wife has
the same app and we can both look at our budgets and
kind of figure out what we’re going to do this month without a lot of arguments. So, I would say, if
anything, that app has been a peace keeper and I love that one as well. – Probably my favorite
app is the Slack app. So, we have some Filipino
VAs, and it is the best way to communicate with them, since they’re all the way over there. And they always have
this app on their phone. And not only that, but
you can search within these conversations as well. It has completely replaced
email for us altogether. It’s amazing. – Hands down, Evernote,
and I’ll tell you why. I’m a podcaster, youtuber, and I run a full fledged
real estate business. The cool thing about
Evernote is number one it connects to every single
resource that I have, every other app on my
phone, connects, prints, and extracts from Evernote
and I can keep everything very well detailed and
labeled in my calendars I have the whole nine
yards, everything connects very well, so my entire business, essentially, runs on evernote. Simple, simple program. So there you go. – My favorite app, maybe
surprisingly, is Facebook. And it’s really helped me
in real estate, because real estate’s a relationship
business, and it’s an app that helps me build relationships. I’ve built relationships
with investors that syndicate so people find out I
syndicate through Facebook and have talked to me. I also have a community for
women real estate investors, called Real Estate Investor
Goddesses, which is housed on Facebook. So my ladies find me through Facebook, my goddesses find me through Facebook. So that’s been the best
app I have on my phone that’s helped me with my business. – So for me, the best app
is Airbnb because I run three Airbnbs and it helps with just, all the booking, the
calendars, the messaging, and all that stuff. So without that app, my
business would not be possible. So, thank you Airbnb. – I have Momentum, which, I
don’t know if you can see, but what you do is, you
essentially set up habits and then you can go into
the habit, and decide how frequently you want
to repeat it, if you want to have a weekly target of
how much you want to hit it. It tracks like, strikes
and totals, and it’s just a really, really cool
way to track your habits. – My favorite one, even
though it’s kind of counterintuitive to what
I do, because it’s a competitor of mine, is Redfin. Redfin, not in all markets,
but in most markets, has a pretty good data set. They have created an
app that’s quite usable, and quickly able to be
understood by most people. So even, I’ve had older clients, I’ve had people who aren’t very tech savvy, who I can say, “Hey,
here’s a very simple app, put it on your phone,
it does everything that you need it to, within
very quick parameters.” So, even the sort of thing, where if you’re driving around,
it’ll pull up everything by GPS, it’ll do different
things like that. So, half the time you’re
driving around, like, “What’s that house for sale for?” No idea. But with Redfin, you
can literally pull it up and it’s going be like, this
is the closest house to you and it costs that much,
and you can immediately go, “Oh, way more than I wanted to spend.” Like, that’s the general feeling of it. But it’s very intentionally
to be very user friendly, and to draw people in to
what their business plan is to become a huge brokerage. And they’re doing a very good job of that. – Oh, my favorite smart
phone app, that I sort of use for hacking my life, it’s scanner pro. I don’t know if you can see
it on here, Scanner Pro. I kind of use it to,
like anything I’m using, I don’t like using paper
for anything, I always like to throw paper away. So I just scan everything in my life. So I scan business cards
that I get from people. I scan receipts that I
know I need for taxes. I scan receipts that I
need for real estate. And then I throw them
away, or I shred them. And then, when I get back to my computer, in a day or a week, then
I can put them in the right folders and then I know I got them for what I need. And that’s what I use Scanner
Pro for, it’s a good app. – Currently, my favorite
business and just personal app is called Blinkist. What they do is, they have
the top nonfiction books and they boiled it down
to fifteen minute synopses that you can can actually
read on your phone or listen to. It’s awesome. Like, you can read Rich
Dad, Poor Dad, I’m sure you’ve already read it,
you can get a refresher in fifteen minutes or less, like, while you’re jogging or while
you’re on your way to work, you can get all that inspiration. So, Blinkist, it’s
absolutely awesome, you’ve got to check it out. – This is Seth,,
and for me right now I think one of the most
common apps I’m using on my phone is called Trello. And, I use Trello a lot
because it really does a good job of helping me
visually keep track of my to-do list, things I’m
working on, properties I’m trying to sell,
direct mail lists that I’m trying to work, blog
posts I’m trying to write. I mean, you name it. It just helps me to, you
know, visually keep track of where I’m at with
things, so I can always kind of know where I’m at, what’s coming up, and what still needs to get done. And while we’re at it,
what’s your favorite smartphone app? Why don’t you leave a comment below. We can all learn a little
bit more from each other. Thanks for watching,
talk to you next time. (relaxed techno music)

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