Best Motivational Speech Freedom and Honor

In the 1973 Arab-Israel war, The then Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, made an expensive arms deal with the US Because of Israel’s economic crisis, the parliament rejected the deal The words of Golda Meir in response are worth writing in gold She said that if we win then history will know us as victors And when history remembers a nation as victors then people don’t care whether that nation had bread in their meal or not or how many holes were in the shoes of her army Israel won that war and her PM’s decision turned out to be correct Some years later, an American journalist asked her that why did she take such a drastic decision and what was her motivation She replied that during her university days, she had read about the Prophet of Islam When Prophet Muhammad S died, her wife Ayesha RA didn’t have enough money to buy oil to lit the oil lamp And she borrowed some money from a Jew to buy oil Despite of the fact that she didn’t have money to buy oil but still there were 9 swords and 8 war horses in the Prophet’s house Oh Modi! Remember one thing! That when the time of an individual as well as a nation nears its end Then Allah allows her to transgress before her end Before you, Pharaoh and Nimrod, Rome and Persia, USA and Russia have been made an example of Now it’s your turn Oh Muslims! Get prepared for the Holy War (Jihad) And remember! That wars are not fought for victory or defeat but only for HONOUR

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