Best of E3: Marvel’s Avengers and MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3!

[UPBEAT MUSICAL INTRO] Hello, Marvelites! Ryan Penagos, AKA Agent M here
for Earth's Mightiest Show. Where? E3! It is the most wonderful
time of the year. It is video game heaven. I'm so excited. Everybody's talking
about Marvel's Avengers and MARVEL ULTIMATE
ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order. So much fun. I gotta share with you guys, my
favorite Marvel moments of E3. Let's check them out. RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER):
We kicked off E3 2019 in the
biggest way possible with Marvel's
Avengers, revealing the game to the world! Story, characters, actors,
settings, some highs, some lows, some tears. So much more. And I'm super hyped for
the game and for E3 2019. But I'm not the only one
hyped for Marvel's Avengers this week. [CHEERING] RYAN PENAGOS (VOICEOVER): If
we were hyped for the reveal, oh boy, oh boy! We've got so much more here
on the show floor at E3. There is a giant
Marvel's Avengers booth. And it is loaded with swag. We've got lanyards and dossiers. It's got costumes for
the five core Avengers that you can check
out, see it in here. But it all leads
to actually getting to see about 30
minutes of gameplay from Marvel's Avengers. And it is mind blowing. We went inside. We saw a lot of cool stuff. Share with you what
we can, oh man. But if you think this is it? No. We've got so much more
to see and do here at E3. Let's check it out. Nintendo's booth has been
swamped throughout E3 2019, but we got in here
super early to get exclusive access to
play MARVEL ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3: The Black Order. Guys, it's so much fun! Hell yes, y'all! What an amazing E3! So much fun. You guys saw, so many
cool things going on. And of course, make sure you
preorder Marvel's Avengers. It comes out May 15th, 2020
on PS4, XBOX, PC, and Stadia. And of course, MARVEL
ULTIMATE ALLIANCE 3. Preorder that, it
comes out July 19th. That's so soon! On Nintendo's Switch. I can't wait. It's been such a great E3. We have tons of
coverage on, This Week in Marvel,
Marvel Let's Play, pretty much everywhere. It's awesome. It's a pretty
great E3, you guys. I'll be back with more soon. I'm Ryan, and this is
Marvel, your universe. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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