BEST Tower Defense Games… Is this the one?

Welcome back everyone Today, I’m gonna check out in your face tower defense It is obviously a tower defense game that I found on Steam it’s a slightly older game and From what I read they have discontinued development, but it’s free and it seemed to have good reviews. So I thought I’d check it out We’re gonna go into level 1 Push this button here Here we go! Must be flying to another location. Oh we’ve landed wasn’t that cool. Whoa That was kind of freaky well not really freaky but Okay, so I’m on anothe…. Wooahhh That’s cool Look at that planet I Like the the visuals I can see there’s a red line coming so that’s Probably gonna be where the enemies are coming. You got a little guy there Okay, so build with my right hand laser tower or slow trap Drone gather 17 minerals per minute. It costs a hundred how much money do I have? I wanted to build a laser tower. Well, I guess I put that down Blockade blocks a Path. Yeah, I hear you buddy, but he’s mining I guess Seventeen income per minute. Can I build another guy? $100 I need the laser towers. Let’s put another laser tower Okay Okay, so I press Build it right there. I Wish I knew how much money I actually had is there. Oh right in front…. Oh man, haha. It’s right on my controller 5,4,3,2,1 Two one. Oh, I can go on top of things. Well, that’s cool okay, I got my minigun too Let’s see how my lasers take him out. I’m gonna jump down here and watch them from there. Oh, heya little buddy Oh Glue trap There you go. Oh hold to speed up Okay, so the little grip button on the bottom speeds up time that’s that’s handy to know select weapon Well, I got a disk Destroy I’m destroying you. Oh, I chopped his head off. Ooh I chopped his head off. Sorry, buddy Oh, who are you… You look like some sort of strange Halloween pumpkin caught inside a metal jacket Freaking me out IDon’t like you. What do you look like from the front? Ah Holy you’re getting by We’re gonna jump there jump here We got a bird’s-eye view keep on working little buddy. Thanks for gathering my resources You know, there’s one thing I wish all destroyed I wish all games would do and that was Where you could press left or right and it would just rotate your view like snap it Oh Headshot. Do you got hearts for eyes? Well you’re not Noooo! Enjoying the video then like and subscribe … Throat punch!! (gurgle sound) I need more. Oh haha, I created another little guy Go get him buddy Hey, you got a, You got a brother or a sister or whatever now? You guys keep mining those red gems Okay, here we go again how much money do I got 31 I don’t have enough money. Destroy I’m gonna just take their health down? Oh how do, how do you reload Oh Okay, you know what this is missing I guess it was still in development, but just to tell you the health of these guys Okay, this is pretty cool I like being right down Interacting Oh 9 out of 20 Hey not so close Okay, so how much money do we got we need more towers You go there and We need to slow down pad again right there and 17 I can’t do much more… Minigun I’m gonna get up high No, get down low. Yeah… Take ’em out lasers! Can I upgrade you guys? Give ’em a little head shot. Hey, keep your distance personal space personal space Personal space I like the minigun don’t you get near my base. Yeah Ohh I need another robot giving me money I know it’s a lot of money, but There you go. You guys got another ahh sibling… enjoy Okay, what do I got 73 bucks I can build Another laser turret Right there four three two Another laser turret coming your way. You guys ain’t gonna get by What is that red thing over there. Oh, are those my bullets Oh Take a nap you’re sleeping in jello. I Love it when you get their heads off Okay, let’s try This oh that didn’t do nothing, oh we gotta take some I’m horrible at that. OK it takes a second for the of it flying For the The blades to come out Oh wicked. Oh I Missed get em, get em! No!! You guys need more It’s how I make my money how many of you got four? Thanks guys Okay, so that that frisbee thing is pretty cool when it nails them it just Takes their arm off or whatever. Can I put a turret on a turret? No, that’s just a platform for standing on. Well, you’re gonna get one right there. I Don’t have a weapon out. I want to get this thing. Oh, well, look at you go what you’ve been smoking You’re going pretty fast! I am not good shot right in the head All right in the neck how’s that feel Oh Stuck it in my own thing Nope I Am NOT a good shot. Oh Yeah………..Oh Common! Oh Little buddy Destroy Minigun time well the mini guns coolest, well… You win yes Wooahh, that is trippy looking Well, I hope you guys enjoyed watching me play in your face tower defense This is a free game on Steam, but unfortunately the development has stopped. Definitely worth checking it out. And uhh, I hope you if you do check it out. You enjoy it. I’ll see you guys next time

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