Best Way To Invest Money In Your 20’s

Alright my friends, today we’re talking
about the best way to invest your money when you’re in your 20’s. And today I’ve
got five very specific things that I believe in that I’m doing on a regular
basis. I think it’s going to be amazing for you so hang tight here on Limitless
Wealth TV. We got it all coming your way right now. Alright friends, we are back with the
five best ways to invest in your 20’s. Whoa, alright so a lot of you have been
asking questions like, “okay Kris we’re sitting in our 20’s, you guys have created
all this financial success to help thousands of people, almost a billion
dollars worth of real estate and after all that, what advice you have for
someone in their 20’s?” That is young and just starting out and we recognize that
a number of you. I know you’re excited. So excited. Go for it. We know that a number
of you our fans, our friends and our millennials that are out there wanting
to crank financially. You want to succeed and we’re here to show you how to do it.
So today, we are going to put in a very specific order countdown on – five. We’re
going start with the most important. We’re going to end with the most important
and we’re going to sandwich some good stuff in the middle. Number one, you want to own
your own home. Guys, this is one of the best things that you can do at a young
age, to get a leg up, to get a jumpstart in real est…or in financial freedom. And I
think one of the biggest problems that most people have in America is, they wait
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait until they’re way too old to buy their first
investment property. Well therefore, even their first own home. Yeah, we’re
talking about now. We’re not just saying buy a house. Right. People will say that
your own home is your best investment. We say that your own home that classifies
as an investment, could be your first investment. Yes and so what that looks like is, buy
that home with equity. You buy a home with twenty, thirty, forty thousand
dollars of equity and guess what, your net worth is going to jump big-time on that
first purchase. Which is pretty cool because you can get away with generally
a 3% down payment. So on a $200,000 house, we’re talking about $6,000,
so very small out of pocket but stepping into a big chunk of equity. And then also
you can have roommates that you can rent to. When you’re married, you can move out
and rent it to somebody else. You can do a lease option on it and make three, four
five, six hundred dollars a month. And so your first home is definitely a must
when it comes to five things that you need to do when you’re in your 20’s.
Number two is, get investment property. Say not just your own home that you’re
living in but actually get into some investment properties. And if someone is
young and they’ve gotten their first home, right? Their own first home. What’s
their next step to get into? Maybe their second home. Well first of all, if you
bought that house with equity, then we can show you with a little bit of time
and seasoning how to use that equity to buy more homes.
You could be crushing it at your job and doing a great job being a saver versus a
spender, right? A producer versus a consumer, or you can get with Steven and
I will show you to partner with people. It could be partnering with a parent. a loved one, a friend. Bottom line is people out there, everywhere have money
and you don’t and so how do you bring that money in so that you can keep
buying properties? Well, we’ll show you how to do that in
our partner profits course, but bottom line is, make it a goal have an intention
now. When you have non-owner occupied investment property, that means
homes you don’t live in. That you want to buy and run out. You typically need a 20%
down payment. So median average $200,000 home, you’re going to need $30-$40,000 to buy
that home, so go find someone else with $30- $40,000 and we’ll show you how to do
it. We’ll even give you the property. So can I give them a quick workaround
though? Okay, if you’re young and you’ve got some time and you’re willing to be
flexible, you can buy your first home live in it. This is a secret, live in it
for 12 months. Oh yeah this is good. You can then move out of that home. It’s a
big secret. Get a little closer the camera. You can actually get another
primary residence for another 3% down another 3%. It sounds like putting a very
little bit down, wait 12 more more months. Stop, stop, stop. 12 months move out of that
home and buy a third one at the first one, you’re like, making several
hundred dollars about the cash flow. Your second one, same thing. You got equity piling up in
the first equity. In the second one, you know about your third it’s like. Wait a
second here, you telling me I increased my net worth over $100,000 with like
three tiny itty-bitty baby down payments. That mean my house is even paid for? You
can do this again and as long as your mind to live in it for 12 months, okay.
Move out of it, you can’t keep giving that cheap money. Oh this is amazing,
right? You can grow your investment. So like we were saying, right ways, buy
investment that somebody’s, there’s ways of doing that. Okay now let’s talk about
number three, so number three is become an entrepreneur. Yeah right, yeah. Becoming
an entrepreneur means own your own business. Absolutely. take your money
where should you invest some of it. Invest it in a business and the reason
why we recommend that is because when you have a day job. By the way you might
have a job that you absolutely love, but when you got a day job just remember
that, it’ll never financially get you where you
truly want to be. So it’s a stepping stone. And it’s a stepping stone to what?
Well here we believe in multiple streams of income. So owning your own business is
just to what, it’s another stream of income. And there’s a difference between
owning a job and owning a business. I just wanted to paint the difference here
for just a second. Owning a job means you’re in the day-to-day, you’re doing
all the work, the business revolves around you. Owning a business means, you
can step out, still produce a lot and and free up that time to do some other
things. And the distinction there is whether your business operator or a
business owner. Correct. You see an operator is just someone else that has a
probably more expensive job. Hey like you had a job and they said, “I’m going to go on
and do this my own.” And you might even be working harder for less money. So you
need to have the end in mind which is wait a second, what kind of business
could I start that eventually, I move out of and hire someone else to manage. When
you move from business operator to business owner, that’s when you have a
stream and then guess what you can do? Just like if one home works and you want
to buy more, if one business works you wanting what? You want to get more. So
basically, these first three things that we’re saying are, invest in real estate,
invest in business, right? Your own home, investment properties, invest in business,
start with the end in mind and think of businesses that you can step away from
and still have them work and run. Number four is, you want to make sure that as
you’re going forward in your investment, career that you take time to learn about
other things as well. You diversify. And diversification, I think is a word
that gets thrown around a lot and often times, there’s fear associated with
diversification, right? I think that there’s… I want to diversify so I don’t
lose all my money. Well Kris can you give us a little bit of a better
foundation on why diversification is so powerful? So Ray Dalio, one of my mentors
I got a chance to speak with him, live. He’s a billionaire, more successful
than Warren Buffett. A lot of people don’t know about him because he keeps
himself out of the limelight. This guy’s returned fifty billion dollars over a
twenty six year period of time to his investors. And he said that you can
eliminate 80% of all risk, by separating your finances into fifteen different
asset classes. So Steven and I will go having into business, having the real
estate then we’re going to put some money in the market. But if you’re going to
put the money in the market, the stock market places like that, then the first
thing you need to do is, you got to make sure that you place your money with who
we call a fiduciary and not a broker. Fiduciary will generally charge 1%. A
broker on average, charges 3.2 %, hidden fees all this is and that.
But worse, brokers have a hidden agenda because they get paid to push certain
products on you. So not what’s best for you, not what you
want, but what will pay them more money. That’s a pretty jacked up system. But
it’s the one that we live in. So almost half of your average gains are going to go
to pay this guy. Instead, you want to find a fiduciary, this person by law is not
allowed to receive a penny or they going to jail. They have a special license that
says I hear my FBI fingerprints take me to jail, cuff me if, I try to make any
additional money other than my very obvious, you know, oneish percent. And so
be smart and wise when and how you play in the market. And then you know, get
yourself educated. Read enough.I mean Steven and I, we put on an event a
couple times a year that gets you so well-versed in the game of money. And how
to grow, yes we’re going to talk a lot of real estate at our real wealth event.
We’re going to talk about a lot of other things.But bottom line is, oh my gosh, you
got to get this education, so you can appropriately go into the market and
have your money growing. So some of it might be sitting in cryptocurrency. And
one of your other non correlating assets are those a big word. In the market, you
want to spread your money on things that don’t connect with each
other. So they aren’t correlating. Non correlating means that one might go down
and one might what one might go up. So we actually, it’s a little complicated,
but we have a four day event where we actually talked about this. So don’t
worry about it right now. But the bigger thing is, find a broker, diversify your
assets. That is what the wealthiest of wealthy do. They’re not putting it all
into real estate, we’re heavy in real estate. But we’re also making room to put
our money in some of these other places. Okay? Number five. Okay now this big one
this is one that I want you to write down and take action on. It is all about
the most important thing that you can invest in your twenties, is – you. The
real estate between your ears, what you don’t know is the most dangerous
information to you. And worse, not even knowing that you don’t know. But now that
you watch this video, you know that you may not know, that you didn’t know what
you didn’t know. So here’s what that basically means, right? It means that you
got to get an education. And Steven and I, we put on an event two times a year,
it’s called real wealth. And the purpose of the event is, a forte event. And it’s
to help you master money both the wealth mindset and then also how to go from
rags to riches. How do you grow and multiply
money. It is intense. It is a guaranteeing life-changing event. You’ll probably
never receive honestly a more powerful financial education in your entire life.
Than spending those four days with us. You might want to go to our website and
submit your request to talk to somebody and say, real wealth event,Kris and Steven
talked about it. And it’s an investment to go to this event. It’s generally
$1500. We might be running some promotions or some
discounts, but that for days, you’ll never think the same again. It’ll absolutely
change your behavior, your actions, the way that you look at money, the way that
you grow it. And you’re bound to walk out. with so many different money-making
business ideas, that you’re going to know how to take complete and utter control,
of your life. So whether it’s that or reading real estate books, the bottom
line is, get a financial education and the epitome of what that would look like,
is spending four days with Steven and I. And we’re going to bring in our our
fiduciary. We’re going to bring in our team of experts. We’re going to bring in our
people and we’re going to show you how to master the game of money. So click over
here on the website. If you want to learn more about that event. How to do that and
bottom line friends, those are the five best ways to be investing money in your
20’s. There’s a lot of things that we can do that can keep us from investing and
taking action. Knowing something but not acting on it, is the same as not knowing
it at all. So if you need help implementing the information that we’re
sharing here, if you want to know how to actually start making real estate happen
right now. Click the link on the website. Read the different options that we make
available. Get live with me. Work with me in my team and let’s help you go out
there like thousands of others that I’ve helped and start crushing it in real
estate, right now.

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