Beyhadh 2 – Ep 29 – Full Episode – 9th January, 2020

Maya. Maya, please talk to me. I want to talk to you
just once. Maya. I don’t deserve your love,
Maya. I am not worth you. Maya, listen to me
just once. Don’t talk to me for lifelong
then if you don’t want to. Please. Tell me. Mr. Mrityunjay,
I have received your gift. I wanted to give it to you. Very good, Ankit. You are Rishi’s true friend. Absolutely, Mr. Mrityunjay. I can even sacrifice
my life for Rishi. Hey, Mister! Go from here. Where should I meet you? Mr. Mrityunjay, meet me
at the construction site. Come soon because
your gift is waiting for you. Your day will be good. I’ll get down and slap you.
Go from here. Will you slap me?
Just wait and watch. My curse will ruin you.
Idiot! Aamir, the work
has been done. Maya, please open the door. I have told you sorry
so many times. How many times
will I have to plead? Maya, I am not a windup toy who will dance to your tunes
whenever you want me to. I have played
this game once. I won’t play it repeatedly. ‘Where did Maya go?’ Why isn’t Rudra
answering the call? Do you have any idea? Rishi, I have been talking
continuously. I am talking to you.
Will you say something? What should I say? Do you say anything
which makes sense? Why were you hugging
Maya today? Don’t you know
that you have a girlfriend? If she gets to know,
she will be hurt. Why would she be hurt? She is your star writer.
And I was just fooling around. Brother was acting strange. Didn’t you see how was he
roaming around Maya? Actually, I cannot understand
what both you brothers keep doing. I feel that she has cast a spell
on both of you. Ananya. I want to talk to you. What did you have to talk that you sent Rishi
outside the house? Poor guy! I am very bad, Ananya. I am neither a good brother
nor a good son nor a good friend. Whenever there is any problem,
I come to you to burden you
with my problems. Did you finally realise
that you act well? Have you got a movie? Drama queen! Will you tell me
what is the problem? I have done something stupid. I made a mistake. Ananya, you.. Have you ever fallen
from a swing? You feel for a second
that you are flying. And you are on the ground
the next second. You feel for a second
that you have everything. Every happiness. Nobody can stop you. The next second.. People will be laughing at you
the next second. Rudra, is everything all right?
What happened? I had forgotten that there is no happiness
in my life. There is only pain. You are scaring me, Rudra. Is everything all right? I’ve realised that me and Khushi
have some issues. But there is only one place where all my pain,
my ups and downs and my happiness.. You’re the only person
who can take care of me. You’ll always
take care of me, right? I’m sure
you’ll not leave me. You’ll not hurt me, right? Will you marry me? ‘No!’ ‘No!’ ‘No!’ Please! Please, don’t do this. Please get me out of here. Please get me out of here. Please get me out of here! I must get out of here. I must get out of here!
Please! Please get me out of here! No!
Somebody, help me. Please help me! Rudra.. I’m sure this is a joke. Do you know what
marriage actually means? It is something where two people
are ready to live together. They like each other. They can make each other
laugh and care for each other. So.. This is how we are, right? I care for you. And I like you a lot. I’m ready to live my life
with you. You’re the only person
in this world who I can be
comfortable with. You think I must
be joking, right? Somebody, help! Please help me. Please get me out of here. Please, somebody. Please.. Please! Please help me. Please.. Please get me out of here. Please, somebody.. Please save me. ‘I curse you.’ I don’t care, Rudra. Now that you’ve asked me. It’s a yes. Yes.. Don’t you
dare betray me. I’ll never betray you. But I must tell
you the truth, Ananya. I’m marrying you..
– I know the reason, Rudra. You’re trying to run
away from yourselves. But it’s okay
because you’re with me now. You’ve taken
a very smart decision today I love you. ‘I’ve received your gift.
– Where do you want to meet?’ Please take me away from here. Please take me out of here.. Please save me.. Please save me.. Save me.. Please.. I.. I.. I know you don’t love me.
It’s okay, Rudra. Being your best friend
is enough for me. I’ll never betray you. Even if I can’t
give you my love.. But I promise, I.. I’ll be a good husband. Even if you don’t become
that, I’ll make you one. I’ve made you a good friend. I’ll make you a good
husband too. God! This is so cool! I was thinking all those things
about you and Maya. I thought that you’d gotten
caught up with Maya. Anu, I want to tell
you something about myself. About the reason I hate love. About what happened
10 years ago.. And what happened for me to have
come to you now. Anu, you have to know this, I.. Not today, not now. Let everything that happened
in your past stay in the past.

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