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call me Dakota Joe, and I am the
coolest guy in jail. But those are bragging
rights that you don’t want. And I’m going to manipulate you. Guarantee, I’m going to
be eating out of your box. I’m going to be
drinking your coffee. And I might even be writing
your old lady behind your back. Don’t know. Let me slip up and
get into your box. I’ll read your mail. I’ll send off word. I don’t care. I’m the kind of guy– and I went to prison for this– who kicked open the
front door of a church and stole every
last thing inside. Why? Because I like it. I liked the rush, the thrill. And now when the
homeless people can’t eat on Saturday morning
because I stole everything from the food pantry, huh. Got ’em. Don’t care. If I can do that, what do you
think I’m going to do to you? I hear all y’all
like to smoke weed. I got some, right now,
right next to my colon. Because if you come in
here and you gonna smoke, you gonna be smoking
on some stuff that came out of my anal cavity. DALTON: How old are you? 16. DALTON: 16? I’ve been there. I’ve been right where
you’re sitting at. I’m Dalton. I’m 22. And I’m here to tell these kids
that drugs will ruin your life. Everyone makes their
own decisions in life. And you reap what you sow. I made my own choices. I’ve been doing this
since I was 12 years old. You know, I wish somebody
would have put me in a [muted] program like this,
because then I wouldn’t be sitting here today. You think it’s bad when your
mom takes your cell phone away? Your mom take your
cell phone away? Yes, sir. DALTON: You get mad, you
throw a tantrum, kick her? Yes, sir. DALTON: Come here, you
don’t get no cell phone. ALICIA: The dudes are waiting
for you all to come in here. I promise you, they already got
[muted] mental pictures of– AUSTIN: I shouldn’t be here
right now, so it don’t [muted] matter.
– Excuse me? AUSTIN: I said it don’t matter.
– Oh, it don’t matter? No.
ALICIA: It’s going to matter. I’m not coming here. ALICIA: I promise– oh,
that’s what I said, too. I said I wasn’t
coming here either. AUSTIN: I’m not a [muted]
-up either, though. ALICIA: Oh, yeah?
You look like a [muted]. But now [muted]– I’m not a [muted]. You got me? You look like a [muted]. You look like a [muted]. That’s OK. That’s good that you’re not
[muted],, but don’t [muted] up. I’m not [muted] up. DAKOTA JOE: What’s your name?
– Austin. DAKOTA JOE: Austin. Yeah. What do you do? I play football. How much football do you think
you’re going to play in here? AUSTIN: I’m not going to be
in here, so it don’t matter. You think you’re
too cool to come here? Because I’m the cool guy here. This is my house. This is where I go. I used to play hockey. I guarantee, I get
you out on that rink, I will put you into
the board fast. Yeah, you think that. DAKOTA JOE: You want to know? Come here. How old are you? AUSTIN: I’m not going to come
here, so it [muted] matter. DAKOTA JOE: How old are you? – Hey, get out of jail.
– How old are you? AUSTIN: Then talk to me, buddy. All right? You want me to see you? He wants me to see him. You want me to see
you when I get out? Because I’ll come find you. Because you know what? Coming back here, it
ain’t nothing to me. I was 15 years old, sitting in
the same place you was sitting, saying, it can’t happen to me. I’m too cool for this. I’m the cool guy. But guess what? Look at me. Why am I in orange? Because I’m the most
vibrant person in this room. I’m the one that’s got
the access to everything. Slit your throat, do the dope. What you want? I got that, son. I’ll still be here. You come see me, I’m
gonna own you, boy. I’m gonna own you. And that smile– I got something to wipe that
smile off your face, boy. You know what a man-pon is? A man-pon’s where you
gotta take toilet paper two days after being raped. So you think you get
a pretty good idea. That’s a man-pon. Can you handle a man-pon? You think you can get out of it? Five guys coming at you. What are you gonna do? Talk your way out?
ALICIA: He’s a pretty boy, too. He’s a pretty boy. Yeah, as pretty as you are– ALICIA: Yeah, he’s a– MATTHEW: You got pretty
hair, nice skin complexion. DAKOTA JOE: I like
that smile, them teeth. Your mom and dad took you
to the dentist, didn’t they? They care about you. I do, too. You want to kiss? Suck on this tongue? Because there’s many of us up
in here, we make you do it. You’re going to have
120 eyeballs all on you, and it’s going to
be dead silent. And that’s the moment you
know everybody in that dorm is looking to get you. Take a look at that picture. He just came in. He thought he was Johnny Badass. That was all in intake. ALICIA: That was here, bro. Here. MATTHEW: I had my head
bust numerous times, thinking I was tough. But there’s always
somebody tougher. So you guys, you want to
play football and everything? There gotta be some type of
ambition in your heart, right? You have to want
something out of life. I know you do. I can see it in you. I feel it in you, because
you’re telling these guys you’re not coming back. So there’s obviously something
inside of you that you know– right? You know that. Don’t let your homeboys
tear that from you. I let so many people
that I thought were my friends tear me apart. I don’t have friends, bro. I don’t have anybody. I’m mad at you guys, and I’m
[muted] jealous, because you guys get to go home. DAKOTA JOE: When I
go back to the dorm and I look at the
mirror at night before I lay down every night,
do you know what I want to be? I just want to be free.

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