hi guys and welcome back to my channel today I have a huge a goodwill haul all of it is brand new and I think most of it is from Target some of it may be from JC Penney's or Kohl's I'm not sure I'll show you the view items I'm not sure where they are from so if you like a thrift hauls if you like goodwill hauls if you like Target like me then just stick around and we'll get started okay guys so me and my daughter we went to our local goodwill it was a Friday night we were more looking for just something to do some kind of mother-daughter bonding and she's a thrift her like me and so I was not expecting to find very much but it was pretty busy in there on a Friday night and I was just doing my normal thing looking and I liked the baskets and that stuff and then I saw this cart of Target stuff all of it was brand new and nobody was really looking at it but what I noticed is once you start looking at it people flock because they want to know what you're finding and then the workers brought out another cart but as I got looking around the store I was finding little things kind of stuffed throughout the store so I am very excited about this let's jump down into it okay so the first things I'm going to show you are I hit the jackpot in swell bottles this one is kind of more of a Christmas print I'm not gonna see they kind of remind me of snowflakes but this would definitely be good for like coffee during the winter and fall my daughter's in cross country and so while we're at those meats and the like we bitter morning it's always good to have coffee so this would be good for that and I also got a green and a pink one for my son daughter and so they can bring these to school I don't know if I mentioned the price so and all these items you can see picking up you can see all their little target clearance things well the target clearance price so for example this one was 748 good well sells it for half of the lowest price on the sticker so actually more oh this was less or more than half off of the lowest price so I got all of these swell bottles for 399 awesome deal so excited the only bummer is and this is why I never bought these to begin with even when they were in target is I hate hand-washing these things but for 399 okay you can't go wrong all right I'm not gonna show you these cuz they're my boys underwear but I did get him a thing of some Hanes underwear and target's price originally was at 20 bucks I got him for $4.99 when I showed unto him he's like I am not wearing those he thought they were used from good well I'm like they're not used to the brand new so he got over it the next thing I got and I have been wanting one of these for a long time is a little portable charger for your cell phone and only go on car trips this is a great little thing to have and I got this for 399 okay so I'm assuming this is a guy brand at Target I don't know I've never seen it it's the good fella and company but it's just like this chambray button-up shirt and I got this this was in the brand-new section the clothing section in Goodwill and I got this for my husband and it was only 399 so you guys know me and my cutting boards I don't necessarily use with cutting boards to cut with I use them more as like I don't know decor in my buffet and I have them hanging on the side of my island and stuff like that but I thought this one was so cool it's the light wood and then there's like the strips of the dark wood in there this is the threshold line and I got this for $6.99 but you could definitely use this like to make like pizza or you know I mean like to spread the dough out and all that good stuff so cut that okay so next I don't know if you guys have heard me mention this before but I love the universal thread line in jeans at Target I got a brand new pair there and shoot I don't have my receipt I think they were $4.99 so these they're the lighter what I think I'm gonna do I just love love love love how soft these are there so stretchy I think what I'm going to do though is to stress the knees I kind of like distressed jeans and I figured for $4.99 I mean you can't go wrong next I got my husband and I don't know if this is sold at Target or not this is why I'm thinking this is maybe from JC Penney's or cold it is a new it's the Levi's brand although that is the target line it's a leather wallet and I got this for $9.99 and then you guys know that my bed right now I have pink and white and I got these shabby chic they're king size there are pillowcases but I think you could use them as shams as well and I got these for for 49 all right so we're getting down to the last two items this is a table runner this looks so summery to me it's kind of like that jute material and then it's got those little fringes on the bottom and I got this as originally $24.99 I got it for 649 and I just thought this would be so cute to this for like summer put this as a table runner and the last thing I got is this project visit project about project 62 the Nate Berkus line this is a twin blanket but what I said to my daughter is this would be kind of cute because she has a full full queen-size bed to drape at the end of her bed just kind of like you know give that cozy look in the fall and it's the neutral colors this I got for 749 now when I went to go check out the lady said if you like our page on Facebook you get an additional 20% off I mean already I was scoring on all this brand new target stuff so I did and I saved an extra 20 bucks to say my Friday night was made is an understatement I was so excited you just you know when you find those like awesome awesome deals that's how I where we walked out like floating on cloud nine but yeah so it made our Friday night so let me know if you guys have scored any brand new target stuff at Goodwill I know this certain goodwill they I think they may be I don't know how it works I don't know if they buy like by the truckload how that works but let me know if you have scored brand new target things that you're a goodwill and I hope you guys had a great day if you like this type of video give it a thumbs up and I'll see you guys in my next video bye bye that was like blah blah blah


  • You scored lots of cool stuff! Love the table runner & men’s wallet. I got a craft 3 drawer organizer on wheels for $3.99 and was super-excited. It wasn’t a Target brand but the price was right. Sometimes you find the best things when you least expect! Happy Thrifting!

  • You scored big time! I love that Target donates to Goodwill. I HATE washing those bottles too🤣. I grabbed one there after Christmas on clearance last year and my daughter uses it everyday! 💕

  • Wow! What a great haul! Finding all those in just one day.You’re a very luck.I like your videos so you have a new subscriber.Have a nice day! 😀

  • I bought a brand new Target kitchen towel on my last Goodwill visit. It was on a Saturday when everything in the store was half off, including Target items. I see a lot of their brand at my local Goodwill, but so far that's the only thing I purchased. After seeing what you bought, I'm thinking about buying some items for gifts.

  • Can you say jackpot!!!!! Amazing finds. My goodwill never has that much target stuff at one time. Awesome

  • I wend Saturday to Port Jervis and found this consignment store that I love it and found few thinks very happy.❤️👍👏

  • I'm in awe and just wowed!!! No. We never get those things… our good will keeps them for thereselves!!

  • Girl, you sooo scored on this haul! Love the shams and the blanket! And, you had a nice mother daughter day and that's what counts most! 😄 Have a great weekend, Keri! Hugs!

  • I love it when the thrift stores have new items from Target or other stores. Those are the best steals for new items! I can’t believe your Goodwill gave you an extra 20% off. That’s amazing! 😁

  • I need to find a Goodwill and start going. Love all the things you found. BTW…that green color looks so pretty with your eyes!

  • Hi Keri. You must have been going crazy.!! That's so cool that GW does that. I don't think ours does that. I'm dieing to get some of the jeans you got. Universal Thread? Everyone is going nuts for that Brand. Love what you got. TFS💕🍁

  • Giiiirl, you hit the jackpot! I'll just bet if I go there my store won't have anything like that….but I might just have to try. That was a good haul. Tfs and have a great weekend. 🤗❤️☀️👍

  • Wow Mom from one Mom to another . Nothing like airing your poor son laundry lol 😂 . But great haul . (Deb)

  • Wonderful haul! Love the cutting board & the blanket. You are so sweet and it's so easy to listen to your channel! God Bless🌹

  • WOW…You found the bargain hunter's sweet spot!!! I still can't believe you got all that Target stuff!!!

  • I have bough a lot of super cute summer tops,dresses, shoes, comforter,bed skit. Target brand for only 99 cents!!
    Our goodwill does color tags and even the new traget items have a goodwill color tag so each time I have gone I score 😊

  • I used to always find something good at Goodwill. Now the stores where I live are putting very high prices on everything and especially clothes. I still go there hoping things will change. Right now it is very disappointing to shop there.

  • You did awesome! Closest I’ve ever came to that feeling is checking out at Kohl’s with tons of coupons, lol

  • Men are funny about thrifted stuff, that's why I rarely mention where I purchased things. I just wash them and give it to them! Nice haul!

  • Hi Keri, wow girl…to say you scored big is an understatement…good for you…and I'm glad you and your daughter had a fun evening….tfs

  • Awesome finds, you did really luck out 🤗💕. I have to travel to get a goodwill fix, thinking if there are Targets locally to goodwill they will have new stuff …

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