Biggest Mistakes Young People Make

Man, I’ll tell you what. This young
generation thinks they know what they want. And you know what? Maybe they do but
today’s video is designed to help you avoid the 3 biggest mistakes that I
see young people making. And I consider myself young so I’m talking about my
peers. Technology is changing the world so
rapidly that today’s Millennials don’t want what their parents wanted. They
don’t want to necessarily pay their dues or put in the time. They don’t care about
having lots of money always. They don’t care about living the life the way that
their parents wanted to live. Which means we’re about to experience the largest
wealth transfer in human history. Right now, baby boomers are doing this. And we
got the rising generation. But the rising generation doesn’t want what the baby
boomers have. It means that 87% of all businesses are going to die without
changing hands to the next generation. We got this massive wealth transfer. And I
see young people out there making 3 dominant mistakes. And I want to share
them with you. Here’s the first one that you would want to avoid. I’ve got time,
I’m young I don’t need to worry about these things. And the problem is, is that
when you do finally get serious about your finances, the one thing that we all
share in common that we need our biggest most valuable commodity is time. You can
have your investments grow over 40 years or you can have them grow over 10 years.
And 10 years will seem like a pittance compared to the 4 years. That doesn’t
mean I’m telling you that you’ve got to work forever. I was retired at 26. Mind
you, okay? That financial freedom has enabled me to do all sorts of whatever I
wanted to do with my life. So, even though I did it in a short period of time, I
still had time on my hands. So compound interest is what Albert Einstein says is
the most important creation in the financial arena. And you want to put that
to use. Before I share number 2, let me just tell you this. When I bought my very
first property and I was doing 30% a year on my money, then when I sold that
property, I took the assets and I put them into more deals then I was making
60%, 80%. Today, I’m making thousands of percent return on some of my original
money that I put into the game. Which means that I get to work this much and
swing a massive arm of leverage to create so much abundance in my world. So,
people all the time subscribe to this channel which you’re a subscriber. If
you’re smart, I got a video coming every single day teaching you how to be
financial genius. And I’m telling you right now, you want to have time on your
side. The second thing I hear is people say, “I want a career.” And I want to invite
you today in this video to actually second-guess whether you want to
career. Like a career means that you’re gonna go work for somebody else for your
30 or 40 working years and then at the end hope that you have everything that
you need. Science has created all this massive innovation. We’re all going to live
way longer than we think. And we need to maintain the wealth of our health and we
need to maintain the wealth of our bank account. A career is going to put you in
jeopardy. If we were to look for a moment at like Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert
Kiyosaki. He talks about cashflow quadrant. This would be familiar to some
of you. In life, you’re either an employee, you’re self-employed, you’re a business
owner or you’re an investor. And I want you to understand, this is the side that
gets taxed hardcore. Not this side. But this side, this is where people become
rich. This is where people become wealthy. This is where people are leveraging
their time you want to find a way to become an owner. Not an operator, not a
self-employed… Because by the way, self-employed usually means you work
harder than when you were employed. This is where you get taxed the heaviest. This
is where you work the hardest. This is where my friend a career lies. This is
not the quadrant that you want to be in. If you want to have more time and more
money to live life with greater freedom. It’s that one word. FREEDOM! Right? That
one word that we’re all shooting for. You’ve got to find a way to own business,
you got to find a way to become an investor. Which means if you start on
this side, this just little side caveat. You need to get really good at living
this one rule. Don’t worry about paying your bank loans back. Don’t worry about
your student loan debt. Don’t worry about your mortgage or your phone payment. You
got to first focus on paying the most important person that makes all this
possible. The operator which is you. Which means pay yourself and invest it, right?
Save and invest the difference. But by far the worst of the things that I’m
hearing these days, it’s something that I even buy into from time to time. It’s
when people say, “I have to love what I do.” There’s this greed component that comes
up that says, “I have to love it. I have to be passionate about it.” Friend, I want to
tell you there’s a big difference between doing something that you’re
passionate about and then also doing something that fulfills purpose, okay?
Passion doesn’t always pay the bills. You can ask a lot of people in the music in
the art industry. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pursue those things. But it
does mean you need to upgrade your plan because you want to give yourself the biggest chance of succeeding versus
where most people are actually putting their time effort and energy. This whole
idea of passion. I’m fortunate that I have passion and purpose in what I’m
doing. You can probably fill that in my videos. And did if you were to like come
and hang out with me at one of my events or just like hang out and sit on my
couch with me and talk. You’d be like “Kris, like do you drink 20 cups of
coffeI is a caffeine that just creates this energy?” No, energy is a choice and I
love living with a lot of energy. And it’s because I actually bring a lot of
passion into what I do. I’m fortunate that I’m passionate. But before I’m
passionate, I’m living on purpose. And so there’s a tweak, there there’s an
adjustment there. My friend, these are the 4 areas where people young people
especially are hurting themselves right now. With the dogma that’s popular. But
that isn’t going to produce the result that you necessarily want later in your
life. Here, you’re building assets for somebody else. Here, you are building your
own assets. My friend, I’m going to tell you right here. These people have the
opportunity to live life with a high degree of freedom. These people can’t
stop working. They cannot stop. So you got to get yourself on the right side of the
fence instead of the wrong side of the fence. Question, which of these beliefs
you’re actually harnessing? And if you’re ready to start building your own assets,
and if you’re ready for more freedom, I’ve written a book and I’m going to give
you a copy of it for free. Comes with a free consultation. Talk to me a member of
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