Bill Maher – Animals are Communists

sure is you're a very funny man thank you brother and that would be alone a reason to have you here but you're interesting because you're a guy who kind of gave it all up you know you you made millions of dollars in the movies you gave most of it away you gave up your big mansion yeah ah for like a mobile home a nice one but still a home well if it worked I would have kept it but it didn't do what you know thank you happy that seems like because it doesn't I mean we've studied it right we have this new field of science called positive psychology and we know now that money up to a certain point does improve happiness if your your happiness if you're hungry and you're homeless it's gonna improve your happiness right but beyond like 50,000 to 75,000 dollars depending where you live really it doesn't make you any happier yeah 50 I know not in LA maybe yeah I know okay so you are happier now yeah I am you know happiness is not a destination it's a process but I feel much more robust much more myself much more alive I do I bike a lot but I actually commuted from my home in Malibu to Universal when I had a deal at Universal which like a 45 mile commute over the hill on a bike on a bike yeah Wow you walk the walk well yeah I'm like goodbye I think a lot of the conversations that we have these phonies love you I'm like anybody right the first finger always gets pointed out so I'm sitting in traffic one day and I'm saying I'm saying yeah traffic in LA sucks then I realize oh I am traffic so I wanted to do something about that and so one you know take a car off the road the one everything old lady who won the Powerball lottery we think she should do I mean she's old she can't use it I did not hear about this woman but we we we know what lotteries do to most lottery winners and that's the same rules of happier right that's the other point yeah they're not happy sometimes there's no sidle from it that's right it tears families apart people come in and after the wealth and it's just a pretty much a mess mmm I'm giving away all my money not to Obama this time though but I read in your book about your belief interesting belief about cooperation in the animal kingdom yeah yeah I know people work better cooperating but yeah I have to explain this to me that you think nature on the animal level cuz I never seen animals cooperate well well what you never see animals cooperate no really you ever seen a heard a herd yeah I heard is above a group of animals moving in unison they're they're not they're not cooperating with the thing they're killing right right yeah no no the jackals are not cooperating with the gazelle yeah absolutely right you're absolutely right however they're not taking more than they need right our philosophy is to take everything we can they don't kill a lion kills one gazelle it doesn't kill everyone so there is competition in nature it pushes us towards excellence in our specific species no question about it but the way nature thrives is through cooperation look at a coral rear saying animals are communists without the system yes they are they take what they need and then they freely give back this son by that definition is a communist no I'm not for the son the son freely receives and it freely gives the son has an economy that is very different than our economy that son yeah well that's I feel light but yeah that's done how much has the Sun charged you for the nutrients that you need to live right but we set up this is why I wrote life's operating manual because if we want to know why things are broken it's because we don't see how life works right actually the story we tell is the story of the exception of the human species which has all the problems but cooperation is actually also the story of the human species were moving along this migrating but Adam has a you know are cruel and heartless I mean like like the runt of a litter I mean there's there's always a runt because the dog the bitch has like eight nipples and there's nine dogs and and the nine dogs don't go let's share these nipples like let's make sure everyone gets a little bit of the nipple and we can all survive yeah like no you're the rut you die yeah that's that's a story but then tell the story of a coral reef Stella tell the story of a rainforest Ellis story the human body right the human body is one of eight nipples sorry the human body is one big cooperative right everything is giving to everything else and when it doesn't you get sick all right

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  • We humans r d only species in the entire universe, who stock live animals in d slaughter house and then we kill our prey for food on a massive (mass) scale, animals or other specices don't do that only we humans do.

  • One were animals two allot of animals including primates have groups where the more popular / high ranking animals get more then the others and plan and save food. This guy doesnt exactly understand just how life works for mammals. And about the dog thing some animals even within the same family same species will protect and care for a hurt or disadvanatged member. You can even see animals like bunnies contemplate attacking a nearby agressing dog that is going after a bunny or rabbit or what have you.

  • Well, from a biologist standpoint its kind of a huge over simplification, but i get where he's coming from.

  • I can't believe how naive they are about the animal kingdom. Animals work together and protect their own all the time, especially among kin. Getting some of your genes to the next generation is paramount.

  • I think the big point Thomas is trying to make is that nature, while occasionally cruel, never takes more than it actually needs. Also, everything in nature is interdependent on each other. Take one thing away and the whole suffers somewhat.

  • Umm… some animals will sacrifice the old to predictors so that the herd can proceed. For example zebra will forcibly push the old (unwilling) ones into the crocodile pit so the rest can cross while the crocodile tends to the geriatric. Source: Robert Sapolski

  • Wow I wish more people were as decent as this guy not the greedy, crazy, ignorant Capitalist children all about hedonism at the cost of others and the planet.

  • Holy shit, this guy might have good intentions, but the stuff he's babbling is total nonsense. And Bill is not helping here.

  • It´s a nice idea but it´s just fantasy. People shouldn´t be making political decisions based on this crap.
    Humans ended up dominating the planet because we´re superior to all other species. Eat that commie pigs.

  • Uhhhh. I disagree. Give me a couple million I'd be snug as a bug in the rug…75k… fuck off. His ideas are warmed over hippie shit.

  • Yeah…. Except for the fact, that animals are not socialistic or communistic. Two Pack of Wolfes would rather kill each other, than working together or sharing food. Most animals have some sort of Hierachy (Alpha, Beta etc; Queen-Worker-Soldier…).

    Many Species do hunt for fun/trophys (Cats; Damselflys, foxes, spiders….). And many species do gather more than they can eat ->hoarding food for bad times (rodents; Ants…)

    Some may say Ants and Bees are the perfect communist/socialists BUT those animals are more like the Nazis. Put two bee colonys together, and they will fight. Drones /Soldiers (Bees / Ants) are replaceable -> not that important….

  • This bloke is deluded. Lions will kill the male young as soon as he can get them separated from the lioness and Wolves will kill 100's of sheep in a night for nothing more than the thrill of it. I could show hundreds more examples, pigs will fight to the death over a morsel and so on

  • for the fundamentals of life to work you need a baseline from which to start your Hypothetical weed can't grow if you don't give it sunlight, water, and Dirt and the same goes for everything living thing after those priorities are met does anyone deal with making money. energy sources are not communist but socialist because they give you more than you give them Voluntarily(making it libertarian charity). now would you rather trade with "neighbors" or people further away that then turn around and Fuck you by over funding people that would kill you? Making friends shouldn't be hard except that when there is a power imbalance and You don't know other peoples intentions.

    the "Bitch" shouldn't have had nine children when she or her mate can only afford eight children and what happens if the said dog abandons all nine of them are they all "runts" Or is said dog just a Cunt? these are problems(especially with using kinder words) when you think on a bigger scale for any "planned" economy/civilization.

  • Intelligence people; the very thing that creates concentration camps and nuclear weapons is the same thing that creates VETERINARIANS…

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