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when I came here it was five days of rushing through doctors and surgeries and their doctors telling you all of the things you need to do what you can and can't eat what they're gonna do to your body when you need to be here bloodwork testing do you want to do this because this is the risks you're gonna have if you do this you're gonna have risks give you that which you want to do and you just sound out you had cancer music therapy therapy on xx and it'll be coming here and having Jeannie comment down and walk me through here's the books and get a little bit of info help me get through that first week the sharing let's build a patient Family Resource Center creates an environment where we can make sure that people don't suffer beyond what the illness is doing it's bad enough that people have a serious illness the system should be healing from day one there's a patient orientation I said what is that and it was actually a one-on-one with a patient advocate here who had a folder with all the cards everything that was assigned to me that I didn't know a social worker that's through the support care system that this is under your doctors cards your nurses everything they've already researched everyone taking care of you up to this point and you have their their information and they tell you where all of the different treatment centers are the radiation Department the Women's Center she's still a patient advocate I got her at the very beginning yeah there's no way you can manage everything without a central focus there isn't anything I've ever came here and asked a question about or wanted to know how can I find what I need that they haven't been able to find everything's listed here by the time and then if you flip it over it gives you a broader description of everything or the location this is first and foremost a information hub for patients and Families they're worried about their treatments they're worried about how much support they're gonna need after they get through their treatments support groups that they need to be connected to care plans for them this is the place where they can come and get that one of the first things that we did when we open the sharing less motivation Family Resource Center is to say that we wanted to change healthcare as it is now practiced so when the first things we did is to say every new program goes through the patient and family Advisory Council we then developed an automated touch screen for patients and families in English Spanish and Chinese so patients and family members could tell us what their concerns their problems are but what this trends in their resources are and we created the first of its kind in the country a staff leadership model in healthcare so every member of the team is expected to be a leader in their own area every member of the team is expected to challenge and question everything we do to make sure that we're doing the right thing every day based on values since I don't like my hair but if it's if I don't have time to fuss with the wig what else can I do for my head starve serves over two hats I was devastated when I lost my hair because I've always had long hair and I didn't go outside I became a hermit I called myself patrol I lived under a bridge in my mind it was horrible but Cassie here and everyone else that works here got me they ordered the wigs that matched my hair they gave me different colored scarves or that I could get and worked with me on skin tone so that I didn't feel old and ugly and sick and that's the one thing people around here say when they see me walking is they don't think I'm a patient and I tell them go to the positive image Center they'll make you feel like you're Salah that bright as much as we're spreading into the community as we're trying to spread this across the country taking that way of doing things and delivering it a different way and delivering it in the new technology platforms is going to be the new towel the pillar Center enforcing ago so they're very focused on creating innovative programs we're not in into incrementalism our vision statement is to become the best program of supportive care services in the world we want to create the health care system of tomorrow this place makes you feel like you are the most important person on the planet like you were the only one that needs help and that you're special they help you to take control and they make you feel like it's not so scary and like that you can be hopeful there is light at the end of the tunnel because you have help and you have a support and you're not alone especially in the better center

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