Billy McLaughlin’s Interview with Tomi Lahren

So, I came across an article in The
Washington Post, yes, The Washington Post that caught my eye because it was titled
“I wish the LGBTQ community was more accepting of gun supporters. I should
know.” And so I have the writer of that article who also happens to be the
social media director for the NRA, 24 years old, and also gay. So, bundle that
all together and you got your op-ed. But that’s why I really wanted to have you
here because I think what you wrote about was so interesting. For those who
didn’t read the article yet why did you write it? The main reason why I wrote it
was kind of like a two-fold you know type of deal. One: It’s pride month and
then Two: I also wanted to pose a question to the LGBT community and ask
them about why they’re kind of hostile to the Second Amendment
and to the pro-gun movement and then also show that the NRA is this inclusive
organization. Walking in as a gay man you thought you were gonna walk into a bunch
of kind of white old men and you didn’t know if you were gonna be accepted. Tell
my audience a little bit about that. Yeah, no, so that’s exactly right so when I
first took the job I was super excited I you know I was calling on my friends and
family and I was just really excited to to be a part of such a great
organization it’s been open since 1871 right and that has defended gun rights but
then I got met with like some hostility and so a few people are like oh how are
you gonna work for the NRA? They’re racist. They’re homophobic. It’s just
awful big gun lobby as we were just talking. And then one that I
really noticed was the LGBT community was really hostile in DC and this
is what I was hearing when I was going to bars. When I was talking to friends.
When I was talking to random people about it is that everyone had the same
response of why would you work for a homophobic organization? That’s so
confusing to me they just associate the gun lobby and guns with Republicans or
now with Donald Trump is that really where the hatred is coming from? I
think the hatred is just coming from from a pure ignorance
you know people not really understanding what the NRA is and what we do and and
and people looking at us as I was saying this huge gun lobby and this scary
gun lobby and not five and a half million Americans across the country.
And that’s when it really kind of you know – as you just
mentioned – I started and when I started I actually started to believe
these people I started to believe all you know all the naysayers and the and
the critics and I tried convincing myself I was like you know
what I’m just gonna go into work and I’m gonna defend the Second Amendment and
work and then I’ll go home and have my own life but sexuality doesn’t
belong in the workplace. So that’s why I convinced myself. Did I actually
believe that? No. But at the time it was making me feel better because I
started believing it and then about two weeks in to actually working there is
our annual meeting you know 90,000 freedom-fighting patriots who are all
there to defend the Second Amendment and that’s one of our executives did get up
and he said, “you know it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, rich, poor, gay,
straight – you have a right to defend your life and the National Rifle Association is proud to represent you.”

44 thoughts on “Billy McLaughlin’s Interview with Tomi Lahren

  • I have a friend who is gay that just bought his first carry pistol a few months ago. He's now started reloading and wants to buy an AR pistol. Good for him. I think he's slowly red pilling himself. LOL.

  • Bill are you a member of the Log Cabin Club too? I am gay a strong 2A supporter and at one time an NRA member. I no longer support the NRA because it is full of homophobic members but because of the corrupt Wayne LaPierre and the Russian connection.

  • What kind of a country do we live in when supporting any of our constitutional amendment's classifies you as judgmental to anyone? Its everyone's rights so how is it even conceivable to be anything buy the act of supporting everyone?

  • Assuming you guys are all gun supporters, you would never ever use your gun for the wrong reason right? Like you guys are responsible right?

  • When I saw the thumbnail for this video in my email with, "Being Gay in the NRA" in big letters across it my reaction was, "Really? This is a thing we have to discuss now? Who the hell cares if you're gay?!" I was just surprised that it was even an issue, but it's a lot like the issue with blacks and other minorities. As NRA members we're often surprised that anyone would think they're not welcome because of the color of their skin, but it's the lie that we have to overcome. We're one of the oldest, if not the oldest, civil rights organizations in the country, and yet we're still painted as racist, sexist homophobes by our pathologically corrupt & dishonest opponents in political sphere and their lapdogs/attack dogs in the Lamestream Media. We have to do better. The truth is all on our side, but it doesn't matter if people don't hear it.

  • If I might, what attracted this man to the job in the first place?
    That initial "excitement" was never explained/defined, and why (this is a biggie) was the Scene so convincing, as to change mind, and almost his heart..?

    Not being "smart" however, seems to me that such questions are of utmost importance.

  • At least the shills selling our gun rights away and helping big government bend us over a table aren't homophobic! As a lesbian myself I only wish that more machine guns, SBRs/SBSs, suppressors, and bump stocks had come out as LGBTQ+ so the NRA wouldn't have helped lobby to outlaw them!

  • NRA has not posted anything in a month and this is what we get. Really? I don't give a shit about your sex preference. SHUT UP, its not my business. Give me value news or your gone. No three strikes here, last chance

  • The only good thing that the NRA is good for is sending you stupid stickers to put on your car and I think that's it. What did they do for the gun community? Nothing I have owned guns for 15 years I never had to deal with the NRA or never had them send me any discounts on anyting. If I have a legal issue or get a lawyer and that's about it

  • NRA leaders please withdraw all your money and stop this greediness!!! Your people are killing each other with the very own guns you people selling. The bloods is in your hand !!

  • Ugh. Stop with the LGBT crap. And I quit the NRA over their waste of funds spent on executives and over actual funds for fighting for the 2nd Amendment. for me now.

  • Fags in the NRA…..I'm joining NGOA (Normal Gun Owners of America). If your sticking objects in your butt as a man you have mental issues and probably shouldn't have a gun.

  • I don't care about this video I never owned gun and I hope I never have to own a gun but I believe in rights if you bow to trump, who I voted for, you don't believe in our rights. there will always be people who kill but the masses don't. don't back trump on any gun control!! it is not the governments purview. It is our right!

  • NRA supports their own pockets not the 2nd,that you all know states "Shall Not Be Infringed" NRA and Trump both lie.

  • Lol so the NRA paid this guy to write a story in the paper then go on Fox to do an infomercial. I can't take this guy seriously at all. He sounds like he's recording a radio ad.

  • if trump bans guns there will still be people with guns. The same way drugs are banned but people still have them. So we need guns to defend ourselves

  • Look at the NRA putting out more advertising after the mass shootings just to get the public to give them more money for nothing. They do nothing for your rights. They were for bump stock bans. What gun rights group is for gun restrictions? When's the last time the NRA boycotted anything or any city that passed unconstitutional gun laws.? When has the NRA filed any lawsuits against anyone for unconstitutional gun laws ? When have they done anything for your gun rights other than ask for more money? Since the NRA has been around we have had gun free zones , Brady bill, background checks, conceal carry permits , red flag laws . What have they done. NOTHING. NRA IS A SCAM

  • Trump is planning on signing a whole package of gun control bills into law because he says so that the people who were shot by those two punks did not die in vain. Yet, what about the lives of the American soldiers who died defending those rights. Will they have died in vain? Yet, Trump says he "loves" the troops. Is this how he shows his love for American soldiers who defend our constitutional rights every single day?

  • Firearms are part of America's heritage. No gun law will ever prevent someone who is hell-bent on inflicting mass casualties. Our 2nd Amendment rights shall not be infringed. The right to self defense is God given. Need I say more.

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