Binder Organization – Best Binders & Dividers to Use for Home Office or School Papers

Hi everyone, it’s Alejandra. And I’m sitting
here inside my home office. And today, I’m going to do a quick video on my favorite type
of binders and dividers to use in the home office or for school inside of your backpack. So that said, let me show you my favorite
type of binder. OK. This is my favorite type of binder and it’s made by Staples. Staples
came out with these binders about four, five years ago and at the time, they only have
like five different colors. And now if you go to Staples, they have like literally 20
different colors in all sizes. It’s pretty cool. And when you have like 10 or 15 of these
binders on a single shelf like in color-coded rainbow order, it looks so pretty. So this is what the binders look like when
they’re all together on the shelf in color-coded order and everything is labeled with the exception
of that one white binder. That’s not labeled. But doesn’t it just look consistent, neat,
and organized? I just love it. That’s one of the reasons why I like this binder because
of the variety of colors and how even and consistent it all looks in one shelf. But let me get to like the real reason why
I like them. And I’m kind of like an office supply snob, if that makes sense. You probably
– if you haven’t seen my office supply video, my other office supply video or if you have
seen it then you know that I’m really picky with the stuff I use. So when I find something
I like, I stick to it. OK. So going back to the binder, this is my
favorite binder. The first reason why I really like this binder is the spine. I like how
the spine has like a dedicated section for the label just like this. Like some of the
regular size binders or the regular style binders have a spine that you can label the
whole section and a lot of times, the label it comes with like once you pull it out, it’s
really hard to get it back in because the paper is too flimsy or too thin and then I
don’t know, I just don’t just like it. It’s hard to label the spine. So, this is really easy to label and it comes
with the template inside of here. Let me pull it out and show you guys. OK. So this is the
template it comes with. And if you mess up the front, you can just label the back. So
I really like that. And then I really like how the rings are on
the back panel of the binder, not the spine itself. Sometimes when they’re on the spine,
the papers kind of get caught when you close this. And the ring is on the spine, the papers
kind of get messed up or I don’t really know if that was a good explanation but I like
how the binder rings are on the back of the binder. And then I also like how the front of the
binder has a section to put a cover page or to put title page so you can have a custom
title page or you could use your creativity to come up with something that’s like stylish
or pretty. And then I like how the front of the inside cover has this little section for
putting papers here also. So those are the things I look for in a binder.
And this binder just totally meets my needs and so that’s why I use them. So this binder,
I’m going to show you quickly what’s inside this binder. This is where I keep all of my
picture labels like the pictures that I put in the front of the shoe boxes. So I have
dividers and then I label the dividers with the name of the room so there’s bathroom,
there’s toys, there’s crafts, garage. And then behind each divider, I have all the pictures. So these are all the pictures for the bathroom
and then there are some toy pictures like this. And I don’t have kids so these toy pictures
were from when I used to travel to people’s houses and help them declutter, people that
had kids. And then crafts are back here. So anyways, that’s just the side note on how
to organize your pictures if you have pictures. All right. This is my favorite binder. Let
me quickly talk about the dividers. The dividers inside this binder are not my favorite. I
think they were like $0.99 on clearance a few years ago and I liked how they were colorful
so I bought them and I’m using them. They’re functional. They work. But they’re not the
dividers that are my favorite that I’m going to show you next. OK. So these are my favorite dividers. They
are color-coded and they are made by – these ones are Staples brand. Avery makes a more
expensive version. But the Staples brand works just as well. They are just as high a quality
for a fraction of the price. So I like how they’re color-coded. When I saw them, I was
immediately drawn to them because of the pretty colors. But I also like how it has a cover
page on the very front so you could just label each of the sections instead of having to
label each of the tabs on the dividers itself because yeah, I don’t really like labeling
tabs. I prefer to label one cover sheet and then just have this says like the “legend”
for the rest of the binder. So these are my favorite dividers. Again,
they are Staples brand. I don’t know how much they are up-hand but you can just go to
and check it out. So those are my favorite binders. They are the only binder that I use
inside my home office. If you have a favorite binder that you absolutely
love and want to tell me about, I would love to hear. You can either create a video response
or leave a comment below and let me know what it is because I would love to read it. And
if you want more information on my classes or programs that I have then you can visit
my website at Alejandra.TV. I will see you guys soon. Bye!

98 thoughts on “Binder Organization – Best Binders & Dividers to Use for Home Office or School Papers

  • I love the better binders.. I buy them whenever I get a pretty good deal, as its otherwise expensive.
    Just wanted to let you all know, the back to college Better binders are on deal in most of the staples. I got the 1.5 inch better binders for $2 and on top of that I could apply the 30% coupon on the binders thats available at their website. 

  • Have you ever done a videl on organization of genealogy work?   I have been tracing my genealogy for the last 30 years, so say the least I have papers ALL over the place..
    HELP!  I need help in doing something with it…. Thank You    Anne

  • I have two of these binders for school, and one of them has lasted me for 3 years so far. Its so cute, it has clear covers with multicolored glitter in it with purple bumpers. My other one is turquoise with black bumpers.

  • What are the categories on your binders?  I couldn't make out the labels you have on them when you panned across the many colors and it would be helpful to know what kinds of things I should be putting in binders to start with.  Thanks!

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  • Is there a name for the dividers that stick out past the page protectors I can't seem to find them at staples. They didn't know what I was talking about lol.

  • I personally have a problem with these binders. The rings on my binder aren't connecting all the way, and the metal part is falling off the actual binder. This is all after one school year and I don't do anything harsh to them. What did I do wrong?!

  • love the colors and how neat everything is


    i just can't get to that level – i'd rather give away all the stuff than organize them

  • Somewhat disappointing. After an amazing sell on these binders In a 6:00 minute video, apparently it was determined that there was no need to give the exact, precise type of binder this is by name. "My favorite", "So Pretty" or even "Consistent" is not helpful in trying to nail down the type of binder. Like any other product, they are distinguished by name. Would have loved to buy it but can't find it online.

  • Alejandra, Hi! Love your videos! Could you share where you got your images for labeling? Would love to organize a few house items and your print-out images seem what I need, but I can't find where to get them so I can print them out.

  • Where does she live?? She needs to come organize my room!! I've tried but I just can't make it work!! I have such bad OCD and it drives me crazy!! 😜

  • Thank you so very much Alejandra! You have been my 'Go TO' for organization, for several years now, since I found you. You are my organization ANGEL 🙂 🙂 🙂

  • You are the best. I have been able to organize almost my entire apartment from your videos. Simple things like how you use your narrow cabinet in your kitchen, to how to tackle paper clutter helps sooo much. Thank you!

  • hi we are moving out of country and need to preserve some documents. i like binders but it just takes time to punch holes in them. any ideas? thanks

  • I love what you said about the dividers, using the index sheet instead of having to make new labels everytime a category changes.. . now i have to go change all my dividers 😏

  • Hi Alejandra. Could you please write down the name of this binder? I can't find them on staples website Thank you !

  • People ask me, what do you like to shop for? And I respond with, office supplies. I don't know why but I love shopping for office supplies! I'm OCD about everything! Don't worry your not the only office supplies snob. 😊

  • Anyone else who got to think about alison hendrix from orphan black when you saw her video? It's crazy haha! I'm an organizer addict aswell :p

  • OK Alejandra so I just wanted you to know that you are my SOUL MATE or LONG LOST TWIN! LITERALLY!!!! From your creativity, your favorite products also being my faves to a "T", your love and obsession with office supplies (especially Post-its & Sharpie) you being a pro organizer, to the issues with anxiety stress and depression you had due to the clutter/disorganization: I HAVE TO SAY THAT I FELT LIKE I WAS WATCHING MY LIFE AND LOOKING IN A MIRROR DIRECTLY AT MYSELF! SO WIERD but reassuring if that makes sense—-which I'm sure does to you lol Stumbling upon your YouTube channel happend for a reason and it was so good to not feel out of place and alone because NOBODY has EVER UNDERSTOOD or I just can't seem to communicate the feelings I feel about clutter/organization effectively—and also the DIRECT CORRELATION it has to ANXIETY/STRESS/DEPRESSION especially in me or now individuals like "US"! So thanks so much and I look forward to trying to involve my fiance (who is well on the road to being a boarder) in the SIMPLESSITY PROGRAM as well as PPP. Fingers crossed because this will truly be my LAST attempt in trying to get him to understand my issues and the absolute SEVERITY on these matters. Looking forward to being happy with him again before all the clutter invaded our lives.

  • Im looking into maybe starting a little organizing busines and helping people get organized so do i have to get certified to do this to get paid or do i have to take any online courses that i can take to get certified and if so do you have any courses to help me accomplish this thanks I love all your videos I have been watching for a long time everytime i see something new on how to organize something I try to do it if i have everything i tell my husband about it and show home and he likes I how I have everything in our home he opens up his dresser to find a shirt and he sees every one it doesnt take no time at all to get ready in the morning.

  • in the UK its hard to buy binders with 3 rings. The ones with 2 rings are much more readily available in our 2 main stationary shops 'WH Smith' and 'Rymans'. I have a small business myself and i find that if you use a 2 ring binder, the loose leaf sheets end up getting too heavy and then they fall out of the rings and you're constantly having to slot them back in. The 3 ring binders keep everything centred and you can really fill a folder full of stuff

  • I live in a 70 square metre upper villa. I need some help organising my belongings I am a prepper and need some help organising my bug out gear camping fishing back packs and tools please could you do a video that would fit my needs thanks jennifree

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