Bitcoin mining in 2017 is for those who believe in the Freedom

bitcoin is amazing there is no doubt about that it gives us no choices and the opportunities it changed life of millions and will effective and more it is a currency for the people despite or wherever you’re boring it cannot be stopped controlled or manipulated it is a currency of a freedom the cool part about Bitcoin that it is rare like gold there is only a certain amount of it in existence and no matter how hard you try you cannot create more like the government does with its paper money it is fully controlled by the mass and cryptography that’s why we can trust it when I need anybody’s permission or anybody’s approval to send a hundred bags to Japan India we can do it just because we want to and nobody can stop us Bitcoin changes the way we think about money and it also changes the way how we make money in fact we can get Bitcoin from its source from mining which basically verify the transaction some people think it’s too late the others it’s not profitable there are also those Hotel it’s complex and it costs too much and all those items take some place but its own of the people who have faith and belief in the freedom who will join it’s not an accident the do smartest people on earth are investing in this technology they create startups in when bullets then platforms and build mining facilities they know something they know it is going to be huge however in order to make it huge you have to think in the right direction we have to guide people teach them and help

1 thought on “Bitcoin mining in 2017 is for those who believe in the Freedom

  • Very nice and inspiring video. Bitcoin inspired me to join the network and build a bitcoin business. It's the freedom that people been waiting for and waking up too. thank you.

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