what's up everyone didn't hear crypto capital venture June 28 2019 Bitcoin close to 12,000 right now as I do this video if you look at the screen we have a weekly candle potential reversal a couple weeks of consolidation potentially in play we're going to talk about that we're gonna talk about my approach to accumulation we're gonna zoom in on the charts and see what's going on with Bitcoin what is the story being told right now and let's jump in if you're new to the channel and you haven't seen any of my other videos on really this huge key resistance area we've hit real quick not going to take a lot of time illustrating this in the last bear market bull market swing high in 2013 – the bear market low you can see Bitcoin exiting that bear market huge resistance here at the six 1/8 line on this Fibonacci retracement 61.8% to the bull market high resistance this plays into Fibonacci retracements and you see 40% downturn so what has happened recently as Bitcoin approached a similar area the same exact area Bitcoin has seen heavy resistance almost identical to that last market not surprising as we track Bitcoin always kind of having these harmonious moves synergistic moves to the last cycle of its bull market bear market so we got the resistance at the sixth one eighth heavy resistance area and the reason we tracked it is because we're always looking for resistance so we can be prepared for that consolidation we can be prepared for that dip because that is when we take action at least that's when I take action in accumulating Bitcoin so we got resistance and now let's dig in to see what this looks like first off in terms of in terms of accumulation I'll set the groundwork here by saying we have a swing low here back in June 6 to our most previous swing high where we saw resistance at that key Fibonacci retracement area we have a heavy accumulation area 9987 hundred will we get there it is a very high possibility we get there it may take a little bit of patience if we get there that is my accumulate heavier accumulation just throwing that out there we're waiting we're seeing I don't know if it's going to get there but for the very short term we're currently on our way Bitcoin currently down around 20 some percents well previously down 20-some percent after this big consolidation yesterday you can see 25% now you might have if you're on Twitter you might have seen me tweet yesterday I was buying some Bitcoin write it write it right in this area I didn't time it perfectly where I'm buying it like ten thousand three hundred I want to throw that out there but you can see the tweet when I purchased some Bitcoin this is how I kind of average my way into buying dips this was a 25% dip I'm gonna work my way in in accumulation not a heavy buy zone like we have over here ninety nine hundred eighty seven hundred but at least kind of just stretching out my my buying fingers of accumulation for Bitcoin down here so what I'm looking at right now is this I want to see potentially what is to come for Bitcoin moving forward is there potential for us to retest this huge Fibonacci retracement area 100% we could be on our way right now it'll be very interesting to see if Bitcoin actually does break this previous swing high close to 14,000 and we really get approached to seven eight six line close to 16,000 it would be incredible Twitter YouTube will probably be going crazy but we have a ways to go before we get there so on the short term for our chart what you see here I'm looking at that resistance high to this previous swing low we had yesterday and we have our Fibonacci retracement on the four-hour now and that's a heavy resistance area for us now you can see the six one eight line right here right around 12,500 seven eight six line almost perfectly confluent with this long-term six one eight line that we just talked about on the weekly chart so this area 13100 extreme amount of resistance if Bitcoin can manage to break through that area that could be the first sign of extreme bullishness right so in terms of what that is that's around 10% 11% to go until we get there so at the very least keep an eye on keep an eye on that area but also for continuation to the downside be prepared for it and and here we have a potential resistance area this short term six one seven eight six is six one eight seven eight six being up here around thirteen six one eight twelve five and this could be the story of a lower high for Bitcoin and then getting resistance to create a lower low leading us into our heavier accumulation area down here and so what we'd have in play then is kind of this falling wedge that could be a bullish continuation pattern that Bitcoin eventually breaks out of july-august these things take time to play out right this could be playing out in July this could be playing out in August this could be playing out in September so you have to have patience really just track this thing that's why I do these videos to just kind of keep a daily a daily I own it and that's pretty much my approach right now to Bitcoin obviously a lot of things going on on the RS on the 4:00 hour definitely settle down a little which is good so if we're going to make a run for that 13100 area there's room on these momentum oscillators you see on the screen let me know your thoughts how are you doing either way it's exciting Bitcoin currently above 10,000 above 11,000 almost at 12,000 once again if you're hearing a nod to subscriber hit that subscribe button I would love to have each part of the channel I really appreciate you coming by I will see you in the next video have a great day and God bless


  • You should definitely do a video on how you set up the indicators as well as the patterns that you have on your chart so I cab replicate this and use this as a learing tool. I don't know if this is something that I have to pay you for but explaining your trading style and how you use technical analysis would be a great learning opportunity

  • New here…but was it a correction or Coinbase being down that caused everyone to sell and create the drop?

  • Too much positive momentum for Bitcoin to drop. You can’t time the market. I can easily see $20,000 this summer and $40,0000 Bitcoin by year end. $65,000 to $75,0000 Bitcoin by the halving in May 2020. Buy Bitcoin – and hold.

  • So engaging! Despite the correction bitcoin is still set to see new highs in the next couple of days as we obviously are out of the dip. Persistence pays as we keep holding in anticipation of what lies ahead but even now, a whole bitcoin is already above the purchasing power of most people. The best option which i stumbled upon a few lately was trading by following the guide of a more experienced trader. I have before now held a certain amount of bitcoins while also trading but without good profit. Gregor Dieter is my preferred trader because since i started using his patterns and signals, i have made over 3 times my investment which amounts to about 5 btc already. To seek Robbert’s help, you can mail him on [email protected] for inquiries into his system

  • I see a 18k then back down to 8k then up to 20k then down to 4k then down to 3k then down to 1k then WGAF k hahahahaha

  • Thanks Dan I hope you are again right as I would like to heavily accumulate between 10k and 8,5k
    I am a follower of your channel since 2017 I hope the heaters at least will recognize your work, you said LTc may go down to 110 (nearly there it was at 112 in binance)
    Thumb up as usual!!!

  • Is it possible that a big percentage of people are jumping ship from top 10 alts to BTC? I have, but I don't know if this is the wisest move. And secondly, is the massive institutional interest buying in around 10k as well as the 10k psychological barrier not enough to prevent a dip below 10k? I am afraid to sell and buy back in case the dip below 10 doestn't happen. PS you ROCK bro!

  • Careful. If it does go down to $9,600 and back up above the 0.786 but does not break the 1.000, it will complete a bearish cypher pattern almost perfectly.

  • I think we'll see a run just above the previous high to draw in the FOMO crowd then right after crossing 14k the bottom falls out and it plummets to 7k in 2-3 days.
    That would screw the most people as they panic after being convinced the next move higher was going to be predictable by TA.
    This last run and retracement was just a tease. Hope I'm wrong but there's A LOT of big money behind the scenes pulling the strings.
    Be careful, folks. ANYTHING can happen.

  • Further proof that assclowns like Crypto Capital Venture don't have a clue as to what they are talking about. BTC is at $12,278.00 as I write this, with one whale trading 3002 BTC from one wallet on Coinbase. In other words, NOBODY KNOWS what drives the crypto market as nobody seems to know if it's a currency, commodity or more similar to a start up tech stock. What we do know is, it's volatile!

  • Blah…Blah…..Blah…why can't people who invest in this garbage see that its being manipulated by the ones who own the most amount?? Its so easy for the ones who own most of this garbage just how easy it is to manipulate. I can't wait until the next full recession when this junk goes down wayyyyy down….. enjoy the fall….lemmings

  • Invest your spare change roundups into Bitcoin and other digital assets 🔥🚀…

  • Tracking the right shoulder of a potential head-and-shoulders formation on the daily starting from May 26 for Litecoin. The H&S pattern would be invalidated if we were to get above $122-124 on good volume.

  • Dear Brother,
    Please could you tell what platform you use to show us your TA Magic? Know you most probably shared before. Thanks for all your time and effort in sharing these videos for us all. Bless UP ❤️💛💚

  • It appears BTC has found decent support at $11.6k. What would it take for you to resume a short-term bullish stance? Rallying to break the resistance at 13.5k-14k and hold?

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