BLIND REACTION – Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood S01E01-04

thus he was familiar somehow the freezing Alchemist really he's here we have information that he managed to slip into Central a few days ago that's why I've summoned you your colonel I need you and your men to smoke him out and bring him in consider it done sir I'm glad you're with us in central for a while Mustang it's good to know I have people here I can count on sir one last thing our rising young star is here as well I'm placing him at your disposal forgive me Fuhrer Bradley but just to be clear are you referring to 16 by 9 a Full Metal Alchemist for now let's just get this over with okay how's nervous like they just because I'm used to ol Al's voice be sound like he's – this time I'm sure I'm sure that you stir hey I'll be fine water freezes water boils either way you're just as dead that's how came– what a nasty thing to do you of all people should know great deeds require great sacrifice isn't that the law of equivalent exchange now that's how he is voiced by lad rusev let me don't justify murder no transmutations don't be too impressed now anyone there's a boil if it's any consolation you did ruin my coach autumn a alarm a young gifted Alchemist one who doesn't use transmutation circles and who has an auto mail right arm I know you you are the Full Metal Alchemist Edward Elric we've been hearing all the stories about lately The Full Metal Alchemist looks like you underestimated your opponent fullmetal who is this guy anyway you'd know that if you listened to the briefing like I told you to I was busy complaining and go charging it alright I'm sorry okay whatever next time a superior tells you to pay attention you might just try it now then his name is isaac mcdougal or as he was known back in the day isaac the freezer he's a former state Alchemist former that's right he served in the ishbalan war during that time gave us no signs that he'd turned traitor ssa ishbalan he immediately resigned his commission we went into hiding he's been working with the anti-establishment movement ever says wait so is it changed him into custody as a matter of top-priority changed is dead or alive that's update to the TJ from Abby to a VA learn anything for you and that's your choice your orders are simply to help us contain that's all I know Japanese what are you doing here go home actually I'm here on official business you Elric's i understand that you two don't have a place to stay which means you'll have to come with me my wife my daughter so you gonna eat wearing that armor take it off stop it with the moon's weird hands down that's got to be the funniest joke I've heard in a long the freezing Alchemist wants me to come play a sidekick well as fun as that sounds the crimson alchemist works alone I always have kimbley if we work together we can bring down Bradley and his God forsaken military you saw the horrors that took place at his fault you were there damn it you know the things Bradley ordered us to do the kind of man who really is that's why you killed all those officers isn't it to send him a message I think you've got me all wrong my motives aren't so sophisticated as revenge or honor or any of that the reason I killed all of those men was because I could it's that simple that's too bad Kimberly that truly is too bad yeah so I guess for the remake they changed it from ishbal to dish wall I don't know good work I mean out Ellen are the same letters in Japan zoo code yes can't sleep guess not I know it's in that head of yours you're worrying about those boys aren't you you do know what they call state Alchemist right the dogs of the military not exactly the most popular Bunch I try to imagine what that must be like in during that in his age brother little wake looked a lot like mom stop yeah almost as good too definitely adding it to the list of things I'm gonna eat once I get my body shoes right put it on there right near the top yeah Chuck one more one more and fewer Bradley is on his way to hell Metal Alchemist it may seem full metal alchemist pre what we have a confirmed report that MacDougall broke into central prison last Mistura watermarks whatever he's up to he's growing bold that means our time is short close off all roads search every square inch of the city when you find him shoot on sight that is an order from the Fuhrer himself but if I find him first get a medic hurry report to headquarters five Baghdad looks like a steam explosion raise the temperature of water fast enough it expands with the force of a bomb blast and the human body is 70% water let's hurry we have to find him before he hurts anyone else it's been a long time freezer I've heard them name Batman now do you see I'm staying a Mustang so the flame Alchemist came out to play you can make this easy on both of us I'd rather not fight an old war buddy or buddy please don't flatter yourself I knew no friends in ich fall all the military bastards are there damned dogs water beats flame the flame goes out I'm Elsa still there perfect stop right there it was wondering what you're doing in this alley so I came back to check it out and bingo clearly but who's running so I'll plug it first in this scale Philosopher's Stone okay freezing all the moisture in the air Edward Elric you've sworn your life to the state as a dog of the military but do you really know the ones you serve or what their true plans are Cass it's not my problem don't be a fool he'll lead us all to ruin I'm only doing what needs to be done I told you I don't care I know so where is it you have a Philosopher's Stone don't you what are you talking about I won't ask again where is it and what are you going to do boy you're out of your league display a bomb damnit it's Central Command he's gonna freeze it over what a teacher Alan I'll try to slow him down can you handle the transmutation circles consider them erased you're our team Bradley or your cold-blooded crimes in this fall I condemn you to the frozen hell what your other dice Chris name is actually changed what's fun I'm cool there's no one in there it's empty but that could only be true if the soul was bonded to the armor so you lost your arm and your brother he lost his entire body I see it all makes sense you fools committed the ultimate taboo you attempted human transmutation didn't you Alchemy's one-and-only unforgivable sin you know there are some lines you really shouldn't cross give it up there's no water for you to use here huh you've forgotten something I have all the water I need 70% of my body schools wife's Deadman Wonderland why can't you fools understand I'm trying to save this country bye come on we're going after him I'm not done did we get it it's bad enough that he's useless on rainy days the black lightly sepia [Laughter] perfect okay hmm someone turn the color back on you're a bradley you're here oh yes job well done full metal I came out to see if I could lend a hand and to think that I'd actually be the one that catch him if nothing else this should make an exciting story for my son that a cold I hear I never mind from what I've told you're the man of the hour yeah I just destroyed the transmutation circles the viewers the one who actually brought down mcdougal sure but the Fuhrer is telling everyone it was you so congratulations oh it's like that huh suit yourself but some friendly advice next time a superior tells you to take credit for something you didn't do you might try it for once you know we never did find out whether or not he had a philosopher's stone no but maybe it'll say something in the white him I see some Isaac's dead is he that's a shame I had such high hopes for him too but the Philosopher's Stone this sounds like a yoga houston gluttony try to chew quietly I'm on the phone yes things are going around here Leon will be ready it all begins very soon alchemy the science of understanding deconstructing and reconstructing matter however it is not an all-powerful art it is impossible to create something out of nothing if one wishes to obtain something something of equal value must be given this is the law of equivalent exchange the basis of all alchemy in accordance with this law there is a taboo among all chemists human transmutation is strictly forbidden but what could equal the value of a human soul well you should know you are died because you've wasted our sets and future diary rather the stories about this priest in New York you think they're true the ones about his miracles they say you can transfer your flowers out of thin air right could just be sleight of hand some cheap trick like that what if it's not right it's not then I suppose all that leads is the real thing huh the celestial stone that destroyed the city of xerxes in one night the grand elixir sealed away by the eastern sage it goes by different names but it's always the same thing some kind of object it amplifies think I have a good feeling about this one hmm well I'm sorry to tell you but today where are you oh you boys are you in here messing up your dad's study again and Edie you know better than to scribble on the floor yeah but it's not sin rebelling did your dad teach you want to fix the floorboards we now walk I'm sorry did we mess up no no it's great you definitely take after your father my little geniuses you make me so proud and that was it mom had given us all the encouragement we needed from that moment we were obsessed with learning alchemy but then in the summer of that same year epidemics what country are you talking to us came took her oh those rush compared to the original version wow it was just we're not trying and who are you to talk anyway every time your parents go away somewhere you cry like a little baby my mother just died but we don't know and you're in the original series if you look at ghettos right in the woods its alchemy segments sure it is just one leak that's all it takes it's what we need to figure out human transmutation began searching for the key that would unlock the secrets of human transmutation and bring back to life we trained with an alchemy teacher to prepare our bodies as well as our minds it took years of constant effort but we wanted to see mom's smile again we wanted to go back to our lives with her the way that used to be that's what drove us day and night ah water 35 liters carbon 20 kilograms ammonia four liters I'm 1.5 killer course offended the songs for us 800 grams salt 250 grams so Peter 100 grams sulfur 80 grams fluorine seven point five grams iron five grams silicon three grams right how the constructional formula okay finally need some so data why you gotta do fingers I mean it's like the most sensitive part something doesn't feel right it can't be rebound wait what was I doing I just Hey oh I'm so glad you asked I am called by many names I'm the world final universe by God I am truth I am all I am one and I a mouse heart you have dared to knock on the door I will show you this is intense it was like all of the information in the world was being poured into my brain at once my head felt like it was about to burst for an instant it all became clear the truth Oh got anymore else DC my theory of human transmutation wasn't wrong it can be done it's possible it's still just missing something hope the answers I need are right here the truth about human transmutation please you have to show it to me again I can't do that I've already shown you all I can but the Tholian pain it's the law of equivalent exchange right young alchemy please this is ralt we want the watermark just ruins it go away Roy hey you're still in central for now anyway they're shipping me back Samantha sighs well now aren't you I might have to download a new versions I can't stand I can't hand by the way if you're leaving I'll go ahead and give this to you what is it something you might find interesting the final report on Isaac MacDougall I'm guessing it hasn't reached your office yet no shame ease al Kasturi what's that apparently that's something they have to be honest no idea you don't know it no it's the first I've heard it so how the Elric's doing you keeping those boys out of trouble I'm their commanding officer not their father hey tell me something Roy why'd you decide to make edit state alchemists anyway it's just a kid I mean military life isn't easy you know that boys gonna have to go through hell someday you and I have certainly seen our share Oh oh they seen hell both of them and plenty of it lieutenant colonel they're not in back either what is this where are they where are the Elric brothers I want them found oh hush dan don't bark at our death yes hey what is this you have no reason to come barging in here we went to your house we saw the floor what was that what did you do sorry we didn't mean it this is a surprise to say the least I'd heard reports that there was a brilliant Alchemist living in this town so I came to check them out the last thing I expected to find was a boy skilled enough to attempt human transmutation or advanced enough to bond his soul to a suit of armor I'd say he's more than qualified to become state Alchemist should he choose to accept the position he'll be required to serve the military in times of national emergency in return he'll receive privileges and access to otherwise restricted research materials given time they may be able to find a way to get their bodies back or even more right after he came stumbling to my door half dead and covered in blood I went over to their house to see for myself what had happened what was there whatever that thing was it wasn't human alchemy created that abomination it nearly killed them and you want to throw those boys headlong into it would you really have them go through that kind of Hell again some tea yes thanks see lieutenant just Rize please it's Ariza Hawkeye nice to meet you Oh lieutenant reason have you ever had to shoot anyone yes I have I hate what you soldiers do soldiers like you are the reason my mom and dad left during the war and soldiers are the reason they're dead now no you're here to take ed and al away too if they go that decision will be theirs yes to them now I'm not forcing you I'm merely offering you the possibility whether to move forward or stay still will you sit in that chair wallowing in self-pity or will you stand up and seize the chance the military can give you it's their choice they choose their own path if you believe the possibility exists sure you should seek it out keep moving whatever it takes even if the way ahead lies the river of mud miss Riza why did you become a soldier because there's someone I have to protect we're leaving yes sir well I guess this is goodbye young lady it's win me right bye I hope we meet again someday will they be coming they'll come that boy I've never seen anyone look so – food that's what you saw no there was fire in those eyes in media res focus my mind's made up hello the surgery and rehabilitation I'd say about three years more on this I'll do it in one you'll have yourself spitting blood you know that now just hang in there a little longer okay then we're gonna get you your body back promised right and while we're at it we'll get yours back too perfect yeah now I just need to try some alchemy I guess it's been a while since the last time I use it I know one since the night we tried to bring mom back you can even use a transmutation circle you can form alchemy to say we did teacher does you can do it too can't you me so you didn't see it did you see what more like a girl better get used to it because as long as you're wearing my automail you're stuck with this gear head whether you like it or not Oh during the eastern conflict I see so you had a rough time of it in ishbal hmm who's he that's his Excellency Fuhrer King Bradley thank you you may proceed with the examination do you need something to draw transmutation circles with no that's okay I got it he's not even using a transmutation my that's quite something isn't it you know there are some people who would see this is a good way to assassinate a VIP in the future you might want to rethink the way you conduct these examinations that's good you clearly have nerves of steel young man and in the arms and passing you still have much to learn about the world my naive young alchemist good luck with the rest of your exam rule oh I wonder if that's doing all right on his exam say oh yeah what is it if that does become a state Alchemist does that mean you'll be going away yeah this silver pocket watch will serve as proof of your state certification this envelope contains your certificate of appointment and it would seem our Fuhrer is not without a certain sense of irony why is that nothing congratulations you've just officially become a dog of the military by order of Fuehrer King Bradley this document certifies that Edward Elric has been appointed to the post of state Alchemist and that is hereby granted the title of full metal Fullmetal that's right along with their commission state alchemists also receive a codename official you will now be known as The Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood it's nice and intimidating I think that'll suit me just fine or could it really be there poteete are finally getting pal his body back the philosopher's stone lost their way the Sun God no shine so what are you guys like street performers seriously do look like street performers to you watch and learn Alchemist right I've heard of them you've heard of us we're the Elric brothers all the ways of the sun-god lido the grants eternal life to the souls of the faithful he can even resurrect the dead his miracles are proof that what he says is true so this guy's claiming he can bring the dead back to life that's something I got a C I think it has to be heavy but somehow he's ignoring the law of equivalent exchange he should have only been able to transmute that flour into an object of equal mass and it's changing organic matter into any organic matter we shouldn't be able to do that yes yeah there's just one way bingo heyyou your hair seems kind of more red less pink well I'm sorry to hear that – no God – no hope if we believe in divine grace and through him all things are possible if you believed what about bringing the dead back to life do you believe that's possible – yes hmm water 35 liters carbon 20 kilograms ammonia 4 litres lime 1.5 kilograms science said that list represents the complete chemical makeup of the human body for the average adult it's been calculated to the last microgram but still has never been one reported case of successfully creating a human life and you're telling me something modern science can't do you can do with prayer let my voice to God and the prayers of the faithful shall be answered did I mention all those ingredients I read off done at the market a kid could buy every one of them for the spare change in his pocket wow really if it turns out humans are pretty cheese children of God created in His image you have to understand alchemists are scientists we don't believe in unprovable concepts like creators are gods we observe the physical laws that govern this world to try to learn the truth it's ironic really but through the application of science we have in many ways been given the power to play gods ourselves so you're putting yourself on the same level as God that's just sheer arrogance you know there's an old myth about a hero who flew on wings made of wax he thought he could touch the Sun but when he got too close his wings melted and he came crashed it's no one remember the skies father it's only Icarus I'm sorry this is difficult for me to ask but do you think your father cornello could even save an arrogant scientist like me if anyone can lead you to the creator's light he can father cornello I know nothing is here who wish to see a child in a man wearing a suit of armor they would only give their names as the Elric brothers I can't be bothered now just send them away wait the Elric's you're sure that's what they said you're positive yes father that's what they call themselves no mistake damn and this is a problem Edward Elric The Full Metal Alchemist has come to call on us that's him the man in the armored dressing the party would see but why would a state Alchemist be here in Li or surely they could have found out about our plans it's possible this dog's nose is too sharp for his own good go up but you're in luck he's decided to spare a moment for you I like toeses character evolved in the original series because like she started off all ignorant and then she became stronger and more than descendants have come to ensnare and discredit the father and their evil this is God's will I'm hoping that she doesn't you know just stay the disk but side character so not that important welcome to the home of our sacred order I must apologize for my disciples behavior it would seem they've been misguided okay let's say I believe you weren't the one guiding them what next have you come to learn the ways of Leto well there are a few things I'm curious about like how you've been using second-rate alchemy to deceive your followers My dear boy I don't know what you mean what you're doubting I see is out for me are the miracles of the Sun God Leto nope again c'mere alchemy create something from nothing in this way yeah that's what I didn't get it first how can you perform transmutations that ignore the law of equivalent exchange as I said because it is an alchemy then I started thinking about it if you'd somehow managed to acquire a certain object to amplify your alchemy one that's said to make the impossible possible that would explain everything what I'm talking about the Philosopher's Stone your ring that's it isn't it I've been looking for that the ring is just a ring I am God's humble servant it is from he alone that I derived my power still trying to sell that line huh if that's the way you want to play it I guess I'll have to come up there and beat some truth out of you ma you really are quite the encourage well heathen aren't you Rose dear yes not gone there beside you pick it up okay okay now child I want you to shoot the four metal alchemist Wow I am the Sun God's chosen emissary my word is the word of Leto and seven shoot'em rose it's God's will while I open one eye why hesitate when you lost your fiancee to that tragic accident last year who was it that saved you from the very depths of despair have you forgotten that's right it was I who took your hand and an empty suit of armor that's war person speaks you still doubted rose this unholy thing is an abomination evil of this kind must be purged it's nice how she's voiced by she's forced by Siberia and she's not gets that marry a German now where's Isaac my question no transmutation circle so the state Alchemist I'll is it just for show you'll truly are gifted however shredded my pants I guess those claws don't do so good against steel is different race a brother trapped in Armour I see it's all becoming clear now you did it didn't you the one thing even the most novice optimist knows is strictly forbidden why don't you come down here and try me I'll show you real quick who the novice is old metal alchemist full metal alchemist why don't you come down here and try me I'll show you real quick who the novices rose this is the price of their sin these fools attempted human transmutation the greatest taboo for any Alchemist in their arrogance they tried to bring someone dead back to life he thought he could touch the Sun but when he got too close his wings melted and he came crashing back down to earth this is what happens when you try to play God or whatever you want to call it take a good look rose this is what you want so this is the great Full Metal Alchemist Edward Elric not even half a man hell no what are you they're just a phony that can't do anything without a philosopher's stone father we just want you to hand over the stone before you get hurt don't be absurd why so you could use it for yourself please well I've already met God in here we don't get along too well even if I went he'd probably just send me right back here look just come quietly we don't want to have to run shows nowhere near as dark as the ripple series I don't mind what do you said back there is true we're not evil nobody wanted was to see our mom smile again but our transmutation failed we learned our mistake the hard way people don't come back from the dead no it's not true I mean how come me is based on the law of equivalent exchange the price of even a failed human transmutation was enormous the cost of my brother his left leg and it cost me my whole body do you see it my brother true that with his own blood his leg had been taken he was bleeding I can't imagine the pain he was in but through all that he still gave up his right arm to transmit my soul and bothered me to this state of Honor now I just want to help him get his body back to the way it was he wants to find a way to get me back to normal – it won't be easy we might even get killed along the way that's the path we chose all we can do is keep moving he promised me just because you and your brother failed that doesn't mean it doesn't mean he will they just don't see the there you are you infernal brat hey look can we just cut the crap and talk here machine learner some straight answers about the stone tell me what I need to know and I'll be on my way or we could get the military involved ask your questions you could do anything with the philosopher's stone right so why waste all that power performing phony miracles because with each miracle I can attract new believers to the order believers who would lay down their lives for my sake I'm slowly building an army a legion of holy warriors aren't afraid to die – horde upon the world and I'll use the philosopher's stone to tear this country apart who knows I might even carve out a slice for you I have LEDs my eyes there were never any miracles Rose you lied to you you lied to everyone oh cool still on that trip name is Rob or at least edit right don't you kill a kill just give me the philosophers down what's the stomach it's supposed to be perfect material how did it just break like that I don't know I don't know anything about it smear me please I was wrong please I thank you damn please don't I'm helpless without the stone your soul amen to all this rest our lives for this one possible chance phony just like him I'm sorry uh throw a while there I thought we'd really found a way to get your body back look I was just saying it was a fake it wasn't real besides shattered layer you want to keep it for yourself don't you so you can use it on your bodies that's right so you can try to bring your mother back again you shut up people don't come back from the dead rose not ever I can't tell you that you have to figure it out stand up and walk keep moving forward you've got two good legs so usually you're strong enough to match your own path that damn brat it's all ruined everything I worked for yes all that hard work for nothing oh I know we should have just inside it a little oh we don't want you given yourself into Jess tchen now you two everyone is booked me I have a black hole in my stomach I'd say this concludes our just as things were beginning to look promising to now I suppose we'll have to start over from scratch father won't be pleased in any case it's time we started thinking about our next term inseparable oh geez the town of Lior had fallen under the control of father cornello a corrupt priests who used alchemy combined with a philosopher's stone to deceive his people edie and al came to Lior and put a stop to the priests sinister plans the Philosopher's Stone however was revealed to be a fake their leader exposed as a fraud the hopes of the citizens of Lior were crushed stand up and walk move forward these were Ed's words to Rose words he had once needed to hear himself big moon to the shaft you are bus grown the iron blood Alchemist correct why who's asking foolish alchemists who have turned their backs on the ways of God shall be punished I see you must be the bloodthirsty murderer who's been making a habit of targeting state Alchemist lately well this time you know as much as I love Jay Michael Tagum I do kind of Miss the old boy Sentinel scar I guess I guess I'm just so used to him that wasn't so difficult Oh another state alchemists dead the secure lures highly-skilled major you watch yourself for all we know you could be the next one he comes after understood Pura Bradley your excellency what brings you here I got word of what happened Lieutenant Colonel used the officer in charge of this case yes sir should you need any additional personnel just ask a man doing this is a traitor of what him stopped sir lieutenant Breda right nice the Colonel's sure letting his work pile up again huh havoc give me a hand will ya I've got plenty to do over here already next up who's this lieutenant yoky remember the crook who was using the usual coal mine concessions to line his own pockets anyway the Elric brothers exposed with that dirty thief was up to and now he's on the run Master Sergeant fury how's the radio the receiver on this thing's seen better days I think I'm gonna have to replace it hey it said we're now fonts welcome back boys go on in the Colonel's expecting well done on the lay your case you two nice work I appreciate you resolving the matter no big deal it's not like we did it for you right the Philosopher's Stone another false lead yeah after all that the stun was a fake even so the power it gave cornellà was real enough he transmitted this huge chimera right in front of us I still wonder how he was able to use the stone to do that I'm not familiar enough with the field of bio I'll come you don't really understand it yeah I'm kind of curious about that too it might be worth looking into who knows maybe we'll find something that could help us restore our bodies hmm it might help if you consulted a specialist the sewing life Alchemist shall Tucker research into chimera transmutation introduce you okay what you want something don't you don't doubt my motives I'm trying to repay you for your work on the Lior case doing you a favor is better than being indebted to you yeah slow years ago Tucker transmuted a chimera that could understand human speech that earned his certification as a state Alchemist I understand human speech humane wait you mean it talks a chimera right supposedly it only said one thing I want to die after that it refused to eat until it got its wish let us visit mince meat Nina this is why I told you to keep the dog tied up I'm sorry about the mess ever since my wife ran out this place has been a wreck I'm not much of a housekeeper now that we're all settled in let me say that it's a pleasure to meet you Edward as the colonel told you I'm the sewing life Alchemist shout Tupper that is interested in the field of biologic alchemy you would like to have a look at your research if that's possible oh yes certainly I don't however if you want me to show you the tricks I've got up my sleeve it's only fair you show me the tricks you've got up yours as well it's the code we live by equivalent exchange now why are you interested in bio alchemy oh he's your transmuted your mother as an 11 year old child I see so that's what earned you the title Full Metal Alchemist you've had a rough time of it for someone so young I can't say for sure if it's going to be of any use to you or not but why don't you go ahead and take a look at my laboratory it's kind of embarrassing unfairly widely regarded as an authority on camaris but the truth is it hasn't actually been going that well lately amazing this is my library feel free to look around alright let's dive in I'll start with this shelf are we starting over here I'm going to head back to work now I'll send somebody by to get you this evening they've got some ability to focus I'm not sure they even know we're here anymore quite a catch these two a couple of prodigies I can't wait until I show my mom this after all that you must be dog why don't you come on back tomorrow your puns are worse than your morals Oh mr. Tucker I almost forgot I've got a message for you it's from the colonel he says don't forget assessment day is coming soon yes please assure him I know right yes makes sense these what's that that he's voiced by the demon from botulin state alchemists have to report on their research once a year in order to keep their certification misty Romina your daddy didn't get a very good evaluation unless I do something really impressive this year I won't be a state Alchemist come to think of it he also voiced Aleister he also voiced out Aleister Crowley Full Metal Alchemist so yeah that's probably about better comparisons just a demon wasn't that bad compared to Aleister yeah I have no no do I'm talking about do you my shoulders are killing me maybe you should try to move around some brother yeah not a bad idea hey you may see much whoa looks like you could use some exercise don't forget assessment day is coming soon what I want to know is why this guy has only targeting state alchemists and no one else if it's the military he's trying to hurt he could go after normal soldiers surely soldiers would be easier to kill than a highly skilled alchemists especially ones that have been state certified maybe the certification is the reason state alchemists are given high pay and special privilege must be any number of people who envy them for the positions perhaps they feel they have not upheld a Creed alchemists be the Alpha the people alchemists were supposed to be pillars of science and truth are turned into the military's walking weapons as soon as they received certification plenty of people I'm sure who have not forgotten the role that state alchemists played in the ishbalan Civil War now we say Misha did committee for mines I have a report sir a canvas is revealed that yesterday at 9:30 or right around that time a man with a large scar on his face was sighted in the central city train station by multiple station employees station looks like that bastard cut away before in my stead alchemist certification our life was terrible we were so poor in those days my wife couldn't stand living that kind of life so she left us I can't afford to fail this assessment I don't want to go back to those days again I don't even think I could I really a Mena I've got an idea do you want to play with daddy tomorrow thanks for having us again today mr. Tucker hey there you are so you are home yes I did it boys I finally did it a chimera that understands human speech here let me show you listen to me that person over there that's Edward that person yes that's very good well done it's amazing can actually talk now I don't have to worry about losing my certification brother cuts it mr. Tucker when did you first get your state certification let's see it was two years ago when did your wife leave you that was two years ago – I just have one more question for you Nina and Alexander where are they damn brat figuring it out so quickly oh yeah figured it out – did it again two years ago and was your wife this stupid you used your own daughter and her dog to transmute a talking chimera you can only do so much with animals after all it's much easier when you start with a human isn't that right I don't see what you're so upset about this is how we progress human experimentation is a necessary step I would think a scientist should understand that up do you really think you can get away with this messing around with someone's life like that your own daughter someone's life you say haha you'd know all about that wouldn't you look at you Full Metal Alchemist look at your legs your arm your brother those things are also the result of messing around with somebody's life Earth Day we are the same we're the same you're just like me we're not oh but yes we are the opportunity was right in front of us and we took it but you had to even though we knew it was against the rules so at war I'm sorry even with all our power we can't do anything to change you back I'm sorry can we play now can we play now I made it just in time I get to remain a state Alchemist I passed with Mikkel you're staying a state Alchemist if ever there was an example of the devil's work in this world this case would definitely be hit the devil pub the state Alchemist must be willing to act able to take another's life when ordered to without questioning in some ways mr. Tucker's actions in our own may not be all that far apart when it comes to interfering with other people's lives we choose our own path knowing full well what we're doing that's the way it is right fullmetal you will more than likely come across cases like this again in the future and you may end up having to get your own hands dirty as well shut down like this every time you may be called dogs of the military we may even be cursed as Devils it doesn't matter Howell and I are still going to get our bodies back I know the truth we know I'm not Devils we're not gods we're human you can't even do anything to save one innocent little girl so what good Otto even I wonder why no one's capable of understanding me mean your shout Tucker correct who are you not military who are you how did you get in here there were military police out front foolish alchemists who turned their backs on the ways of God shall be punished a lot different from the other three version daddy's birdie you poor creature once you've been given this form there is no way of separating you again at least God hear me two human souls have just been returned to you please accept them into your loving arms please grab these poor lost souls everlasting peace and salvation anoche

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