Bo Han, Communist Party Aspirant – China Rises: Party Games

students at Beijing University gather for an Olympic volunteers training session foreign students are taking them through some of the basics of Western decorum the tickets offender hyakugan do yo yo poonam Yosh onion moon on taco yeah yeah we found purchases ohon 18 is a first-year law student what did you say uncle daughter I'm very excited about the 2008 Olympics because lots of people will come to China and see for themselves how we're changing and developing oh well miss you we want to be understood and change people's prejudices against us it's much harder for a Chinese student to get into Beijing University than for an American to get into Harvard ohon has made opportunity beckons it never has before anything seems possible in an economy that has grown by nine percent for more than 20 years and yet the one thing she wants to do is join the commons party yay so tell you in the Nisa oh yeah yeah sure I was influenced by my family my grandfather tried hard to join the party but failed my father was only recently accepted she wants I want to join to bring fresh blood to the party and to enrich my own life experience Rohan is trying to join the party in a one-party state there is a separate government but every meaningful position in it is held by a party member and joining the party is no easy task it's a two-year process more are rejected than are ever accepted and it turns out that in today's Communist Party ideological fervor is optional

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